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If you found a gift that you gave in the charity shop would you buy it again and take it to your mums house?

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GozillasZit Mon 17-Feb-20 17:33:26

If you knew For sure as you’d “inscribed” something under it grin

Suggestions please

LH of course !

Iggly Mon 17-Feb-20 17:34:57


Just learn the lesson for next time.

DustyMaiden Mon 17-Feb-20 17:35:16

Yes, and say how lovely now you’ve got a pair.

GozillasZit Mon 17-Feb-20 17:36:41

If this had been given 25 years ago?blush

ShirleyPhallus Mon 17-Feb-20 17:37:22

Depends, is it a tacky cheeseboard with a motivational / witty slogan and her initials on?

Or a bit of driftwood with some vomit inducing message about family?

If anything along these lines, take the hint that they’re terrible gifts and thank your mother for the lesson learnt

emsyj37 Mon 17-Feb-20 17:40:57

If you gave it 25 years ago and it's now made its way to the charity shop then I'd say it's had a pretty good innings and let it go. It's a gift: it has been received, and has therefore fulfilled its purpose. I love this particular Kondoism. grin

emsyj37 Mon 17-Feb-20 17:42:02

Unless you and your mum would find it hilarious, in which case DEFINITELY buy it and take it round.

GertiMJN Mon 17-Feb-20 17:42:22

Are you hurt or simply peeved?

emsyj37 Mon 17-Feb-20 17:43:07

Oh, oh - take it and place it somewhere so that she finds it in a few days and doesn't realise it was you and thinks it walked there from the charity shop!!! I can picture the MN thread now....

Lordfrontpaw Mon 17-Feb-20 17:44:02

I would for a laugh (only if I thought the other person would be amused) and sneak it into their house next time I was there.

‘Oh I’m glad you still use the but bowl!’ And watch their face...

SunInTheSkyYouKnowHowIFeel Mon 17-Feb-20 17:45:03

Depends how much the charity shop was selling it for! But yes, I think that would b3 hilarious!

Drum2018 Mon 17-Feb-20 17:47:53

Oh definitely buy it and sneak it back in grin

Strictly1972 Mon 17-Feb-20 17:47:55

Another vote for sneaking it in the house

Leeds2 Mon 17-Feb-20 17:53:09

What is it?!

dwum Mon 17-Feb-20 17:54:29

I would, but just for comedy value.

dwum Mon 17-Feb-20 17:55:08

Or gift it to a sibling (in front of DM) and ask them to play along with how cool it is, and didn't DM have something similar grin

GozillasZit Mon 17-Feb-20 17:55:45

Please note-
No peeving or hurt feelings - more amusement 😂
Loving these replies 😂😂

NoProblem123 Mon 17-Feb-20 17:55:48

Buy it, wrap it, gift it - Then sit back and enjoy reaction.

Report back to us pronto - MN gold !

Knittedfairies Mon 17-Feb-20 17:57:02

I gave an ornament my husband bought to the school fair. He bought it so I could have a matching pair. Fortunately he thought it was funny!

WatchingFromTheWings Mon 17-Feb-20 17:59:30

Buy it, stash it till December. Then let it find its way, wrapped up, under the Christmas tree. Just labelled to the person it was initially intended for.

Lordfrontpaw Mon 17-Feb-20 17:59:36

Someone bought me the scariest China faces doll ever (I really hate these) and I snuck it to the charity shop at the end of the road - and the buggers put her in the window. I swear she would watch me and mouth ‘I’m gonna kill you’ every time I went by...

Anyway after months she disappeared and I was terrified that someone had bought her ‘because I knew you like them’ or you match the one I got you last year’. Thank god they didn’t.

Whynosnowyet Mon 17-Feb-20 18:00:25

Def do it. Present it via big drum roll!!

Kwkwjwkek Mon 17-Feb-20 18:01:57

Yes, that would be so funny!

ChicCroissant Mon 17-Feb-20 18:03:25

No. I don't think it would come across as being light-hearted at all tbh. The potential for it to backfire makes it a none-starter for me.

mencken Mon 17-Feb-20 18:03:37

no, but I would take it as a friendly hint that it was time to stop the pointless exchange of tat. Buying presents for adults is really silly. Buy lunch instead.

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