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Have you been to the beach recently?

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Bluewavescrashing Fri 29-May-20 18:09:47

I mean since we have been allowed to.

Did you enjoy it? Would you go again?

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HorsesDoovers Fri 29-May-20 18:12:00

Yes to our local (20 mins drive) beach but went early and left before the crowds. It was wonderful, I have missed the sea so much.

Sipperskipper Fri 29-May-20 18:13:48

Yep, I went yesterday with DD. There were a few people but not busy at all, and more parking than there would usually be during half term etc!

Will go again next week.

Buddyelf Fri 29-May-20 18:15:48

Yes but then I live right next to one. Been a couple of times on our walks and yesterday went for a couple of hours before lunch. Lots of people around but spread out well and people seemed to be social distancing well. It was lovely. Sea air does me a world of good!

DefConOne Fri 29-May-20 18:16:17

Currently on our 4th beach visit. We get here 5.00 o’clock and have a picnic. QuieteR than usual for half term. No trouble parking.

pinkbowl Fri 29-May-20 18:16:31

Yes. I live in a seaside resort. I go to the beach every day. I do enjoy it and I'll go again tomorrow.
I live close enough to nip home if I need the loo.
Whilst it has been much busier lately, people have kept a decent distance when choosing where to settle down and it has meant the prom has been much less busy.

Rocksandstones Fri 29-May-20 18:17:25

Yes every day this week, but it’s only 10 mins walking and my young dc love it. It’s busier than normal but not unbearably so, maybe around 5 other groups on the section we were on today (Lots of sections separated by sea defenses). There are other beaches nearby which I know are much busier!

Shelley54 Fri 29-May-20 18:18:07

I live ten minutes walk from the beach and have not been since early March.

Bluewavescrashing Fri 29-May-20 18:19:26

Fab. We are planning to go tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing the sea again!

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Simonfromharlow Fri 29-May-20 18:20:12

Yes this afternoon. Was lovely! Everyone social distancing etc. Kids had a wonderful time!

KindKylie Fri 29-May-20 18:21:18

We go most days and either go early or late and have not really ever felt crowded.

We were on the beach for 9am yesterday and home by midday - the car park was filling up as we left having had acres of space to ourselves.

We're all so much happier now we can go and paddle and play. I sit and read my book while the dc play and it makes me feel so much better.

Sharkyfan Fri 29-May-20 18:21:21

Twice in the last fortnight.
Avoided the weekend and the hottest day.
The first one - went about 4pm on a windy day to the quieter end.

The second one - it’s a privately managed car park which was closed until this week when they introduced a system to book online for a limited number of slots.

I’d say less busy than usual for a hot half term day though still quite busy as it’s such a popular one. Everyone at least 2m apart tho.

AuntieStella Fri 29-May-20 18:21:46

No, and I don't live near one, so it might be a while (not planning long leisure journeys at the moment)

We'd often go to the British seaside during the Easter hols, so it does feel, as if it's been an awfully long time.

funmummy48 Fri 29-May-20 18:22:38

No, because I live too far away. If it was local, I would!

Bluewavescrashing Fri 29-May-20 18:22:46

It's a small consolidation now we've had 2 holidays cancelled this year. We're lucky to have a garden but I can't wait for that sea air!

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NaturalBlondeYeahRight Fri 29-May-20 18:23:45

Yes, live about 20 mins away from a popular one just outside of London. Had lots of space between groups and the main loos were open. Sensible town.

Fudgefeet Fri 29-May-20 18:24:11

yes everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 times. We live a minutes walk away. it has been a bit sad though seeing it go from pristine to a rubbish dump within a week. I had a baby wipe fly into my face yesterday, that was nice!

Teddypops Fri 29-May-20 18:24:26

Yes we have been most days this week. We live 2 mins drive from very quiet beach. Have had a picnic or bbq most nights.

Need a day off today though.

Pleasenodont Fri 29-May-20 18:24:58

If you live by the coast then it’s fine but if you’re travelling over an hour to reach the coast it’s really out of order imo. Getting tired of seeing photos of people I know live a two hour drive away at the beach.

Michaelbaubles Fri 29-May-20 18:25:01

Yes, I live 20 minutes drive away and we went on a cloudy afternoon at about 3 o’clock. Social distancing very easy as there were only a handful of people about, and ample free parking too. Perfect! I wouldn’t go on a sunny day though.

FiveGoMadInDorset Fri 29-May-20 18:26:19

Yes. It not our nearest one which is two miles away, 45 minutes to get in the car park and no social distancing at all and loads of rubbish left

YouJustDoYou Fri 29-May-20 18:27:00

Yes, we go down first thing for around half 7 as we're only a very short drive away and there's free parking for locals. Love it. Spend all summer every year just playing by the sea.

CrowdedHouseinQuarantine Fri 29-May-20 18:28:34

yesterday, 30 miles away, which is not our closest, but it is sandy,
busy but doable.
swam in the sea.

BestestBrownies Fri 29-May-20 18:28:54

We go to our local dog-friendly beach every couple of weeks. It’s pebbly, so not especially comfortable for a picnic or day out and we usually go early to avoid too much heat for our elderly pooch.

Sea air makes a huge difference to my mental health and stress levels.

Bluewavescrashing Fri 29-May-20 18:29:07

We live an hour away.

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