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Anyone else up? Anxious first time mum, not much sleep going on!

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Genehuntssexyhands Wed 15-Jan-20 01:19:09

I’m sitting here while baby sleeps, counting his breaths 🙈 convincing myself intermittently that he’s breathing too fast/too loud/too quietly instead of sleeping myself.
He will be stirring soon I’m sure and I will regret it!
Why do things always seem more anxiety inducing in the middle of the night?!

The wind and rain is also insanely loud outside. I can hear the bins being blown about on the street!

Why are you still up?

managedmis Wed 15-Jan-20 01:20:47

Congratulations on your baby flowers

It's only 8.20 pm here accross the pond, so I'm still awake

How old is he?

Genehuntssexyhands Wed 15-Jan-20 01:22:46

Hello! He’s three weeks old 😁
Not so late for you then. Are you in a cold or warm weather place? I’m currently wrapped up in dressing gown and blanket, sleeping in the living room with him -
It’s chilly tonight!

Sadiee88 Wed 15-Jan-20 01:30:06

Hi! Well mine is three years old and I’m awake because she was a terrible sleeper and I’m a light sleeper and I’m just in a funny sleeping pattern now. Seem to be awake from 1am-3am every night.
Try to get some sleepor you’ll be drained! x

RubaiyatOfAnyone Wed 15-Jan-20 01:30:49

6 week old here who has apparently decided that sleep is for wimps hmm

OP - a friend recommended snuza hero which did wonders for my pfb anxiety. You just clip onto nappy and it sounds an alarm if they stop breathing.

sunshineandshowers21 Wed 15-Jan-20 01:33:16

i’m 22 weeks pregnant with horrific heartburn and a 14 month old that is teething and has forgotten what sleep is. i’ve given up on getting her to sleep and come downstairs and let her play with her toy kitchen. i’ve got the fire on full and i’m listening to the wind and rain outside - it’s quite relaxing actually.

Genehuntssexyhands Wed 15-Jan-20 01:49:35

Thank you @RubaiyatOfAnyone I’m actually looking for one that will highlight abnormal breathing as well as monitoring whether they are breathing or not but not sure it exists!

The wind and rain is quite cosy actually, I feel quite cocooned. I will probably be able to drop up just as baby wakes thats what usually happens!

Genehuntssexyhands Wed 15-Jan-20 01:52:20

Wow the wind is really getting strong now!

SexlessBoulderBelly Wed 15-Jan-20 02:00:51

Morning! Got my two week old here led awake on my legs, been rocking her for 20 minutes and no sign of sleep!

DP’s first day back at work tomorrow I have no idea how I will cope lol

Genehuntssexyhands Wed 15-Jan-20 02:17:02

Ahhh. You’ll surprise yourself @sexlessboulderbelly I thought I’d go to pieces when DH went to work but it was surprisingly ok! Just made sure to get up and shower so I felt human!

Flopdoodle Wed 15-Jan-20 02:21:42

Awake here and pumping milk for my bubs. I promise thT it gets easier to sleep as they get bigger but i do still check on my older one, just when i wake rather than counting breath s x

LauraPalmersBodybag Wed 15-Jan-20 02:33:06

Are you still up op?

My 3 month old has decided to only sleep in 45 minute blocks tonight. I’m a mess!

Do you have any reason to worry about your baby’s breathing, or is it just that new baby panic?

I definitely did that with my dd. Poor old ds gets plonked down abd I pray for sleep now.

Hope you feel more reassured soon flowers

bloodywhitecat Wed 15-Jan-20 02:36:05

I'm awake because my 9 week old foster baby has tummy pain, the baby has been through withdrawal so has already been through so much in their short little life so chucking reflux into their life seems very unfair.

LauraPalmersBodybag Wed 15-Jan-20 02:40:53


That’s heartbreaking. I’m exhausted but when I looked at my ds’s face earlier, all chubby and sleep smiley milk drunk, I felt so lucky to have him. It makes me very sad that not all babies experience that love with their mothers. Well done you got stepping in and opening your heart and home for that little one.

Genehuntssexyhands Wed 15-Jan-20 03:00:13

@bloodywhitecat that’s so sad. But what an incredible person you are to foster, I salute you.

@laurapalmersbodybag not exactly. I had a previous second trimester loss due to a heart defect that they think was a fluke but can’t rule out it happening again, so I had to had lots of extra monitoring during the pregnancy. Now he’s here (we will have a non urgent heart scan in the first six months) I worry that anything loosely related to heart means that he has an underlying condition. sad like when he got a slight blue/grey tinge around his mouth I panicked as I thought it meant he was being starved of oxygen but he’s been checked by health visitors and midwives and apparently it’s wind! (He has become a very burpy/farty baby 😁).
So I guess it’s a mix of new mum anxiety and a bit of additional heightened worry based on our history too but I’m hoping I can relax a bit soon. I’m considering taking him to the GP just for a check up mainly for my own sanity!

June705 Wed 15-Jan-20 03:26:01

Ha you won't be doing that for long. Soon you'll be stealing every second of sleep throughout the night

PinkSpring Wed 15-Jan-20 03:35:14

Two week old here who wakes every 2/2.5 hours for a feed - so very very tired!!

Newyearnewme2020 Wed 15-Jan-20 06:09:13

Hi OP,

Although I haven't been through the loss of a child myself, a close friend has so I am quite worried at night times.

I have the tommee tippee sensor pad monitor and honestly it has massively helped me. It will beep if it hasn't detected movement for 20 seconds. This has happened twice and alerted me to wake the baby.

A little light flashes on the monitor with each breath he takes so I can look up to that during the night to see how often he is breathing without having to get out of bed and check on him.

And the monitor also has a video so from another room I can see him aswell to make sure he hasn't pulled a blanket/his comforter over his face.

Genehuntssexyhands Wed 15-Jan-20 11:39:27

Thank you this sounds really good! I was going to get the owlet sock but I didn’t know if that would be TOO much info and I’d drive myself crazy

DesLynamsMoustache Wed 15-Jan-20 11:44:35

I love our Owlet but I don't really ever look at the data as there's not much to see. It's just heart rate and breathing and an alarm sounds if anything goes whacky with either so there's no need to sit and stare at the app. You don't even really need the app. I do occasionally look to see HR as it goes up when she's about to wake up!

Genehuntssexyhands Wed 15-Jan-20 12:30:48

Oh that’s interesting maybe I will give it a go then, it’s quite pricey so I was wondering if it’s worth it or not

Newyearnewme2020 Wed 15-Jan-20 13:42:38

I think for peace of mind it's worth paying whatever you need too. I never heard of the Owlet before, just looked it up, but our tommee tippee monitor was 300euro (ireland) but worth every penny for the piece of mind it's given me

DesLynamsMoustache Wed 15-Jan-20 14:27:41

It is expensive but I'm going to sell ours on once we stop using it so I'll recoup a decent amount then. And it's been worth it for peace of mind!

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