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Anyone sold their hair??

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chuffedasbuttons Fri 10-Jul-20 20:07:05


To who, for how much, where's reputable?

It's my DD who needs an Apple Mac for her GCSE work. I'm a single mum. It's never gonna happen but she has the most BEAUTIFUL hair.

She wants it cut - usually we argue the opposite because she refuses to get it cut confused

Anyone got any advice?

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chuffedasbuttons Fri 10-Jul-20 20:07:59

I have a picture

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HollowTalk Fri 10-Jul-20 20:39:21

Have a look here:

chuffedasbuttons Fri 10-Jul-20 20:46:52


I read the hair harvest site.

It's annoying they tell you a price AFTER you've cut it and sent it.

I don't know how to persuade her that another inch is worth another £100 for example.

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patas Fri 10-Jul-20 22:27:13

I don't know the prices, but you aren't going to get a Mac book for some hair.

Can you spend the cost? 0% credit card or some shops have 0% interest in purchases?

PinotAndPlaydough Fri 10-Jul-20 22:34:14

I’ve sold mine to hair harvest before, similar length (maybe slightly longer than your daughters), I got 50 quid.
You might get a bit more as she’s blond but honestly I’m now way will it be enough for what you want.

chuffedasbuttons Sat 11-Jul-20 10:11:04

Lol I know that.
It's part of our saving pot.
£50 isn't worth it though - I don't think it's a fair price considering how much hair extensions cost.

Just hoping there's something better out there and we can get nearer £200

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MidnightCitrus Sat 11-Jul-20 10:13:16

Why does she need an apple mac for GCSEs?

BendyLikeBeckham Sat 11-Jul-20 10:16:44

you can get a decent laptop for 300 quid

Don't cut off that lovely hair!

can she get a weekend job?

MadMumToThree Sat 11-Jul-20 10:21:01

Would be much nicer if she donated it to the charity that makes wigs for children with cancer. Could even be sponsored and raise money for them too.

Surely any cheaper laptop would suffice?

midnightstar66 Sat 11-Jul-20 10:23:15

Does she really need a Mac. DD got a very good ASUS laptop that came highly recommended for high school work at a fraction of the price. The extortionate cost of hair extensions, don't forget, includes the hours of a specially trained persons time required to fit them.

Yesitsthethruth123 Sat 11-Jul-20 10:29:05

You want to sell your DDs hair for a piece of tech?

Oh come on shock

foamrolling Sat 11-Jul-20 10:30:18

She's having you on. She doesn't need something that expensive for her gcse homework.

ItsSpittingEverybodyIn Sat 11-Jul-20 10:36:29

Maybe someone rich will be along to take pity on your daughter chopping off her beautiful hair to fund a desperately needed computer, and buy one for you!

nowlook Sat 11-Jul-20 10:39:16


Maybe someone rich will be along to take pity on your daughter chopping off her beautiful hair to fund a desperately needed computer, and buy one for you!

Now, now. Play nice. winkgrin

chuffedasbuttons Sat 11-Jul-20 11:01:11

Blimey vipers are grumpy this morning! Cheer up you lot!

Apple Mac yes - graphics and her whole school is apple focused.
We have a year to save up. It would carry her through to A Level and possibly a career choice. She has a perfectly brilliant windows PC but school work is done on a school iPad.

It is HER decision to cut her hair.

She would hate doing the charity thing because she doesn’t like being centre of any attention. And hates having her photo taken.

We often donate to the charity when others cut their hair.

Still open to suggestions in case there’s another way than the London based website.

Thanks for all the bumping.

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DevilsSpawn Sat 11-Jul-20 11:07:48

She would hate doing the charity thing because she doesn’t like being centre of any attention. And hates having her photo taken.

Err, the princess trust accepts hair donations, no need for any attention or photos taking. This is not the same as shaving your head for cancer charity.

I think selling her hair for a mac is messed up. You must be mistaking the western world for poor asian communities where £30 feeds a whole family for a month or something. shockhmm

What else would you help her sell for a non essential nice comfort? Her kidney?

Waxonwaxoff0 Sat 11-Jul-20 11:12:59

@DevilsSpawn are you really comparing hair to a kidney?

It's HAIR. It will grow back.

MidnightCitrus Sat 11-Jul-20 11:15:25

@DevilsSpawn (nice name...Alex!)
I think @Waxonwaxoff0 missed your sarcasm

backseatcookers Sat 11-Jul-20 11:19:53

OP this is a great opportunity for her to do some paid for work.

I loved my little part time jobs outside of school at that age as it was exciting having some of my own money.

Learned about budgeting, saving, work ethic etc.

Even £20 a week for a year would be a grand...

backseatcookers Sat 11-Jul-20 11:20:43

Once Covid restrictions are lifted, obviously, responsible and reliable babysitters are always in demand for example.

ItsSpittingEverybodyIn Sat 11-Jul-20 11:23:33

Apple do 0% finance.

Hellokitty82 Sat 11-Jul-20 11:53:14

When I was a teenager I had part time jobs? A novel concept for the youth of today to go out working I know but perhaps that would be better??

I did all sorts cafe jobs (prob a bit limiting atm) but my most profitable one was to iron for money, I put a card up in my village shop and people used to drop it off I charged £7.50 a basket going back 20 years and I made lots of pocket money. My Mum also got an Avon book and she became a rep so I could help her. I used to deliver all the catalogues with her and collect them and write out the big order (I'm guessing it's computerised now) then when the huge box came I sorted it all out and my mum helped me deliver it and tbat was good too and mum let me have the money but it taught me that I had to work for money 💰

Horsemad Sat 11-Jul-20 12:07:05

I'm lol at people saying 'get a job'. We are probably entering a recession/depression, folks!

There will be very few part time/weekend jobs...

Not that I think selling hair is a great thing either, unless you're starving and have no money for bills, etc.

Ilovewheelychairs Sat 11-Jul-20 12:20:34

What about some childminding work for friends? There are so many people out there struggling for childcare over the summer holiday due to holiday clubs being closed. Is she sensible/ confident enough to do that kind of thing?

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