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I've had enough, we are going on holiday.

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Brahumbug Sat 04-Apr-20 17:36:15

We can't take anymore. DH and I are having a holiday in a lovely cabin. Wood burning stove electric, overlooking a beautiful pond with ducks and moorhens. There is decking area with a barbecue. The kids aren't coming as we want a break.

The cabin is at the end of the garden, but unfortunately out if wifi range, but you can't have everything grin

IceKitten Sat 04-Apr-20 17:37:02

Enjoy smile

tigerbear Sat 04-Apr-20 17:37:09


TheoriginalLEM Sat 04-Apr-20 17:39:11

You are very lucky

Sparklingbrook Sat 04-Apr-20 17:40:51


WorraLiberty Sat 04-Apr-20 17:42:23

Oooh photos please grin

If we can't join you in person, at least let us join you virtually.

HermanTheWorm Sat 04-Apr-20 17:43:14

If we had a garden, our tent would be up. Make the most of your facilities! You're lucky. Good on you for doing the best you can to get through lockdown.

ofwarren Sat 04-Apr-20 17:45:16

Sounds lovely. I wish we had one.

BlueThursday Sat 04-Apr-20 17:45:57

Sounds like bliss!

GeorgeTheFirst Sat 04-Apr-20 17:47:05

I also have a cabin. Sadly it overlooks a fence one way, but a grassy lawn the other. No hearing or lighting. Currently a little bit full. Maybe I could improve it?

TerrifiedandWorried Sat 04-Apr-20 17:48:26

Our tent is too big for our garden or we would be camping this weekend!

justforthisnow Sat 04-Apr-20 17:48:40

You can get a TP extender to get your house wifi. smile enjoy the break!

roundtable Sat 04-Apr-20 17:48:51

Sounds lovely for as long as the peace lasts!

I took a holiday in my bed this afternoon op. Not quite the same grin

LoisWilkersonslastnerve Sat 04-Apr-20 17:51:36

I'm going to sit in the 'big cupboard'. I'm not joking.

HaHaVeryBunny Sat 04-Apr-20 17:52:14

Make sure you dont get cabin fever, I think there is some other virus going around at the moment too. But you never seem to read or hear anything about it in the media grin

justforthisnow Sat 04-Apr-20 17:55:59

I am contemplating The Loft, peaceful and removed. Lack of plumbing could prove challenging. Risk benefit analysis underway.

HaHaVeryBunny Sat 04-Apr-20 17:56:07

Make sure you dont get cabin fever, I think there is some other virus going around at the moment too. But you never seem to read or hear anything about it in the media grin

MortyFide Sat 04-Apr-20 17:57:00

My DH is camping out tonight - in our camper, on our driveway. grin

In fact he just video called me to add to the reality. He's out there on his jonah, I'm indoors on puppy duty.

It's for NHS fund raising actually, some random put it on a camping group on FB to raise £100 and they're up to £35k.

Queenest Sat 04-Apr-20 17:59:07

Ooh sounds good, I’m jealous. We have a garden shed I could empty out, no moorhens though. Maybe a pigeon or two. smile

LilacTree1 Sat 04-Apr-20 18:03:27

That sounds amazing.

If I had such a thing, I’d sleep there during heatwaves!

ifonly4 Sat 04-Apr-20 18:06:16

Our holiday abroad (first as a couple since having DC) next week has been cancelled. We're meant to be camping with friends in July. If that doesn't happy, DH has already said we'll put the tent up in our garden - that way at least we'll have half the fun of camping.

Hope you enjoy your break if you get itsmile

AnneofTeenFables Sat 04-Apr-20 18:07:24

DH is missing going to work so much, I suggested we call our garden shed the name of his company and he can go there every morning grin he'd need to fight the cobwebs, broken tables and old toys or else he could name them like Tom Hanks in Castaway

mumwon Sat 04-Apr-20 18:07:55

I am hoping to goodness some of the veg seeds survive that I planted especially as dh & I spent our day in the countryside (back garden) digging new veg patches (also useful if I need to dig a 6ft length hole)

AmelieTaylor Sat 04-Apr-20 18:08:55

I’m going to an 18th Birthday Party tonight!! 👍🏻🍰🍾🥂🎈🎁🛍🎉

Woo hoo

SKYPE I’m not sure it’s exactly what my niece had in mind for her 18th poor kid!

Still she’ll enjoy it in a family way then she can have a good night out with her friends another time

Enjoy your break!!

Undies1990 Sat 04-Apr-20 18:09:39

Photo of said cabin please wink

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