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Your favourite propaganda/public information songs

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WeBuiltThisBuffetOnSausageRoll Tue 03-Dec-19 01:56:56

Thinking about ones like that annoyingly catchy Antibiotics song on the telly at the moment, but also the older ones from decades gone by.

They just had a question on an old episode of The Chase that's on Challenge now about 'Decimalisation' by Max Bygraves. As (mis)fortune would have it, somebody's uploaded it on to YouTube and it turns out that Max was one of the Old Skool of early gangsta rappers!

Here it is, along with a couple of other all-time classics. Which ones do other people remember that were brilliant, terrible or a bizarre mixture of both?! grin

WeBuiltThisBuffetOnSausageRoll Tue 03-Dec-19 10:05:30


Not even Zammo and pals?!

porridging Tue 03-Dec-19 10:10:35

Charley says

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