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MRI scan results

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GuineaPigPosie Sun 12-Jul-20 13:08:18

Just after a little bit of guidance really.

I went to the opticians 2 weeks ago as I was having blurred vision etc. and they said my prescription hasn't changed but that my optic nerve is swollen and she referred me to the hospital. When I got home, the hospital called and asked me to come in right away.

The hospital did tests and then referred me for an urgent MRI scan within a week or two. (This was the Friday) They called me on the Monday and set the MRI for the following Saturday (so a week ago yesterday).

Just wondering if anyone has an idea of how long the results take to come back for an urgent MRI brain scan? I asked the assistant scanner and she said "we're pretty good at getting reports out, but it depends how long it takes for your doctor to call you."

Will it definitely be my doctor? I also work in an environment where I cannot have my phone on me and can only use it at lunch time, so I worry about missing the call. DM insists I call the doctor tomorrow to find out results because of the scan being urgent, but I don't really want to do that as doctors have a lot going on and so do the hospital and I don't want to come across as impatient, even though I'm feeling very anxious.

Does anyone have an examples of their waiting time? Or even with swollen optic nerves in eye?

Thank you smile

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FatherBrownsBicycle Sun 12-Jul-20 14:17:43

How long is a piece of string?
Just phone tomorrow and ask the receptionist if your MRI results are back yet. They will be able to say ‘yes’ - and tell you if its says speak to Dr, or there’s no action needed or if the report isn’t through yet.

I hope everything is okay and it turns out to be nothing to worry about flowers

GuineaPigPosie Mon 13-Jul-20 13:26:56


Thank you for your response! Typically I just got on my lunch break and my doctors are closed but I will ring as soon as they open! Thank you for the reassurance that it would be okay to do, made me feel much less nervous!

Thank you smile

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KoalasandRabbit Mon 13-Jul-20 13:36:54

I got my results from the hospital after my brain MRI, was 2 weeks but spine MRI was much longer 2 months. I think if there's a serious problem the hospital call you. They told me I was on the list of people hospital consultant needed to call after brain MRI, there was an issue but not a treatable one and they said they should have called before they did so normally think its within first week. It will vary by hospital though but I think they do the bad news first so the longer the wait the more likely its fine. My spine MRI was longer as not urgent and just picked up minor age related issues so normalish for age.

Gumbo Mon 13-Jul-20 13:43:15

I had a 'non-urgent' brain MRI and was given an appointment to see the consultant a couple of weeks later. Instead, I got a phone call shortly after I got home from the scan from his secretary asking me to 'come in that afternoon as he'd had a cancellation' hmm At that point I knew it wasn't good news (it wasn't, I had brain surgery within hours)...

So - if it's really bad news it's safe to say that the radiologist (is that what they call the scanning person?) would flag it up and you'd be contacted; for slightly less urgent things, like pp have said it might be a couple of weeks or more.

Good luck!

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