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Desperately want to change career but no idea what to do- help!

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kickingk16 Tue 14-Jan-20 22:14:59

I'm currently in a well paying senior project management role in an organisation I've worked in for some time, but I'm increasingly unhappy. My days are manic, I constantly feel stressed and overwhelmed and work nearly every evening. I have two small pre-school children at home, and even though I've gone down to 4 days I feel that the job just overshadows everything and I long to be back on mat leave again and to be able to properly enjoy family life.

I work with nice people, and my manager is a decent person, but ultimately I just don't think this career path is for me. I fell into it by accident as a graduate and have progressed to a point, but I don't think it's a natural fit for my personality and skills, and I'm envious of those who seem to do it with such ease. I'd be willing to take a pay cut/ more junior role for some peace of mind (so long as we can still afford the mortgage), and even consider re-training, but I've no idea what I want to do, and it seems almost impossible to find any part time work that pays well (ideally I'd love to go down to 3 days while the kids are so little). Roles involving research / analysis do appeal - I'd really like to have some specific expertise, but I don't know what in!

Has any one out there successfully changed careers to something different but part time? Or just a career change at all (esp with young kids)? I'd love to hear any positive stories as it feels as though I'm in a complete rut.

kickingk16 Tue 14-Jan-20 23:49:40

Just bumping to see if anyone out there....

Mumof3dragons Wed 15-Jan-20 00:27:32


I worked in the media industry for years, but it was tricky to find suitable work when I moved out of London and had the kids.

I felt a bit lost when the youngest started school, and so started volunteering for a charity. I'd really recommend it. It's a great way to learn more about something you're interested in, and you quickly find out what your transferable skills are, which is especially useful if you want to change careers.

I taught one morning a week for a year, for an educational charity. I then discovered I genuinely loved working with young people, and got some references from my programme manager to start tutoring privately.

I dip in and out now, choosing my own hours. I thought it would be tricky as most people would want hours after school...but have found many families that home school, kids re-taking exams, organisations which are helping vulnerable kids get back into education...all during school hours.

I could do more, but I do about 2 days a week now (different locations I drive to so probably 2 1/2 time wise) which is perfect. It's given me new skills, purpose, self confidence and satisfaction.

Mumof3dragons Wed 15-Jan-20 00:29:35

PS good luck. It's a tricky time with young kids, but you can always make the change 😉

kickingk16 Wed 15-Jan-20 00:40:14

@Mumof3dragons Thanks for responding - volunteering might be a useful route to go down to try out something new (though maybe when they're both at school age). I am a bit wary of switching to something / re-training then discovering I don't like that either!

Thanks for sharing your story.

Mumof3dragons Wed 15-Jan-20 01:17:03

Yes...voluntary work is a brilliant way of exploring new avenues. I still do my Friday mornings with the charity because I made such good friendships and love the kids.

It's no financial commitment but you still get to learn a lot.

Hope things change for you. Keep an eye out and follow your own interests...for me it was not only not being tied to a laptop or a regular (hellish!) commute, but working face to face with people, developing connections and ultimately, a sense of reward that I didn't get previously. The flexibility and being my own boss is the icing on the cake tbh!

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