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Urgent help needed to stop my mumsnet password being shared across devices

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peoplepleaser1 Sun 24-May-20 01:12:15

I've somehow created a set up where the various devices that I use all share my passwords between them.

I can't go into detail but I need to stop this happening. So for example my mumsnet password is saved on my phone but also on two PCs that I share at home. I think it's all linked and I need it to stop preferably tonight.

I use chrome on the PCs and my email is a gmail accruing and I'm not sure which of them are sharing my password. I'd rather not stop all sharing as it's really useful to share between sites but I don't want others seeing my mumsnet posts.

Can anyone help please.

plainflower Sun 24-May-20 01:25:22

Hi, could you change the password? I'm not sure if Mumsnet has an option to 'log out of other devices' when you do but I would imagine it would log you out automatically once the password has been changed?

peoplepleaser1 Sun 24-May-20 01:28:34

Thanks for the advice @plainflower. I have tried that but somehow not seems like because I've saved the password on my phone it's also saved on the other devices. I maybe should not have saved if in my phone, but I chose the automatically generated password option and there's so way I could remember it otherwise.....

TheHighestSardine Sun 24-May-20 01:38:32

Chrome will be synching your saved passwords via your google account.

You can sign out of Chrome on the devices you don't want synced, that'll remove access to all your saved passwords, history, favourites and stuff. I would definitely recommend this if you have concerns about other users seeing your stuff on the PCs. If you do that then you don't need to continue to the next step:

If you also want to turn sync off then that needs to be done on all devices individually. Follow the instructions at "turn off sync" on each device you don't want to have passwords shared to:

If you're not logging Chrome out of your Google account then you'll probably need to manually sign each one off Mumsnet, too; you'll also need to go in and manually delete the passwords that are already saved.

JetSetGo Sun 24-May-20 01:51:57

This is due to Google Chrome. Turn off the sync option in settings while using chrome on the PC

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