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Dh overdosed my SN DC at hospital now

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Worried20 Fri 03-Apr-20 14:14:00

My dh has given my non verbal dc 4 times the dose of his medicine. He fell asleep and it was only when I jokingly said you haven't given him his sleep meds have you? That he realised he had given him 30mg instead of 7.5mg of a med he takes to control his adhd.

He has been monitored but won't tolerate heart monitors even while asleep.

I am at home with other dc as I don't drive and hospital 12 miles away and didn't want to put other dc at risk.

I'm so angry, worried and upset. Not only for the careless and insane overdose but for putting him at risk of catching Covid -19.

He has moved to a ward to keep monitoring. Dh has been obsessively working from home, was the one job of giving a drink with meds in too much to ask while I fixed my other dc breakfast.

What the hell can I do assuming this is ok for my dc. I have never ever made such an error. I'm not perfect but he has really fucked up.

Piglet208 Fri 03-Apr-20 14:19:24

I hope everything is ok for your dc. You are understandably angry and upset. I'm sure your dh is mortified by his mistake.

Mulanlin Fri 03-Apr-20 14:21:04

OMG OP hoping and praying that your DC is well flowers

GrumpyHoonMain Fri 03-Apr-20 14:22:42

Can understand your anger but it was a mistake. These things happen. As long as your DS is okay that’s the main thing

HT96 Fri 03-Apr-20 14:29:03

That must be very scary op! Hope your DC is ok and home soon! DH sounds like he could be under some stress if having to work at hime with DC around! We all make mistakes I am sure he is feeling heartbroken with guilt try not to be to upset at him xx

EmbarrassingMama Fri 03-Apr-20 14:39:58

This sounds extremely stressful OP. What a terrible situation. I hope your son is back to his normal self very soon.

In the meantime try not to do or say anything to your DH until you get your son home safe and well. That will change your opinion of what you should tell him and I imagine it would be very important not to say anything you could regret at this moment. DH will be feeling awful - rightly so - and he will probably never forgive himself.

So sorry

AudTheDeepMinded Fri 03-Apr-20 14:43:25

My feelings about this would mostly depend on your DHs reaction. I once gave my toddler too much pain relief as it was for older children but in a similarly labelled bottle, it worked out he'd had double the dose. It turned out to be ok but I was beside myself with worry and guilt. I also once took twice the amount of migraine medicine I was supposed to. Mistakes happen, especially if the situation is already stressful. However if your husband is shrugging it off, minimalizing it or getting shitty then I would be thinking carefully abut the future.

ScissorsBike Fri 03-Apr-20 14:46:51

Please be kind to your DH. He will be feeling awful about this. Please put yourself in his shoes and treat him kindly. Mistakes happen, and this was a mistake.

Mulanlin Fri 03-Apr-20 14:48:07

He should have double checked the dose before giving it especially as he doesn’t normally give the medication.

ScatteredMama82 Fri 03-Apr-20 14:51:57

Oh my goodness, I hope your DS is ok. I would try not to say anything too condemning at the moment as others have said. Mistakes DO happen. This is a really stressful time for everyone. When I was looking after my Mum during her cancer treatment, I was also going uni and working in the evenings. I once double-dosed her morphine. I felt absolutely awful, and I couldn't believe she had done it. She was ok. I am the worlds most organised person, I drive my DH mad with my organisation, but mistakes happen.

HollyBollyBooBoo Fri 03-Apr-20 14:55:32

Gosh really hope he's ok.

Mistakes do happen though. You need to understand how he managed to give him 4 times the amount by accident so I that you'll feel you can trust him again.

BrooHaHa Fri 03-Apr-20 14:56:47

Thank goodness you realised. I agree with PP though, mistakes do happen and he's probably beating himself up about it pretty severely. I understand why you're angry though, it's a natural response to something like this.

Josette77 Fri 03-Apr-20 15:02:00

My dh game our ds his night time meds in the morning before school. He felt awful when I noticed the wrong bottle out. Ds was ok and I've never brought it up again after I called his psychiatrist to let them know. Mistakes happen. How you react will also makes a big impact on your ds. Our psychiatrist told me to be super calm.

Josette77 Fri 03-Apr-20 15:04:19

Also if your DH is working obsessively at home he had a lot on his mind as it is.

tara66 Fri 03-Apr-20 15:12:03

Of course the hospitals have a lot else on their minds to at present time.

PanannyPanoo Fri 03-Apr-20 15:14:33

I can totally understand and relate to how you are feeling right now. Your husband made a genuine mistake and will be having all the feelings that you are with added guilt. Please do all you can to put your anger aside - share it with us not your husband, and support each other through this. In our case it was 10x a dose - 2.5 ml instead of .25ml.

She slept for nearly 2 days, but had no other effects. Be kind to each other. Sending all the warm wishes and supportive thoughts possible.

CallmeAngelina Fri 03-Apr-20 15:15:00

Not every department in every hospital is taken up with Covid-19.
The medics dealing with the OP's son will be passionately focused on treating him.
flowers for you.

MitziK Fri 03-Apr-20 15:16:13

Shit. That would be my worst nightmare.

Try to hold off your natural reaction to this. If he's any sort of decent human being, he'll be distraught at his mistake.

Thinkingabout1t Fri 03-Apr-20 15:16:16

I hope DC has soon recovered and you’ll be able to relax. brew

Worried20 Fri 03-Apr-20 15:20:33

Thank you everyonethanks
I feel so useless at home. He's woke up after being asleep for a few hours. I'm hoping so much that they can send him home today. I will try to be kind to dh.

LennyPugGoat Fri 03-Apr-20 15:25:54

How old is your son? I accidentally did practically the same thing when Dd was 12 and taking ADHD meds.

No one could have said or done anything to make me feel any guiltier than I did, I wanted to report myself to social services, I felt like a failure.

The only way I managed to forgive myself was because my Dh was so empathetic towards me, he knew I hadn't done it on purpose and we made arrangements with a pill box and keeping certain strengths of different tablets in different places.

It's shit, she was fine, a bouncy 16yr old now diagnosed with ASD, ODD and ADHD

I can understand your anger please try to be kind and I wish your son a speedy recovery

Durgasarrow Fri 03-Apr-20 15:28:13

30 mg? Does this mean he gave the child four pills instead of one? How is that an accident? I would question that.

Soontobe60 Fri 03-Apr-20 15:29:26

@Worried20 please don't beat your DH up over this. It was an accident. He most likely feels absolutely awful about it. I'm sure your dc will be fine once he's slept it off.

Soontobe60 Fri 03-Apr-20 15:33:14


Are you suggesting that DH did something untoward? OP said it was a liquid dose, not tablets. Your comment isn't helpful!

Daisiest Fri 03-Apr-20 15:35:47

My mum did that to me once. She gave me a cup full of medicine rather than a capful. I remember her moaning at the price as the cupful was practically the whole bottle shock

No harm done but I like to remind her every now and then.

Hope he's home soon OP daffodil

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