Jo Whiley

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ChicChicChicChiclana Thu 19-Mar-20 20:35:24

Is there any individual more pleased with themselves?

Listening to her show tonight - reading out text after text from people who say she encouraged them to start running / do couch to 5k. Enough now Jo! We know you can run, but come on?

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TheFreaksShallInheritTheEarth Thu 19-Mar-20 20:39:04

She has always been the epitome of smug.

BlueSpotty Thu 19-Mar-20 20:39:45

I've never been keen on her; she really is in love with herself.

FiveFootTwoEyesOfBlue Thu 19-Mar-20 20:42:04

Nooo! I love her. She has absolutely the best taste in music out of all the R2 DJs, you can tell she's a serious music fan. That's why it didn't work with Simon Mayo IMO as for her it's all about the music.

And the texts about running are because she just did 3 triathlons for sport relief!

drumandthebass Thu 19-Mar-20 20:46:15

Smug and dull

DitheringDoris Thu 19-Mar-20 20:47:29

I like her, why is being proud of something seen as being smug in this country. She encouraged people to exercise so surely that’s a good thing?

AhoyMrBeaver Thu 19-Mar-20 20:49:11

She's become a caricature of her 90s self.

HollyBollyBooBoo Thu 19-Mar-20 20:49:24

She's got an annoying 'too cool for school' attitude, highly irritating.

ChicChicChicChiclana Thu 19-Mar-20 20:49:47

We had a whole week or more of continuous coverage about the 3 triathlons for Sport Relief.

She needs to lay off now - the show should not be about her and her achievements, it should be about the music and her listeners.

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mummabubs Thu 19-Mar-20 20:50:14

I have to confess I haven't listened to her on the radio in ages but I made a personal promise to avoid giving her shows any of my time a couple of years ago after she hosted several promo nights at Greyhound racing tracks despite massive appeals from fellow greyhound lovers such as myself not to support such a cruel industry. She decided to ignore this and went ahead which told me we have different values in life.

ironicname Thu 19-Mar-20 20:53:14

I love J W - she talks mostly about the music. Never felt she self serving.

I CANNOT stand Steve Wright! He makes me feel depressed and creeped out at the same time. He is so past his sell by date. I don't know anyone who actually likes him or his second rate show. The BBC should review its loyalty to has been old men and pass the baton on to younger less creepy presenters.

TheWordmeister Thu 19-Mar-20 20:58:30

I just can't bear her.

notacooldad Thu 19-Mar-20 21:05:25

I can't bear her
epitome of smug
really in love with herself
smug and dull

The 'be kind' campaign didn't last long did it!

anascrecca Thu 19-Mar-20 21:09:18

She is smug, sorry Jo grin

peaceanddove Thu 19-Mar-20 21:13:23

Jo 'Hey, I'm hanging out with the band, dontcha know' Wiley.

It didn't work between her and Simon Mayo because she is a humourless tit with all the personality of an egg plant.

ALongHardWinter Thu 19-Mar-20 21:13:35

Never liked her. She always looks smug and self satisfied.

Crinkle77 Thu 19-Mar-20 21:15:26

@drumandthebass I've always thought she has a really dull voice. Not one that I want to listen to on the radio.

CleanAndPaidFor Thu 19-Mar-20 21:18:09

This is just awful. Seriously. Listen to yourselves. If you don't like her don't listen.

MotherOfAllNameChanges Thu 19-Mar-20 21:18:16

You are all really mean. Be nice!

cattaxi Thu 19-Mar-20 21:22:52

Wow! What a bunch of mean girls.
Fair enough if you don’t like her - turn your radio off. There is really no need for this.

drumandthebass Thu 19-Mar-20 21:24:14

Don't get me started on Steve Wright. Every day I give him until he says "shout out" said in that stupid way and then I switch to Radio 1

Pinkarsedfly Thu 19-Mar-20 21:25:29

I like her show, but she needs to drop the Thought Bubbles.

Makes me cringe my teeth out.

chuffincold Thu 19-Mar-20 21:28:36

Isn't her reading out the texts about the listeners? You know, the one's that have texted in to say thank you for motivating me?
She, like John Peel before her, has really helped up & coming artists be discovered

BadEyeBri Thu 19-Mar-20 21:31:48

Love Jo Whiley

IndigoApple Thu 19-Mar-20 21:36:41

I like her. I listened to her daytime Radio 1 show when I was on maternity leave 20 years ago. She had a slightly older baby that she spoke about and it made me feel not so bad about going back to work (mat leave was short then!).

I don't often catch her show now because of when it's on but when I do it reminds me of that time.

Agree this thread is unkind. I reckon she's a MNer. Also agree Steve Wright should be sacked.

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