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AV soundbar has a life of its own - have we been hacked?

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SallyOMalley Fri 14-Feb-20 20:21:39

We're utterly stumped on this one - can the MN collective help?

We have a Samsung soundbar - probably about 18months old. In the last week, it's been randomly turning itself on and playing the same music track very loudly. After it happened several times in around 3am this morning (sorry, neighbours) we need to sort it!

Here's what we've done / thought of so far:

- we've watched the sound bar as it happens, and the status changes to 'wifi' as the music starts, suggesting that it's not someone crashing via bluetooth
- the music is of the 'canned' sort - no lyrics, nothing we recognise. It starts in the same place each time
- the music can override our own sound settings, eg when we've hit mute or turned right down. It is always bloody loud!
- it doesn't seem to be linked to Spotify or Amazon music. We've unlinked both and got our phones to 'forget' the soundbar. I've also logged out of Spotify on my phone and it's still happening!
- I've used one of those 'scanning' apps to see what's connected to our WiFi, but all the devices seem to be ours .
- we wondered if it was a weird way to draw our attention to the fact that a firmware update is needed, but we did that and it happened again.

Btw, we have been to see our immediate neighbours - not them (and certainly not in the middle of the night) - I believe them. I don't think the 80yo lady on the other side is cackling away over her laptop and she hijacks our soundbar!

Help! What have we missed? It's now starting to freak us out get a bit annoying now. Any comments/thoughts??

SallyOMalley Fri 14-Feb-20 20:24:09

Oh, forgot to mention: we have an Alexa, but it's not connected to the soundbar. We just use it as a standalone speaker in the kitchen

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