Is trying to get an NHS admin position more or less pointless - trying to change sector.

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Changeofsector Thu 20-Feb-20 13:35:08


My admin background is in School Administration, but I would really like a NHS Ward Clerk type job. Over the years I have applied for these various times, but never had any success.

Do they only interview people who already work for the NHS?

Have just recently applied for another post - A and E receptionist. My last two school jobs included reception work (as in answering phones etc), will this help in any way or is it just a no goer?

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Changeofsector Thu 20-Feb-20 13:35:40

an NHS

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LeekMunchingSheepShagger Thu 20-Feb-20 16:27:13

I can’t help but bumping for you. I understand your frustration through...I’ve been trying to get into school admin for a couple of years now with no luck whatsoever!

bigbluebus Thu 20-Feb-20 16:42:43

I know someone who has just got an admin job at our local hospital. They worked at a car dealership previously (in admin).

Butterbeeeen Thu 20-Feb-20 16:44:48

I used to work for the NHS as a secretary. Had previously worked in a college.

tilligan Thu 20-Feb-20 16:48:28

Worked in admin NHS for seven years, think most admin type jobs go to people already working for NHS, they just have to advertise externally too.
Registering with the NHS job bank is a good way in, they have temp and permanent positions which can often lead to other roles. Good luck!

pinksmileysticker Thu 20-Feb-20 17:40:33

Just keep trying! A lot of these patient facing roles are extremely popular and tend to go to existing bank staff. One reason is that they score highly in being able to use pre existing electronic patient databases.


Changeofsector Thu 20-Feb-20 19:59:18

Thank you.

I did try to become an NHS bank staff member years ago, but it proved to be really problematic for various reasons and I gave up.

Yes I guessed that about the computer programmes, but it’s also good to hear that others have got jobs in the NHS without prior experience.

Good luck with getting your school admin job @LeekMunchingSheepShagger (great name grin).

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Singinginshower Thu 20-Feb-20 22:43:05

Also OP, I think they has a very high number of applicants. My friend said she'd had 200 applicants for one admin job last year,

Qwerty543 Thu 20-Feb-20 22:48:19

Applicants are high for these and knowing the in house systems definitely helps to get more points.

Read their policies particularly around data protection. Look up about Caldicott Guardians and Information Governance.

FloopDeLaPoop Thu 20-Feb-20 22:51:40

I went straight to NHS ward clerk from an insurance clerk background. Am now an A&E receptionist, which in my trust is a step up, band-wise.

Definitely keep trying!

WelcometoCranford Thu 20-Feb-20 22:53:32

I would contact temp agencies that are preferred suppliers to the NHS and specify that you want NHS work to get your foot in the door, so to speak. Adecco used to be one such agency; not sure if they are still. Temps will be able to apply for most internal vacancies.

FabulouslyFab Thu 20-Feb-20 23:09:05

Make sure in your application that you give examples of all the qualities and experience that the job description requires. Don’t miss anything out. It’s al done on points.

GoldLeafTree Thu 20-Feb-20 23:12:20

I've been offered a job as a Ward Clerk in my local hospital and I'm awaiting a start date, previous experience was in Human Resources and other admin roles not in the NHS

peachypetite Thu 20-Feb-20 23:17:37

You could consider higher education too ?

Ikeameatballs Thu 20-Feb-20 23:17:53

The admin manager in my department recently got 64 applicants for one job so your application does need to be good. However a lot of people seem to drop out between shortlisting and interview eg when I was on the interview panel for the admin manager job we shortlisted 7 applicants and only 3 came to interview, the rest just didn’t turn up! So if you get an interview your odds of getting a job seem quite good!

Changeofsector Fri 21-Feb-20 10:59:07

Thanks for all the pointers and suggestions. Will look into which temping agencies I could join.

Yes have thought about higher education and will look at that again. The NHS really appeals to me however - being in the thick of it and helping people (in an admin kind of way, but still).

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romany4 Fri 21-Feb-20 12:12:22

I have a friend who just got an NHS admin job.
She's been working as a receptionist for a hospice for the last 8 years.

SuperMeerkat Fri 21-Feb-20 12:52:40

@Changeofsector Not what you want to hear but don’t do it! I moved from a patient facing role to admin and am now leaving the NHS to work at a charity with more service user involvement. You’ll quickly find out that the NHS in underfunded and treat staff badly. You’ll probably end up doing the job of 1.5 or even 2 people for no thanks.

FabulouslyFab Fri 21-Feb-20 16:08:15

I was advised not to work for the NHS but I’ve been here for 11 years now and thorough enjoy my job. Like anywhere, a lot depends on personality and the team you are with.

LouiseLaura Wed 13-Jan-21 17:26:21

Hi ChangeOfSector.
I hope you're keeping well?
I'm curious, were you successful with the a&e role? If so, how are liking it?? I have an interview coming up for a&e receptionist and my background is solicitors call centre and hotel receptionist. Where abouts are you based?

Bloodybridget Wed 13-Jan-21 17:49:08

@LouiseLaura unless you tag the OP, she's very unlikely to see your question.

Bloodybridget Wed 13-Jan-21 17:49:48

Oh and good luck with the interview!

TriflePudding Wed 13-Jan-21 17:51:16

OP see if you can join your local trusts admin and clerical bank- it’s how 90% of nhs admin workers get their foot in the door.

LouiseLaura Wed 13-Jan-21 17:56:03

I hope you're keeping well?
I'm curious, were you successful with the a&e role? If so, how are liking it?? I have an interview coming up for a&e receptionist and my background is solicitors call centre and hotel receptionist. Where abouts are you based?smile

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