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Tell me about your day

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MrsJonesAndMe Wed 25-Mar-20 18:34:53

In as much or little detail as you'd like.

We've had a good day. Sunshine and a bit of exercise, shopping very orderly and reasonably well stocked apart from the pasta and paracetamol.

We've done some baking and played a board game. Both children did some school work and both adults got some work/admin done.

Such a contrast to Monday and Tuesday where I felt really exhausted, stressed and quite incompetent with this whole balancing act going on!

wine gin chocolate and cake for you all

flossyflorenceflounces Wed 25-Mar-20 18:37:52

Up at 7am, did some work then went in the garden for a bit and sorted out the garden furniture from the shed. Delivered medication to a relative. Spent a lot of time watching the DCs on Fortnite - they are playing a tournament until 9pm so no tv here for me tonight.
DCs went out for a bike ride together.

givemeacall Wed 25-Mar-20 18:38:49

Lots of playing and learning. We went to the grassy area by our flat and went on our bikes. It’s been quite a nice day

ilovecakeandwine Wed 25-Mar-20 18:45:09

Got up , drank coffee bit of mumsnet .
Did online workout in the garden much to my neighbour entertainment and the cat .
Went for a walk
Had something to eat
Bit of cleaning , put a wash on
Sat in the garden , on the internet/ reading
Caught up with tv program
Made some dinner
Tidied kitchen
Sit down with a brew
I've got into a routine now with exercise / cleaning in the morning relaxing in the afternoon.
I've forgotten what life was like before lockdown . grin

YgritteSnow Wed 25-Mar-20 18:45:31

Dog walk at 8.

Breakfast - bacon sandwiches and orange juice.

School work all the live long day! 😩

Lunch - cheese salad sandwiches and apple juice.

School work 😥

Garden with kindle and dog. He was mithering to go out properly 🙄 the whole time though so gave up and came in.

Dinner - roast chicken, broccoli and cauliflower cheese and jacket potatoes.

Tonight will do step exercise on my fitness step and watch GBM at the same time. Check and plan school work for tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be similar except I might bake a cake to add some excitement to the day.

AliceTheCamelHasFiveHumps Wed 25-Mar-20 18:47:57

Went for a walk with 3month old

Started clearing the garden, cut back two rose bushes.

Housework, hoovered, laundry and made bed.


DD currently napping on me, I'm watching TV.

ImNotWhoYouThinkIam Wed 25-Mar-20 18:50:37

Had a lovely long hot bath before the DC got up.

Learnt how to convert binary to denary and vice versa (and also what binary and denary are) Super proud of myself.

Phoned my Grandad and had a nice chat with him. He's 300 odd miles away.

Decided to finish making a cardigan I started far too long ago only to run out of wool and it's an old colour that took me ages to actually find in stock anywhere.

VenusClapTrap Wed 25-Mar-20 18:55:25

Today was better, we’re getting into the swing of homeschool, I got chance to do some weeding and had a nice walk to a local shop where I bought some provisions for a neighbour who is fully isolating.

Then I just heard that someone I know has died from Covid. He was only 37.

Whatevah Wed 25-Mar-20 18:57:21

Was in work for 7.30. I'm a staff nurse and our unit is closing and we are preparing for ICU/ventilated patients. No one in our area has ever worked in ICU, so we are trying to squeeze in some training too. Bit mad all round.
Did a quick shop locally on way home-pharmacy had no queue, loo roll, paracetamol and hand sanitiser!grin
Just finishing dinner and going to bake a treat for us all at work tomorrow, we need it!

Ughmaybenot Wed 25-Mar-20 19:03:34

Got a day off today, I’m a receptionist in a GPs surgery three days a week.
Woke up at 6, had a lovely start to my day with DH before he went off to work, hot chocolate in bed, up at 8, walked the dog for an hour (on our farm, checking stock), spent the majority of the day doing paperwork for our contracting business, then took the dog out for another hour and now we’re here. Do some tea in a minute, might see DH before I go to bed, depends when he finishes work!

Flupibass Wed 25-Mar-20 19:05:02

Took the dog for a lovely walk in beautiful empty countryside.
Had an hours Skype for work.
Did some gardening.
Had lunch.
Another hours Skype this time with a friend.
Did some Pilates on YouTube.
Cooked dinner.
Ate dinner!

Tomorrowsanewday Wed 25-Mar-20 19:05:36

Had a lie in to 7.40. Got breakfast in peace before getting DS,15 up.
Try to get him on to google classroom for 9.15 but his work is coming in sporadically.
DH wfm so keeping the food supplied.
Few washes done.
Saw a post about the 30% increase in food waste collection so raided the fridge of vegetables. Peeling, dicing and slicing most of the afternoon.
Let’s just say enough roughage for a week 😬
I may have whiled away a few hours on MN.
Settling down for some tv.

Mitsouko67 Wed 25-Mar-20 19:09:37

A slow start today which was nice. Coffee etc

Worked from home. Kids did music and maths in the am, free time in pm. DS2 had a phone chat with a friend.DS1 had a virtual class.

I had a short three way phone chat with friends, one overseas. A long walk in the suburbs in the pm. God they were beautiful in the sunshine with lots of magnolia blooming in people's gardens.. Dinner ready and will eat with family soon.

Maybe a family movie tonight.

A really nice day. Was stressed earlier this week.Trying to pace things now as new normal is likely to be a couple of months at least, maybe longer. Grateful to be safe and comfortable.

nevernotstruggling Wed 25-Mar-20 19:09:42

Sure. Dropped the girls to school (keyworker and no choice). Went home to medicate my half dead rabbit who seems brighter today.

Had 2 conference meetings in a row by skype.

Did some welfare visits after I picked up some gloves from the doorstep of a very kind nhs friend as social services don't give a fuck about their staff.

Made some urgent legal enquiries for a child I'm very worried about.

Picked up the girls. Did 2 hours work at home.

Walked the dog with the kids on their scooters.

Made a pasta bake while the kids watch horrible histories x

IWantT0BreakFree Wed 25-Mar-20 19:11:34

I've made it a rule that everyone is up, washed, dressed etc by 08:30 (we have little DC) and not moping around in PJs. We did the Joe Wicks PE lesson at 09:00, then Facetimed with grandparents. DC played in the garden while I did a bit of laundry and loaded the dishwasher. Then we played some games incorporating phonics. Read some stories, did some fingerprint pictures (DD had a book for Christmas with an inkpad built in for doing finger painting), then had lunch. Let the kids watch a movie after eating whilst I did some more jobs around the house and had a cuppa. Did some numeracy puzzles and games, then DC played in the living room while I did yet more laundry.
DH is still working from home for the time being but it's unclear whether he will be furloughed shortly. All a bit stressful (as it is for almost everyone).

insancerre Wed 25-Mar-20 19:16:27

It’s my birthday and also dh’s
We are also on day5 of self isolation after waking up with symptoms on Saturday
I also found out my daughter is being furloughed but I’m not, we both work for the same company
I made curry and I’m now drinking wine
Oh and my son gave me a mother’s day card for my birthday as he gave me a birthday card for mother’s day and none of us noticed

BillywigSting Wed 25-Mar-20 19:17:55

Waved dp off to work

Coffee and mumsnet for a bit

Yoga with ds

School work for a bit.

Video interview at half ten

Bit more school work

Lunch, home made soup and crusty bread for me, crackers and cheese and fruit for ds

Bit of laundry

Went for a walk to find rainbows. Found 9.

Back home, ds drew a rainbow to stick in the window while I made his dinner.

Dp home, his place (chemical place, makes things like insulin and paracetamol) are finally closing. Massive relief as he gets the bus to work and it's been packed lately apparently.

All played in the garden for a bit.

Ds showered and now watching cartoons before bed.

Me and dp are ordering takeaway when ds is in bed.

Much the same planned for tomorrow except I'll dig something out of the freezer to cook.

troppibambini Wed 25-Mar-20 19:18:48

We got up at 7.30, dh started work at 8 in the office at home.
The kids were all at their iPads doing work on google classroom by 8.30 and finished by 10. It's been such a beautiful day here and they didn't have too much work set today.
I went to Tesco and got a weeks worth of food and dropped some shopping to my mum.
Dd15 has work and chatted to friends pretty much most of the day.
Dd9 has done craft and had a very long FaceTime with a friend and been for a run with dh
Ds6 has done craft and played in the garden a lot
Ds5 has done similar.
I've done lots of gardening, put up new trellis and cleaned all the garden furniture.
I'm now drinking wine and about to get in the bath.

Hope everyone's day has been oksmile

ChelseaCat Wed 25-Mar-20 19:24:49

My day started at 4am as I was woken by my 12 week old baby wanting his night feed. Took him through to the nursery to change and feed him, returned him to his bed in our room 45 mins later. Decided I needed a wee so snuck into the bathroom. When I came out I found my husband had taken the baby’s blanket off, unswaddled him and was merrily chatting away to the baby who was now wide awake. I then heard “don’t worry, mummy is here, now you can have some delicious milk!”. I then had to explain to my husband that the baby’s noises were just his settling to sleep groans and that I had just spent a significant amount of time feeding and settling the baby to sleep. He was mortified!

Other than that (and getting pooped on by the baby), it’s actually been a lovely, sunny and relaxing day. I sat out on our balcony in the sun for a bit and OH and I had a wonderful walk along the coast this afternoon. Trying to stay positive and relaxed 😎

ChelseaCat Wed 25-Mar-20 19:26:08

Happy birthday @insancerre - feel better soon flowerscake

SwimForBrighterDays Wed 25-Mar-20 19:32:29

We've had a lovely day. We're limiting table learning to the morning and then winging it in the afternoon.

We spent all afternoon in the garden. Cut the grass, played on the trampoline and played with the mud kitchen.

Lots of laughing and fun.

Honestly, us all being home and having fun has me the most relaxed and at peace I have been for a while.

Obviously when I'm not stressing about the whole covid situation.

golddustwomen Wed 25-Mar-20 19:36:05

Up at 7.30
Read school books with dd5
Kids played whilst I cleaned all upstairs & put a few loads on
Played in garden
Did some colouring with ds2 and word searches with dd5
Played in garden
Kids played whilst I bleached kitchen & put dry washing away
Had dinner
Watched sonic
Kids in bed

ohmysoul Wed 25-Mar-20 19:36:31

I had a lie in until half 8 this morning, DH took DD downstairs at 7. When I got up I made DD second breakfast and then we all got ready and played in the garden. DD had a bad night so went for a nap around half 11 and me and DH caught up on this week tonight. DH then went and washed the car while I watched Made in Chelsea then woke DD up. We spent the afternoon in the garden again doing mostly water play. We had jacket potatoes for dinner and DH is doing bathtime at the moment. When DD is asleep we're both going in the garden to do some circuits style exercise.

MrsJonesAndMe Wed 25-Mar-20 20:13:03

Thank you @Whatevah and @nevernotstruggling we appreciate it

Sorry to hear that @VenusClapTrap

Happy birthday to you and DH @insancerre

So pleased to hear that a lot of us are getting into the swing of things and feeling a bit calmer now.

Hoolajerry Wed 25-Mar-20 20:35:08

Got up at 7. Fed animals, drank coffee and ate breakfast. Did the 4 dc a timetable for the day. Left for work at 8 30.
Work 9-4. Only 2 of us left in so trying to cover everything under very restricted circumstances.
Stopped at Lidl for some shopping.
Dinner (fish, salad and potato wedges)
Played uno with dc
Went for a run
Watching Togo on Disney+ with kids.

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