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Wtf is this on dp’s leg?! <Gross picture warning>

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TeddyIsaHe Fri 19-Jun-20 11:26:53

Dp had an ingrown hair 3 weeks ago that has suddenly decided to go bananas. I’ve forced him to call his GP and waiting a call back, but wondering if any MNers could shed some light in the meantime!

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missrks Fri 19-Jun-20 11:28:11

Ekkkk. Whatever it is it's infected. He will need antibiotics! You not tempted to have a rummage? 🤣

missrks Fri 19-Jun-20 11:32:19

I'm totally joking btw! Please don't touch it. It's just an infection that's got into it. He will defo need something to get that cleared up. They will probably need to take swabs but will more than likely be strep

MandosHatHair Fri 19-Jun-20 11:33:19

Your poor DH, that looks so sore! I would want that looking at today, it looks infected. I love sporn but I would leave that well alone.

TeddyIsaHe Fri 19-Jun-20 11:33:50

I’m not going anywhere near that horror! What is the black thing inside?

Eurgh, hopefully his leg doesn’t fall off, I’d never hear the end of it! grin

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Windyatthebeach Fri 19-Jun-20 11:34:08

I bet something is living in there..

missrks Fri 19-Jun-20 11:34:39

Staph even, not strep.

MandosHatHair Fri 19-Jun-20 11:35:59

Oxydised puss? My first thought was it could be an absess, if you are feeling brave Google absess ingrown hair, the pictures aren't pretty.

OchonAgusOchonO Fri 19-Jun-20 11:36:12

How big is it? Draw around the perimeter with a pen. If it starts to spread, he could need urgent treatment. My dd had similar but without the hole and it was cellulitis, which is pretty serious.

missrks Fri 19-Jun-20 11:36:18

Does he have a temperature or anything? Look out for signs of sepsis

VettiyaIruken Fri 19-Jun-20 11:36:33

Wowsers. That's bad.
Did it have a thick plug at any point?
I've seen videos that look similar and they were described as staph infection pus plugs and when pulled out left holes like that.

Hope the gp gets back soon! I'd want antibiotics if that was me

EvilPea Fri 19-Jun-20 11:36:35

I don’t think I could resist squeezing that.

MandosHatHair Fri 19-Jun-20 11:37:51

*abscess sorry!

Youcunnyfunt Fri 19-Jun-20 11:38:38

My friend’s leg looked like that once. It turned out a botfly (sp?) had laid an egg in her skin, one day a larvae popped out of the hole in her leg! envy

TeddyIsaHe Fri 19-Jun-20 11:41:31

No temp or soreness. There was a plug that he picked (grrrr) and that’s what is left.

Botfly!!! Dear god 🤮

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ChubbyPigeon Fri 19-Jun-20 11:42:09

Definitely do as ochon says, draw around it. If its spreading quickly or he starts to get a temperature or other signs of sepsis get is seen asap

Its an abscess, but the question is what is causing it

HelmutShmacker Fri 19-Jun-20 11:43:10

I was going to say botfly too. Seriously grim, he needs to see / speak to a GP ASAP. Hope he's OK!!!!

backseatcookers Fri 19-Jun-20 11:44:16

Have you sent a picture to the GP? I'd suggest emailing them if at all possible so they can actually see it before your callback, it's huge and so angry I think they need to see it to not dismiss it as something that doesn't need urgent treatment.

CorianderLord Fri 19-Jun-20 11:45:44

Fuck, looks like an access or an infected follicle or something.

Hospital, that needs cutting out or antibiotics. Staph infections kill.

TeddyIsaHe Fri 19-Jun-20 11:46:59

He’s not sent a photo yet, but the receptionist said they’ll either request a photo of be seen in person this afternoon, so it will definitely be checked out today.

If not it’ll be the walk-in later on. It will definitely be checked out by this evening.

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LaurieSchafferIsAllBitterNow Fri 19-Jun-20 11:48:29

i'd say spider bite...cos of the black inside, the venom basically melts the area from the inside

only as he is not fly he will probably survive.

welshpixie Fri 19-Jun-20 11:48:33

Get him to ring the doctor, my DP had a cut on the back of his calf last year, it went manky and he spent most of July in hospital with sepsis and kidney failure. He is still sorting out the aftereffects now.

backseatcookers Fri 19-Jun-20 11:52:26


Ah that's great he'll have it looked at today one way or another. It definitely needs urgent treatment, hopefully they'll be able to identify it ASAP. Poor bloke!

MillicentMartha Fri 19-Jun-20 11:57:35

That looks like my friend’s spider bite. It took months to sort out. Whatever antibiotics they gave her were either not the right ones or not strong enough. envy I’m glad he’s seeing someone today.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 19-Jun-20 11:59:47


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