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Which famous people are you dreading dying..

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Sausagewrole Thu 20-Feb-20 00:38:03

Bob Dylan. My dad is obsessed, saw him lots in the early days. He, and I will be gutted when he dies.

Paul Wellor, same reason but for my partner

MeatLoaf. Love him, his music. I’ll be so sad when he dies..

PinkGinAndTacos Thu 20-Feb-20 00:38:37

David Attenborough

HalfManHalfLabrador Thu 20-Feb-20 00:40:22

David Attenborough

Ohyesiam Thu 20-Feb-20 00:40:34

Came in to say David Attenborough. I bumped into him in Tottenham court road in 1988/9 and knew by then he was a demigod.

greatandpowerfulozma Thu 20-Feb-20 00:40:58

Joni Mitchell

Crazy8 Thu 20-Feb-20 00:41:58

Came to say David Attenborough as well.

managedmis Thu 20-Feb-20 00:43:57

Rod Stewart

Mick Jagger

<lowers tone>

AlexaShutUp Thu 20-Feb-20 00:45:23

I came on to say David Attenborough, but I see that there is a lot of love for him

Will also be really sad to see the likes of Judi Dench go when the time comes, but I hope that won't be for a while.

Chienloup Thu 20-Feb-20 00:45:27

I was going to say no one, but yes, it will be a sad day when David Attenborough dies, the Queen too. I wouldn't say I'm dreading them though.

mrscatmad31 Thu 20-Feb-20 00:46:24

David Jason, mainly because my brother will be so upset

PloptheBarnOwl Thu 20-Feb-20 00:46:51

The Queen, because with so much change afoot in this country, if it happened in the middle of that I fear it would trigger some kind of collective breakdown.

Also Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and Judi Dench- all our national treasures.

Sausagewrole Thu 20-Feb-20 00:52:07

Agree with the Queen. It will be a sad day when she dies...

RethpoDad Thu 20-Feb-20 00:53:46

Bob Marley.

AScarecrow Thu 20-Feb-20 01:02:33

Yeah the queen for me.

And David A of course. He’s had a bloody good life though.

bananajelly Thu 20-Feb-20 01:02:41

Dick van Dyke
David Jason

AngelsWithSilverWings Thu 20-Feb-20 01:07:00

Paul McCartney dying will be an even bigger blow in our house than when Bowie died - and that was bad enough.

Dustarr73 Thu 20-Feb-20 01:08:08

Madonna,she got me through some shit.Her songs and her attitude gave me strength.I will be in bits when she goes.

MayDayFightsBack Thu 20-Feb-20 01:15:19

Maggie Smith and Judy Dench. Love them both. Also David Attenborough. I was so sad when John Thaw died and also Prince. 💔

I’m veering towards being a republican but I think it’ll be a sad day when the Queen dies. All that continuity and all the things she’s lived through. Whatever you think of the rest of the royals and the institution of monarchy she’s been an important symbol and a unifying force for decades.

T0tallyFuckedUpFamily Thu 20-Feb-20 01:17:20

The Queen, because with so much change afoot in this country, if it happened in the middle of that I fear it would trigger some kind of collective breakdown.

I’m as far away from being a royalist as you can reasonably imagine, but I actually agree with you on this.

hibeat Thu 20-Feb-20 01:21:34

David and the Queen. I always sit when they're on TV.

ThumbWitchesAbroad Thu 20-Feb-20 01:24:36

The Queen - very much so.
Dame Maggie Smith
Brian May
Billy Connolly

I think that's it for the ones who may reasonably be considered "in the running" but I'll be really upset if some of the younger ones go too, like Graham Norton, any more of the Young Ones (inc. French and Saunders) and any number of other comedians.

ThumbWitchesAbroad Thu 20-Feb-20 01:25:14

Dammit! Forgot David Attenborough (shoulda read the thread hmm)

BillHadersNewWife Thu 20-Feb-20 01:25:19

What a weird thread.

I don't think it's nice to discuss.

SpokeTooSoon Thu 20-Feb-20 01:27:52

Well it’s better than asking which famous people are you looking forward to dying.

SpokeTooSoon Thu 20-Feb-20 01:29:02

The Queen. I worry that, as a country. we will all feel very unsettled by it.

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