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How much money for a weekend in London?

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Greenbutterlfy566 Tue 14-Jan-20 22:17:34

How much money for a weekend in London would you say would cover things? See a few sights and accommodation with one child?

SaintGarbo Tue 14-Jan-20 22:20:52

It really is a 'how long is a piece of string' question unfortunately.

Smallest amount .. £400 if it includes food

GrimDamnFanjo Tue 14-Jan-20 22:21:51

For accommodation you'd be lucky to find anything v less than £100. My top is to try Walthamstow travel lodge- next to the tube and 20 mins into the centre.
Sights will depend on what you do. There are lots of free museums. My favorite is the Museum if London at the Barbican.

saffronshawty Tue 14-Jan-20 22:29:40

Is it friday-sunday or saturday-sunday?
2 nights?

You can get accommodation for around £60 a night if you book Travelodge, etc?

Sights and food is what will rinse your cash , I think £400 if reasonable.

LennyPugGoat Tue 14-Jan-20 22:30:47

How long, where are you staying etc

Mumblechum0 Tue 14-Jan-20 22:32:20

We usually budget £800 inc trains, taxis, accommodation, meals out and drinks

Gemma2019 Tue 14-Jan-20 22:39:06

When are you thinking of going and what age is the child? There are some decent enough hotels with breakfast on groupon starting at £69 per night. There's even a stay on a yacht for £159 for the night. You can eat quite cheaply in London and there are lots of free things to do.

Greenbutterlfy566 Tue 14-Jan-20 23:07:01

Thanks everyone , would be looking at 3 nights minimum 2. We’d like to see the ‘sights’ mainly around the south bank area with my 7 year old (nearly 8)

I’ve been trying to budget as for as cheap as possible but I don’t think it’s possible for London blush

Even staying further away comes up pricey with travel. Can’t complain I suppose as long we enjoy.

Changedmename1234 Tue 14-Jan-20 23:21:33

We just came back from a weekend in London. Premier inn Tate modern - £70 a night family room. Tube / bus all weekend less than £10. Tate modern, sky garden, parks, sightseeing on foot / via bus all free. Bag of chips / coffees / juice / cakes max £30.
What the kids screwed out of me in lego shop / m&m world and the cost of 2 pretty crap meals out (one at rainforest cafe - don’t bother) are what made it expensive as if they were not the good bits.
So you can have a great weekend for very little - next time it’ll be McDonald’s for tea

Greenbutterlfy566 Tue 14-Jan-20 23:25:49

Change- how did you get there if you don’t mind me asking? Glad you enjoyed.

seltaeb Tue 14-Jan-20 23:33:01

Travelodge have an offer on at the moment, may be useful, 30% off selected hotels Fridays and Sundays.
Off peak rail returns or advance tickets are usually a good option for getting to London, especially with railcard.
Travelzoo sometimes have offers on London hotels.

Titsywoo Tue 14-Jan-20 23:38:34

Stay at premier inn hub. Lovely small rooms - very clean and well laid out. I always use them now when staying in London. You can stay centrally for under 100 a night.

Greenbutterlfy566 Tue 14-Jan-20 23:38:37

Selt- thanks

seltaeb Tue 14-Jan-20 23:41:00

P Inn hub rooms are a bit small for 2 adults and a child.

Changedmename1234 Wed 15-Jan-20 00:01:19

We got the train, I did a lot of messing about online and found cheapest for me and 2dcs from my local station was £170 return but from a station 30 mins drive away it was £32 return for us all. So we did that, parked in station car park, £8 all weekend. I was chuffed with that!

Changedmename1234 Wed 15-Jan-20 00:05:38

Kids are already asking to go back, they have an eye on the natural history museum, Westminster and Chinatown for the next trip - all free, so will do it once I recover from the 45000 steps done in 36 hours this weekend! There’s actually loads to do for free, or cheap, all the museums and galleries, I want to get the river boat next time, and the tube and train is capped I think so you don’t spend more than I think £4.50 a day on bus at least, and kids were free.

Greenbutterlfy566 Wed 15-Jan-20 00:13:44

Changed - wow! Tell me your secret for that train fair ! grin

Changedmename1234 Wed 15-Jan-20 01:28:23

Where are you leaving from Green?

PomBearWithAnOFRS Wed 15-Jan-20 02:51:49

I took DD for two nights in January 2018 and it cost me the best part of £1000.
That said, we saw two shows (Hamilton and Wicked) and spent £100 on Oxford Street. Food and drink were ridiculous though. Accommodation wasn't too bad.

Namechanger212333333333 Wed 15-Jan-20 03:01:33

We went from the north west to London, for
Three of us return it was £65.
I bought a family railcard for £30 and this brought the price down by around £100 so was 100% worth it.
Train tickets are properly released 12 weeks in advance,as this is when the timetables are set so look around this time to book.
We stayed in the Travelodge on the South Bank, 10nmins walk to Tate Modern, half an hour to London eye.
45 min walk to china town etc

We tried to walk most places to save on the £ spent on transport. We saw a lot of London this way’

Namechanger212333333333 Wed 15-Jan-20 03:03:28

Food wise we stuck to cheaper places such as Pizza Hut - all you can eat.
We bought a groupon for planet Hollywood before going. Deffo check groupon for
Deals prior to going

HoHoHomeTimeFinally Wed 15-Jan-20 07:39:51

Depending where you live but I recently went to London with my ds, we got the slow train there and back (3 hours, stops at loads of stations) and it cost £30 return. We have a family rail card which costs £25 but I made that money back after w couple of uses. We stayed in a youth hostel just off Oxford Street, can’t remember the exact price but it was well under £100. We had a private room (bunk beds) but did have to share a bathroom but it was clean and cheap so I would recommend that. If you go to London on train you can book buy one get on free tickets on loads of attractions such as the London eye so that saves a lot too!

thinkfast Wed 15-Jan-20 08:06:46

If you're going to south bank, the delicious food market behind the south bank centre is not too expensive.

Greenbutterlfy566 Wed 15-Jan-20 08:42:06

Thanks again everyone for your tips smile

buckeejit Wed 15-Jan-20 10:27:01

We went recently & dc loved river cruise bit of bus tour.

We went to school of rock-seats were cheap but great fun & dc loved it, (was chosen from a MN rec). I'd also rec the play that goes wrong if you want to catch a show.

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