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Anyone up? Nearly 4am

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coffeeoclock Thu 12-Dec-19 03:50:50

Really anxious as I have 2 job interviews tomorrow and it'll be my first time working in over 2 years due to my anxiety so I'm up right now with an upset stomach due to it.😣

Anyone else about? I love/hate this time of night as sometimes it seems peaceful but tonight just seems endless.

LastMichaelmas Thu 12-Dec-19 03:52:20

Argh good luck!

Do you like/have any herbal or fruit tea you can slowly sip?

Tillygetsit Thu 12-Dec-19 03:52:48

Yes I bed but chronic insomnia. Keep expecting the baby to wake up!
Good luck for tomorrow. Bet you'll sail through. flowers

coffeeoclock Thu 12-Dec-19 03:57:39

@LastMichaelmas Thank you! Not a fan of teas unfortunately but I do have a cup of water to sip on. Feeling slightly better after getting up and walking around but I'm still stressing myself out! Hopefully I'll feel okay in the morning😣

coffeeoclock Thu 12-Dec-19 03:58:13

@Tillygetsit I'm so sorry about your insomnia, it's brutal isn't it! I hope you end up getting some rest eventuallythanks

LastMichaelmas Thu 12-Dec-19 04:00:52

Yeah getting up and doing something else for a bit sometimes helps me… some comforting food/drink, meds for any physical problems, gentle instrumental music, reading a novel or something you have to try and concentrate on which highlights your sleepiness, rather than MN or other websites that give you short bursts of mental reward.

LastMichaelmas Thu 12-Dec-19 04:02:24

I'm awake because I have to write an application for something by 9.30am, but I'm distracted by tiredness and hunger and can't concentrate, but I'm also too hungry to sleep and too tired to eat hmm

coffeeoclock Thu 12-Dec-19 04:03:13

@LastMichaelmas You're definitely right! I know if I was to read a book I'd nod off pretty quickly but I've been having bad nightmares recently and I'm scared I'll have another tonight which will be exacerbated by my already anxious state😩

coffeeoclock Thu 12-Dec-19 04:03:39

@LastMichaelmas Good luck for the application! Is it a long one?

slavetothemoney Thu 12-Dec-19 04:04:43

Good luck for your job interviews!!
I'm on a ferry going over to Ireland for a funeral. Been up since 5:30am, ferry gets in at 6:30 and funeral is at 11:30am. Hoping I can disappear during the wake for a nap!!

LastMichaelmas Thu 12-Dec-19 04:05:15


Yes, really long; the deadline isn't for a while yet, but this is my last chance to get help and checking-over from a careers person.

slavetothemoney Thu 12-Dec-19 04:06:08

I also suffer with anxiety (medicated). Have you any mindfulness apps downloaded? I find they can help sometimes.

coffeeoclock Thu 12-Dec-19 04:09:35

@slavetothemoney I take Prozac currently but I haven't found mindfulness to be much help unfortunately sad

coffeeoclock Thu 12-Dec-19 04:10:34

@slavetothemoney Thank you, Blimey that's a long day! Good luck!

Luckingfovely Thu 12-Dec-19 04:14:30

Hello all! Wide awake again at this time of day following a back op last week. Too painful to get comfortable.

For those of you feeling anxious (as I am all the time) try downloading the Breethe and Sleepiest apps. They both have various guided meditations but also sleep stories, which I find really helpful in switching a manic brain off.

I've just discovered Spotify also have sleep stories. Was so excited about Pride and Prejudice until I found it was read in a strong American accent, which really didn't work for me!

southernbelles Thu 12-Dec-19 04:15:56

I'm up! Have caught conjunctivitis from my DS & have just boiled a kettle to try & clean it, my eye is swollen shut & I can feel the telltale itchiness beginning in the other one now 🤷‍♀️ we've got a day out booked on Friday that we've been looking forward to all year so I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself right now!

southernbelles Thu 12-Dec-19 04:16:52

Oooh and Good luck with your interviews! I know what you mean about this time of night, strangely peaceful

LastMichaelmas Thu 12-Dec-19 04:17:51

Ew, just seeing the word conjunctivitis made me not want to touch my phone screen grin You poor thing!

AlwaysCheddar Thu 12-Dec-19 04:20:56

Ive just done the washing up! Bloody not being able to sleep!

LastMichaelmas Thu 12-Dec-19 04:22:57

Washing up at least more productive than eating houmous straight off your fingers, which is definitely not what I'm doing

BlueStocking007 Thu 12-Dec-19 04:27:21

Bloody wide awake.
So much to do, so little time, even less money...

Impatientwino Thu 12-Dec-19 04:31:54

I'm up. Got some horrible news yesterday regarding my DM and can't sleep, my mind is racing and I needed distraction so Mumsnet it is.

Sorry you're so anxious. It's such a horrible feeling. I've had periods of anxiety over the last few years and it's so unpleasant. Two interviews in one day is a lot to get your head around at the best of times!

I'd like to go downstairs and make a cup of tea but my two year old has the hearing of a bat so it would probably wake him and then that would be us up for the day and not sure I can face that! confused

Instead lying here listening to DH softly snore and the wind outside, it's peaceful and I'm warm.

Hope your interviews go well and that you get some rest.

stayfit Thu 12-Dec-19 04:32:15

Op Good luck with job interview. A bowl of yogurt and a banana at break fast helps calm the mood for me. I always use to have it before an exam or interview. Apparently it has somethings that elevates your mood.

Good luck with everyone starting on new things today.

I have woken up thinking about elections and by this time tomorrow results will be out!

Monkeychunkyfunky Thu 12-Dec-19 04:35:10

I'm up because I have to go to work soon, currently drinking a coffee to try and wake me up. Good luck with your interview.

GiveHerHellFromUs Thu 12-Dec-19 04:36:40

I'm up because the baby's decided that 4am is the new 6:30am the last couple of weeks and it's killing me!

Good luck for the interviews @coffeeoclock. You've got this!

Sorry to hear about your DM @Impatientwino. I hope things can improve for you.

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