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AmazonSmile - do you use it/know about it? AKA “Feel less guilty about your Amazon addiction”

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JonHammIsMyJamm Tue 30-Jun-20 10:51:06

I use Amazon a LOT. I know it’s evil. I know I shouldn’t. Corporate greed etc.

Did you know about AmazonSmile? If you switch over to AmazonSmile (same interface as Amazon, same products, use your same account) a percentage (0.05%) of every purchase you make goes to a nominated charity of your choice. There are loads, National and local. You can change the charity as often as you want. It isn’t a massive proportion of the sale and obviously there are much more efficient ways to give to charity and yes they could donate a much bigger % but if you are going to buy the Amazon items anyway, you might as well do a little good. I chose my local Rape & Domestic Abuse Crisis centre. It’s really easy to do smile.

The site has generated over £3.6m for charities since it started. Obviously the more people who know about it and swap over to it, the more can be raised.

I’m not a bot. This isn’t an ad or sponsored.]]

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chipsandpeas Tue 30-Jun-20 10:51:48

yup been using it for a while

JonHammIsMyJamm Tue 30-Jun-20 10:52:11]]

Sorry that link buggered up because of the square brackets at the end.

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QuestionableMouse Tue 30-Jun-20 10:52:53

Yep, been using it for ages. I donate to the Blue Cross.

JonHammIsMyJamm Tue 30-Jun-20 10:54:21

Ffs for some reason it won’t post without the square brackets. That’s annoying. Anyway, c&p the link without the 2 ]] at the end hmm

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AnneLovesGilbert Tue 30-Jun-20 10:54:41

Used it for years supporting a local charity.

JonHammIsMyJamm Tue 30-Jun-20 10:56:09

I’ve used it for a while too but I’ve mentioned it to a few people in recent weeks and they hadn’t heard of it, so I wondered how well known it

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WhatHaveIFound Tue 30-Jun-20 10:59:34

Used it for a while to support Sue Ryder. However i've been cutting back on Amazon purchases over the last few years. I now mainly use it when i have to order stuff to send direct to my parents.

Rubyandsaphire Tue 30-Jun-20 11:36:01

Yes our old school pta used it. When children left I looked for other local charities and now give to a charity linked to the local hospital (we have a need to use this hospital lots so I know they are in need).

TheQueef Tue 30-Jun-20 11:39:43

I do.
The Maggie Oliver foundation. I think she's ace.

spiderlight Tue 30-Jun-20 13:18:10

Yes - been using it for about 18 months to donate to Hope Rescue

JonHammIsMyJamm Tue 30-Jun-20 13:20:05

Great to see so many people using it!

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0blio Tue 30-Jun-20 13:22:31

Yes, I've used it for a while. It's a very tiny amount individually but every little helps.

vanillandhoney Tue 30-Jun-20 13:26:18

Yeah, I do. I donate to Beagle Welfare.

SweetPetrichor Tue 30-Jun-20 13:26:24

Yep, I do. To support the Cats Protection.

youngestisapsycho Tue 30-Jun-20 13:26:47

I use it for donations to DDs school.

Itsnotalwaysme Tue 30-Jun-20 14:19:56

Yes, to the local rape and abuse centre flowers

TinyTear Tue 30-Jun-20 14:24:17

yes, my school PTA uses it

FelicityPike Tue 30-Jun-20 14:25:19

Uh-huh for Bliss.

2020times Tue 30-Jun-20 14:26:41

Never heard of it and use amazon pretty much every day so thank you OP!

2020times Tue 30-Jun-20 14:29:33

Ha, I've just chosen the amazing hospice that my dad died at as my charity- that's brilliant! I'm really pleased OP, you've made my day smile

JonHammIsMyJamm Tue 30-Jun-20 14:36:21

That’s great @2020times

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MulberryPeony Tue 30-Jun-20 15:35:26

Yes I’ve been using it a while but it’s only just become available on my app this week.

EatsShootsAndRuns Tue 30-Jun-20 16:34:04

I use it every purchase. Which is a lot. blush

EasilyDelighted Tue 30-Jun-20 16:42:01

I only started this year. Chernobyl Children's Lifeline for me.

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