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Help me lose weight for my wedding in 6 weeks time !

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Laska2Meryls Sun 12-Jul-20 18:03:08

There's 3 more weeks of low carb boot camp to go. Come and join us , - we always carry on the thread after ..

(No fruit if you want to go low carb, some berries ok after 4 weeks I think )

Ive lost over a stone in 6 weeks , its doable ..

Evelefteden Sun 12-Jul-20 18:01:56

Protein meal replacement shakes. 200cals x 4 a day. Hardcore and not long term sustainable but you will lose weight. I’m on them now and they are not too bad or too expensive.

mencken Sun 12-Jul-20 17:57:50

....except that diets that 'you've done before' have clearly failed. A diet that needs doing more than once is no use. The 'industry' survives because people can't see this.

OP, please don't make life miserable for six weeks for the sake of a few hours in a frock. If you do need to lose weight (and most of us do), make gentle lifestyle changes.

hope the day goes well, but it is only one day. More important is that life goes well.

iOnlyWearBlack Sun 12-Jul-20 16:56:58

I'm doing Exante for eight weeks to kick start my weight loss. Three shake meal replacements and a 200kcal meal. I've done it before and it's the one thing that works for me!

Chickaletta16 Sun 12-Jul-20 16:53:45

Thank u x

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NanTheWiser Sun 12-Jul-20 16:53:15

Low carb, definitely. No bread, potatoes, rice or pasta (and no cakes and biscuits!). Not much fruit either - all high in sugar. Protein, plenty of good fats, and lots of green veggies. Watch the weight come off ( slowly)

MikeUniformMike Sun 12-Jul-20 16:47:45

Eat a hearty breakfast e.g. poached eggs on toast. 2 eggs, 2 toasts, very little butter.

Lunch, fruit or undressed salad. Maybe yoghurt.

Supper, only if you have exercised, light meal of undressed salad or steamed veg with a portion of protein.

No soft drinks, no milky drinks.

AntiHop Sun 12-Jul-20 16:41:22

Low carb should lead to quick weight loss. I did this before my wedding. Read up on it so you understand it- most fruit is not low carb. Also try eating in a 4 hour window, with no calories at all outside that. No artificial sweeteners outside of those 4 hours either.

Chickaletta16 Sun 12-Jul-20 16:37:10

Anyone ?

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Chickaletta16 Sat 11-Jul-20 23:11:19

Help !!
Im getting married to the man of my dreams in approximately 6 weeks..and would like to lose as much weight as ppssible. Im 5'2" and 70kg..

Im in my early 40's. I feel blessed to have a chance at happiness again..and just want to look my best.

Im thinking of combining intermittent fasting with a low carb diet. Perhaps eggs for breakfast..fruits for lunch..and grilled fish or meat with salad for dinner. I also have a personal trainer 3 times a week...what do u much can i realistically expect to lose.

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