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If you run a business and receive payments from international clients, how do they pay you?

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terrifyingcreature Tue 30-Jun-20 18:02:15

I've been working on establishing myself as a life coach, and have been doing tons of free sessions so far. Today I got my first paying client - yay! This client is in the US and I'm in the UK. I'm wondering how it's best for her to transfer the fee to me - international bank transfer, paypal, venmo, etc etc? Does anyone have any experience of this? TIA!

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AnnieMaul Tue 30-Jun-20 21:53:20

We accept credit or debit card payments via square. We avoided taking credit cards for a while due to the fees (around 2%), but the impact is minimal VS the amount of additional clients that you get because you're able to take card. Being able to pay by card over bank transfer also instills more confidence I think.

You can create invoices, set reminders and so on all via square- personalised with your business logo etc. Your clients can also add tips (the money kind, not the advice kind!) if they want to, which is always nice!

Congratulations on your paying client and best of luck with the business!

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