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What is wrong with my hand

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needsomeadviceprettyplease Tue 30-Jun-20 16:13:48

As a disclaimer I have seen (spoken) to my GP who has offered advice and speaking to them again later in the week.

I'm not convinced I've been listened to, however I'm aware its harder to be diagnostic over the phone and unless its urgent I won't get a f2f appointment.

Approx 10 weeks ago I started getting a random twitch in the middle finger on my left hand, within a week it was twitching upwards of 20x a day with no apparent cause. The twitch itself isn't painful and I have the full range of motion.
I know it sounds ridiculous because its just a twitch and there are things a lot more serious but its now happening that often I'm a little concerned (not to mention self-concscious)
The last few weeks I've also got an ache that starts at the elbow and goes down to my hand, not sure if thats related.
GP has done a blood test to check electrolytes, that was fine and has said its likely trigger finger but looking into that I'm not sure its that because there is no stiffness and I have no difficulty bending my finger. I was advised to use a stress ball for 2 weeks and get back in touch if this did not help. It hasn't helped and my finger is still having a little disco multiple times a day.
Wondered if anyone else has had something similar??
Thank you smile

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Willowkins Tue 30-Jun-20 17:45:13

Is there any chance it could RSI? I had similar symptoms and had to get an different keyboard (I'm making a leap but it's just possible you've been working at home during the lockdown on an unfamiliar laptop).

needsomeadviceprettyplease Tue 30-Jun-20 18:36:33

Thanks for replying. I did think about that but I would be surprised, I have been wfh but using my own laptop and that is minimal. It fits better then trigger finger!
I'm sure its nothing but its irritating sad

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Willowkins Tue 30-Jun-20 22:04:25

It was the elbow to hand pain that made me think of it - that's exactly what I had plus the occasional spasm in my hand. It went years ago and didn't come back until recently - when I started using the work laptop. Hope you find answers.

tinselvestsparklepants Tue 30-Jun-20 22:08:12

Sounds like the type of symptoms I get when I've got a very tight neck / trapped nerve around my shoulders....

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