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I'm being indecisive, what should I do with poorly toddler today?

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BarrenFieldofFucks Tue 03-Dec-19 07:21:11

#3 is 2 yrs old. He got a cough on Saturday, then Sunday and yesterday has had a temperature. It went down with Calpol and then went up again. He's been very sleepy and subdued.

Yesterday he went to my mum's house for the morning instead of nursery while I worked. But I don't know what to do today. She would have him again, but it would mean cancelling plans. His temp has gone down I think, but he still has a nasty cough and is down. I think perhaps he needs a docs appt

I don't know whether to try nursery as his temp has gone for now assuming they would call me if he was ill, ask my mum to have him, or take the day off. (Started job a couple of months ago, but is at my kids school so we know each other well and they would know I wasn't swinging the lead.)


thenyoushallbegintoclimb Tue 03-Dec-19 07:52:38

I'd ask your Mum to have him. He may not be terribly ill but he's probably feeling too unwell to be at nursery.

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