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Can't have a barbecue this weekend :(

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StealthPolarBear Thu 09-Apr-20 18:52:31

The shop I went to yesterday didn't have charcoal.
But never mind I'm sure when lockdown is over there will be endless weekends where its lashing down and we can barbecue in our jumpers and with brollies grin

simonisnotme Thu 09-Apr-20 18:54:41

yeah you can stealth^
cook inside , eat outside or make a fire pit with wood

Destroyer Thu 09-Apr-20 19:16:11

Don’t make a fire, there’s a respiratory virus spreading like wildfire hmm

StealthPolarBear Thu 09-Apr-20 19:19:30

Making a fire pit sounds like a lot of work. We will no doubt eat outside.

SquitMcJit Thu 09-Apr-20 19:24:03

Yeah, please don’t have barbecues or fires at the moment. Everyone is stuck in together and there is a worldwide respiratory pandemic.

OhTheRoses Thu 09-Apr-20 19:24:11

My Sainsbury’s had disposable ones last w/e. We’re having one on Saturday. Got charcoal from last year. Can’t have one tomorrow because it’s Good Friday so grilled plaice, new pots and spinach. Actually, come to think of it no reason I can think of not to put the plaice on the barbecue.

Happy Easter. After the vigil He will be risen.

StealthPolarBear Thu 09-Apr-20 19:27:44

I've seen advice about avoiding bonfires but not barbecues.

goldenorbspider Thu 09-Apr-20 19:28:44

Could you not just go to another shop?

StealthPolarBear Thu 09-Apr-20 19:35:12

There were no larger shops nearby, it would have meant an additional journey.

StealthPolarBear Thu 09-Apr-20 19:36:06

Just googled barbecues. The only sites I can find say home barbecues with your family only are fine.

slipperywhensparticus Thu 09-Apr-20 19:37:56

Barbecue shouldn't be smoky

HappyHammy Thu 09-Apr-20 19:38:22

Yes how lovely for the neighbours. They can enjoy the rare sunny weekend being ruined by stinking bbq and smoke.

PrincessSarene Thu 09-Apr-20 19:38:33

You could try a petrol station for charcoal? The ones near us usually have some. Bonus is you will be able to check without getting out the car! (Making the massive assumption that you drive!)

justasking111 Thu 09-Apr-20 19:40:45

I think the lack of traffic has helped with respiratory issues far more than banning a barbeque would. I would try a petrol station, or ask around a friend might have a pile you could borrow.

StealthPolarBear Thu 09-Apr-20 19:42:32

I suspect the neighbours will be having a barbecue, they often do, and I like the smell and the sound of them chatting in the garden.
Do people seriously not have barbecues because they worry what the neighbours will think?

Heismyopendoor Thu 09-Apr-20 19:42:55

@HappyHammy you are too funny! biscuit

StealthPolarBear Thu 09-Apr-20 19:44:51

We will eat outside and be perfectly happy. I was just making the observation that no doubt when restrictions are lifted it will pour down continuously.
If the neighbours are having a barbecue I will enjoy the smell and the sounds of socialising (three generations live together).

safariboot Thu 09-Apr-20 19:45:03

When I was at university some friends couldn't find charcoal for a sports club barbecue - so they came back with regular coal grin

It tasted ... interesting.

StealthPolarBear Thu 09-Apr-20 19:46:51

Maybe we'll just burn some tyres and heat marshmallows on that.

mbosnz Thu 09-Apr-20 19:47:14

If you're barbying right, it won't be too smoky. Situate said barbie where it will least affect neighbours with reference to prevailing wind. (That initially got typed in as wine. You should have wine as well. If you like wine.) Use good quality incendiary material.


I'm buggered if I could potentially die alone on the other side of the world, without having one last sodding bloody barbie with the family.

Just don't be a dick about it.

Samtsirch Thu 09-Apr-20 19:48:53

You seem distinctly unhappy to me.😂

AtAt123 Thu 09-Apr-20 19:56:06

I got a giant sack of lump wood charcoal and had a bbq on Tuesday. Think the weather is perfect so why not. In only have three neighbours and they were all out enjoying the good weather in their gardens too.

CaroleFuckinBaskin Thu 09-Apr-20 19:56:10

Apparently, according to a thread I read on here yesterday, we aren't supposed to be having BBQs because the we are supposed to be performing 'solemnity' in our gardens and it would be 'disrespectful'. Any kind of fun is banned!

simonisnotme Thu 09-Apr-20 19:59:22

I'll stop listening and warballing to Absolute radio then grin

Poppi89 Thu 09-Apr-20 20:03:55

I heard some shops are removing all BBQs and bonfire things as you can't have bonfires at the moment so they are probably protecting their image or something.
I don't usually have BBQs as only have a small garden so I just cook inside and then eat it outside.

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