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Trying to conceive and periods have just stopped

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Gardening472 Sat 21-Dec-19 22:13:00

Hi all,

I have been on the pill since i was 16. I came off the pill in dec 2018 when i was 20, i am now 21.
So my periods were very irregular when i came off the pill for the first 6 months but then the last two periods i had were coming at 29 days apart so i though great they are starting to go regular.
So i came on last in august 2019 and now haven't had any form of bleeding since.
Has anyone experience their periods just stopping?
Im so worried there is something wrong with me and i wont be able to become a mum.
I went to the GP who has referred me and my app is in jan 2020. He has also had my partner do sperm sample which has been sent off this week. I also hd some bloods done which the GP said are normal.
GP doesnt think i have PSOS, as im not over weight.
However im thinking i may as i am very hairy, very irregular periods.
Im also stressing as my great nan my nan and my mum had early menopauses but they were in their mid 30s.

Does anyone have any experiences like me xx

Sportsnight Sat 21-Dec-19 22:17:57

You can be thin and have PCOS, it’s just less common. I’m a classic round cyster but my sister is very thin. Both PCOS sufferers, and both managed to conceive despite it.

I’ve definitely gone months without a period, but it’s always good to get it checked out as among all the benign reasons there can be some less so. Shame to have to wait over Christmas, though, if you’re worried.

OLR92 Tue 14-Jan-20 18:24:13

@Gardening472 I literally could have written this myself!!! Although my last period was the end of November 19, just waiting around but no symptoms that it's on it's way and pregnancy test is a defo BFN!
How did you get on with your appointment?

@Sportsnight your comment has reassured me a little in the chance of conceiving with irregular periods! Did you do anything different to help when trying? smile

Gardening472 Tue 14-Jan-20 20:16:23

Hi ORL92

I went last monday, doc seems to think possible pcos 😞 prescribed me one week of provera, which i finished yesterday in the hope it will give me a period within 2 weeks. If i get my period i have a number to call to book a vaginal ultrasound for 2 weeks later. If no period in the two weeks i have to call another number and im not sure what happens then.
Hope you are ok, bodies can be so frustrating 😔

Preggerslife123 Tue 14-Jan-20 22:48:36

You know your body, dont always believe the docs when they tell you nothing wrong. I am 26 had irregular periods. Doctor kept brushing me off saying there was nothing wrong when eventually I collapsed getting out of the bath because of a cyst the size of a peach in my overie.. they wont even tell you if you have a cyst if it's under 7cm as it's considered not dangerous!! If you feel there is something wrong please keep pressing... silver lining for you though. After this the doctor told me I would have to have ivf to fall pregnant. I am now 35 weeks pregnant from a natural conception smile keep your chin up and try not to think negatively xx sending hugs xxx

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