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kids paint a pot party

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MrsH73 Tue 14-Jan-20 20:30:45

Thinking of having a paint a pot party for my 7 year old. Has anyone been to, or had one? Worried it would be too boring. The venue let you have an hour painting, then a little tea party. Would be for about 10 girls.

BackforGood Tue 14-Jan-20 23:59:23

Like all these activities - it depends on the individuals you invite.
My dd went to one about 11years ago and I still use the shallow dish thing that she made, and then gave me as a Mother's Day present, every day. I love it, and she had a great time, even though it wouldn't have been her choice of party, because she was in a group of 7 dc who were all really good friends and had been since Reception (I think she was 10 when she went).
My ds, OTOH, had th attention span of a goldfish and also had ants in his pants, so he would have struggled with sitting and painting for an hour, even 3 or 4 years older than your dc.

Pippapotomus Wed 15-Jan-20 10:04:05

We had a pottery painting party for DD years ago. It was really well run, the lady running it made sure no one rushed and was then sat bored.
We bought party food with us, then afterward everyone painted a ceramic tile which was made into bunting. DD still has it hanging in her room. The 2hrs were filled and there was no hanging about.

I would say it depends on who is in charge there. We had done several school holiday day activities there, and knew they know how to keep DC occupied. Also on who the friends are. DDs party was in complete silence at times as everyone was so engrossed in their pottery, this year with different friends we've had to tell her that her friends are too loud to be able to do a cinema trip.

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