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Have you went from P/T to F/T with young kids?

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Ineverdidmind Mon 13-Jul-20 18:30:40

It doesn't hurt to apply. Then you only have a decision to make IF you get it.
You may find they can be flexible, don't assume they can't be. Plus if your little one is already 5 you aren't far off a time when you can work with them at home with you.
My DD is 6 and manageable, for example if she's poorly and off school I can work remotely with her with me.

TheABC Mon 13-Jul-20 17:30:36

Apply. I would not enquire directly about flex working right now (it's putting up a barrier before they have met you), but you can learn a lot about a company online through LinkedIn, Facebook and Glassdoor.

It's definitely worth checking out childcare logistics, even if you don't get the job. At some point, you might need back-up or even a night out...

Embracelife Sat 11-Jul-20 18:43:46

Apply. You have nothing to lose.
And once you been there a couple years you may find more flexibility is feasible.
More money for teenager is helpful

NellMangel Sat 11-Jul-20 17:30:53

Hmm I'm very torn. I'm in a comfortable dead end. In 9 years I'll not have childcare worries but it might be off putting to new employers that I've been at one place for so long.

Maybe I'll look at the logistics of what childcare I could use.

I could call and ask if they are open to part time or flexibility but when I've been recruiting if I want a full time, that's what I want...

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TheABC Sat 11-Jul-20 16:19:26

On balance, I would consider the F/T job. It's got a remote working option and there may be opportunities to flex; for example longer days or the chance to take regular unpaid time each month. What's the holiday entitlement like?

Without sounding mercenary, a good salary brings a lot more choice - that extra cash can be used to smooth the corners around your life. For example:

- a cleaner once or twice a week
- a good childminder or au pair to offer your child downtime
- A cushion for when the washing machine packs up or you need to do expensive DIY repairs.
- After school clubs, taxis or sports in the future. Kids only get bigger and more expensive as time goes on!

Don't underestimate the big picture. A better pension and more financial security in later life will help out you and your child. I would apply for the job.

Needmoremummyjuice Sat 11-Jul-20 16:05:35

I went from PT to FT when my little one was 2 so slightly different as he was in nursery rather than school. It was the right thing to do at the time as financially it was a significant jump for after a difficult split that had left me broke and it was also an exciting new role which I could make my own plus the advantage of it being much closer to home so cut 1.5 hours of commuting time on the days I work. I’m not going to lie it is hard and busy but it’s working as I love my job far more than my previous one and it is also making more opportunities for the future whereas I had hit the ceiling in previous role. I asked if there was any flex when I was working out the role and they offer compressed working over 4 days. My DS is with his dad 2 days per week so I work long days on these 2 days and 2 slightly longer the other days when he is in nursery. It is tiring but has made us financially so much more secure and improved my prospects for us in the future too.

NellMangel Sat 11-Jul-20 15:35:30

I'm a single parent to a 5yo. No other support as the dad left. I work part time which means I can use breakfast club and be there for every pick up. I have 1 day a week off which is my only downtime. I'm not rich but I manage fine by living modestly and dont feel like I'm scrimping. My work are excellent in understanding that I cant really travel, might need to look after a sick child. It's not a perfect job, it has frustrations and I could earn more elsewhere ...

I've seen a full time job. I could absolutely do it. It's with a large organisation so there could be opportunities for growth (none at current place). It mentions remote working as lots do at present. The salary is amazing. I saw it and thought of the opportunities it could bring, early retirement, better home, better pension,, car that works, holidays etc.

But all of that family friendly flexibility would probably be gone. I dont exactly love the school run, but I guess the alternative is childminder until 6, then home together. I'd not have my luxurious day off. I cant tell if I'd feel like my life was too hectic, that I'd miss precious time, or that the bigger picture is more important.

I know I'm lucky and it's a nice choice to have, just wondered if anyone had made a similar move and how they feel about it now?

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