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Jennie has said to lose weight before the 2nd wave in the winter.

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Hippofrog Thu 09-Jul-20 07:38:11

Jennie Harries has advised that overweight people should lose weight to reduce their risk during a 2nd wave in the winter. I’ve lost half a stone recently. Is anyone trying to lose at least a stone before the winter?

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Blankiefan Thu 09-Jul-20 08:08:25

It makes sense and could be the motivation some people need. I got serious about sorting my weight out last year when prompted by a health risk and lost 5.5 stone.

Too much lockdown snacking meant I put some back on but I'm working on that now and a 2nd wave is definitely a factor in my motivation.

Hippofrog Thu 09-Jul-20 08:09:00

It’s certainly a kick up the bum for me.

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Charleyhorses Thu 09-Jul-20 08:27:27

I don't know who Jennie is but a hearty yes to this. I'm taking advantage of the lack of socialising and holidays this summer and on a campaign to lose 2 stone this summer. 10 lbs down so far!

AnneLovesGilbert Thu 09-Jul-20 08:30:01

She’s the deputy chief medical officer.

Hippofrog Thu 09-Jul-20 08:30:05

@Charleyhorses Jennie Harries is Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England.

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FizzFan Thu 09-Jul-20 08:31:13

No idea but the more I see that woman the more I hate her.

Hippofrog Thu 09-Jul-20 08:32:30

She’s actually one of the only people that I’ve trusted throughout this mess. Her and Chris W

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BogRollBOGOF Thu 09-Jul-20 08:33:58

If I can get the kids into school I might stand some chance of losing the lockdown lard.

With the vile winter weather, I hadn't lost the Christmas weight as I was too cold to fast (5:2) and eat light foods like salad. Spending all day with ravenous kids who need lots of carbs is also not condusive to losing weight.

Being short, that spare half stone tipping me up to BMI 24 is enough to make the difference between slim and squidgy.

I need to have a life back so I can be busy and walking around everywhere to keep me away from the kitchen. Plus some races to train for instead of half heartedly plodding around in the humidity.

FizzFan Thu 09-Jul-20 08:34:36

I don’t trust her at all. She defended Cheltenham going ahead and then blamed teenagers for the Leicester outbreak. I don’t think she’s got a clue what she’s doing and have no trust in her whatsoever. Loathe her.

Bingowin Thu 09-Jul-20 08:36:11

@BogRollBOGOF I drink mugs of hot water when Fasting,takes the edge off feeing cold and an alternative to tea and coffee.

haba Thu 09-Jul-20 08:39:01

Green tea or a slice of lemon in hot water is far nicer than plain water!

KnobChops Thu 09-Jul-20 08:40:08

SHE makes me want to eat MORE. Can’t stand her she has no credibility left.

ILoveStickers Thu 09-Jul-20 08:42:33

I seem to remember that the "overweight" category have the best outcomes for COVID (underrepresented among hospitalisations, and best outcomes in hospital). Normal weight or obese is next best, very obese or underweight do the worst.

But I don't suppose anyone will be telling us to aim for a BMI of 27 to beat coronavirus. Ah well.

I can see it being good for people to focus on their health and fitness though - lots of exercise that's good for the heart and longs, plenty of vitamin rich food, plenty of time outside for vitamin D. I definitely feel motivated to keep myself as well as possible. I'm not sure weight is where I'd focus, personally.

Happydaysforever123 Thu 09-Jul-20 08:50:29

@IloveStickers well that's good newsgrinCan you link to any sources for this please.

OverTheRainbow88 Thu 09-Jul-20 08:50:53

I was thinking about how the best way to prep for the next possible wave would to be to try and get as healthy as possible. I’m still
A stone heavier than I was pre second baby (18 months ago) so I’m going to try a loose some weight, and eat healthy to boost my immune!

OverTheRainbow88 Thu 09-Jul-20 08:52:02

Also trying to get the kids out all day every day going to new places incase there is another winter lockdown! I thought doing those things will be good for us anyway even if there isn’t one!! Hopefully there isnt 🤞🏽

Charles11 Thu 09-Jul-20 08:53:23

Taking vitamin d may be helpful too

igivein Thu 09-Jul-20 08:55:48

I'm plugging away at it.

I'm morbidly obese and 56 years old, and when they first started reporting obesity and age as risk factors it scared me into action.

I've been fasting, low carbing, walking five miles a day and started Pilates - being post menopause I have to throw everything I've got at it, because every ounce is a fight.

I've lost 3.5 stone so far and my BMIs now 36.5 (down from 43) so hopefully I'll soon be celebrating being obese rather than morbidly obese.

Jenny's words yesterday were a timely encouragement to keep going, because I'm a long way from being out of the woods yet.

Immigrantsong Thu 09-Jul-20 08:56:10

Surely this is good advice irrelevant of how people feel about the person issuing it. Nit a fan of hers either btw.

Being overweight carries risks for many different health issues and now is as good a time as ever to do something about it.

Crunchymum Thu 09-Jul-20 08:56:25


Windyjuly Thu 09-Jul-20 08:57:01

It's been a reported months ago that over weight people suffer the worst. I've been trying for weeks now and started excersing again.
Re jenny harries, there was a list somewhere of all the utterly nonsensical stuff that she has said since this sorry mess began.

I don't trust any of them now.

We have the worst death rate in Europe.

whenwillthemadnessend Thu 09-Jul-20 08:57:42

Eat well exercise 3 x a week and take vit d with vit k so it's absorbed.

Because of swimming pool closures
I've started couch to 5 k and managed to loose 4lb but it's a bloody slog as I hate running. I'm only half a stone over weight though. So it's more for toning and attempting to push metabolism to burn more since I can't swim regularly.

OverTheRainbow88 Thu 09-Jul-20 08:58:19


That’s fabulous!!! Well done to you 😊.

Windyjuly Thu 09-Jul-20 08:58:24

Over the last rainbow same! But the weather is working against us now

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