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How to make ham

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Bogiesaremyonlyfriend Tue 03-Dec-19 09:32:09

I'm going to have to ask on here as I'm far too embarrassed to admit it in real life!! But what the heck is ham and how do I make it? I know it is a pig. I know there is gammon and pork for roasting but are these ham?? Do I do something to make it ham?? Please help, I really want Christmas ham!! Thanks!

UtterlyUnimaginativeUsername Tue 03-Dec-19 10:00:24

Pork is just pig meat in general.
Gammon and ham (gammon is uncooked, ham can refer to either cooked or uncooked, really) is the back legs of the animal, cured by salting and sometimes smoking.
You can buy anything labelled gammon or ham (not cooked) and either boil or roast it to make it food : )

ineedanotherholiday Tue 03-Dec-19 10:02:49

I put a joint in the slow cooker for around 7 hours then take out, score the fat, brush with honey & mustard and put in the oven to crisp up for 10-20mins. Lovely!

InDubiousBattle Tue 03-Dec-19 10:04:31

Google, Hairy Bikers Honey and Marmalade glazed gammon. It is the best Christmas ham ever!

Bogiesaremyonlyfriend Tue 03-Dec-19 11:06:13

Ahh thank you so much. I'll have a look. I wondered if there was a specific thing I needed to buy. Last year I bought a roasting joint and got laughed at as it's not ham and got confused!!

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