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Would this worry you?

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RUOKHon Fri 22-May-20 21:16:14

DS is three and a half.

Usually he goes to bed at about 8pm and is asleep very soon after that. He sleeps through until around 7am.

Tonight I had to pop out in the car to collect the SDC at 6pm and he came with me. He fell asleep in his car seat around 10 minutes into the journey and he hasn’t woken up since. We sat him in his seat at the table for dinner but he didn’t really wake up to eat, so I just put him to bed and he’s been zonked ever since. He was still in his clothes so I just went in to change him into PJs and he roused enough to try and stop me taking his t shirt off, but the fell back into deep sleep.

He’s been totally fine all day - playing normally and full of beans. He perhaps hasn’t eaten as much as he normally would but it’s been really hot here today and I don’t have a huge appetite in the heat either. He doesn’t have a temperature or a cough or anything wrong with him at all. He’s just fast asleep!!

I do remember my DD did something similar when she was about 2. She slept for about 14 hours straight and woke up like a different child, with loads of new vocabulary!

Is he just doing the same thing and ‘upgrading his OS’. Would you be worried, or just expect him to be two inches taller in the morning?

Bleepbloopblarp Fri 22-May-20 21:20:54

Sounds like a combination of heat/lack of energy maybe from not eating much?

It happens when they’re going through puberty too....they need loads of sleep from all the changes happening in their body!

So long as he seemed well I wouldn’t be concerned - however I would be prepared to be woken up very early in the morning!

Wagamamas Sat 23-May-20 15:05:51

Thats fine

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