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Awwlookatmybabyspider Tue 07-Jan-20 11:15:04

Sharks are independent from birth. I always thought their mums took care of them but apparently not. blush
Anyone else got anything they were surprised to discover.

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Kenworthington Wed 08-Jan-20 17:32:52

I thought narwhals were mythical unicorn type creatures too til a couple of years ago. How embarrassing

chocolateisavegetable Wed 08-Jan-20 20:08:07

I still remember when I discovered that Holland isn't a country - blew my mind

FruityWidow Wed 08-Jan-20 20:12:11

Apparently, rubber comes from trees.

PrincessMaryaBolkonskaya Wed 08-Jan-20 20:17:05

When you're crying and your nose runs, that's tears. Not snot. Your tear ducts drain out your eyes and also through your nose

Say whaaaaaaaaaaaat shock

AngeloMysterioso Wed 08-Jan-20 20:18:17

Another one who didn’t know narwhals were real until May 2018...

Zoidbergonthehalfshell Wed 08-Jan-20 20:22:33

I can assure [you narwhals] are real, I've seen a live one.

Not jealous. Not me. Nope. Nuh-uh. Not at all. envy

hayzifantayzi Wed 08-Jan-20 20:23:11

My daughter had a teacher who only seemed to know his own subject (computer science), she over heard him and another teacher talking while they were eating cherries. And this teacher didn't know before that moment that cherries had stones.

DryIce Wed 08-Jan-20 20:24:22

Panthers aren't actually a discrete creature, but a black jaguar or leopard or tiger. Like an anti-albino

kerrynov7 Wed 08-Jan-20 20:24:21

I love this thread already! X

itsboiledeggsagain Wed 08-Jan-20 20:25:21

Er Holland is a country...?

DjMomo Wed 08-Jan-20 20:26:26

It happened a while ago but when I first came to England from abroad, for a couple of years I thought that mince pies were filled with minced beef or pork. It seemed natural to me, as the English are very fond of meaty pies anyway. I thought yuck, what a disgusting thing to eat at Christmas, so every-time they were offered to me I politely declined, trying to hide my disgust. It wasn’t until a friend of mine (also from another country) pointed out that it is a different mince inside and they are actually very delicious. Guess what. She also used to think they were filled with meat until she was enlightened by someone else.
I missed out on years of mince pies!

GrannyBags Wed 08-Jan-20 20:29:10

Holland is a region in The Netherlands

schoolcats Wed 08-Jan-20 20:29:57

Er Holland is a country...?

No, it's part of the Netherlands. Holland is 2 of the 12 provinces of the Netherlands - North and South Holland.

schoolcats Wed 08-Jan-20 20:31:40

@Zoidbergonthehalfshell Not jealous. Not me. Nope. Nuh-uh. Not at all. envy

Get yourself up to Thule or Nunavut.

CalmFizz Wed 08-Jan-20 20:32:07

I’m extremely ticklish and I can tickle myself! If I brush my hand or arm against my tummy I get the heebyjeebie tickles!

FlamingoAndJohn Wed 08-Jan-20 20:33:29

Embarrassed to share this! I only found out the other day that when you breathe out normally, your breath is warm but when you blow air out, it is cold. I was mind blown

Breath out with you mouth open wide and you breath is warm, think of blowing on your hands to warm them. But, think about blowing on hot food to cool it, you make your mouth small. Forcing the warm air through a small hole makes it cold.

(I think this us due to some physics)

BrandoraPaithwaite Wed 08-Jan-20 20:37:10

I think the air blown through the small hole is the same temperature but is more forceful therefore creating windchill and creating a cooling sensation.

duvetstealer Wed 08-Jan-20 21:14:36

A narwal's tusk is just an extended tooth, also you can tickle yourself, try the roof of your mouth with your tongue. It was a technique used by bomber pilots to stay awake during missions.

schoolcats Wed 08-Jan-20 21:17:11

try the roof of your mouth with your tongue. It was a technique used by bomber pilots to stay awake during missions.

That causes a very irritating itch, thanks for that!

If you need to stop a sneeze then pushing your tongue to the roof of your mouth works.

bananahood Wed 08-Jan-20 21:27:35

@FlamingoAndJohn I'm going to use "I think this is due to some physics" the next time DD asks me a question I don't know the answer to grin

lms2017 Wed 08-Jan-20 21:29:52

That next to the petrol light in your car that little arrow that is there is to remind you which side your petrol cap is on !

Oh and that the ends of foil/cellophane boxes tuck in to hold the wrap in place making a dispenser!

There are so many things !

PrincessHoneysuckle Wed 08-Jan-20 21:30:31

If you mouth "elephant juice" into a mirror it looks as if you are saying I love you

sh1tsandgiggles Wed 08-Jan-20 21:37:51

Fingerprints are formed in the womb, from the friction created when babies begin touching their surroundings with their fingers.

Zoidbergonthehalfshell Wed 08-Jan-20 21:47:27

@schoolcats Thankyou for that - I shall add it to my bucket list forthwith.

chocolateisavegetable Wed 08-Jan-20 21:49:47

@itsboiledeggsagain I only discovered that Holland isn't a country when I went out with a Dutch man for a few years!

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