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Car boot novice - help needed please

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truebeliever Mon 02-Dec-19 21:20:11

As title really.

Completely new to this.
How much change should I take?
Tips for arranging items?
Do I need to label prices?

It's indoor and a table is provided. I'm mostly getting rid of kids toys and books.

Any advice will be gratefully received 😁

truebeliever Tue 03-Dec-19 07:22:27

No one?

rosydreams Tue 03-Dec-19 07:25:56

keep most valuable things close to you beware of sticky fingers (yes unfortunately even here)
if selling clothes arrange ages in different boxes
clothes go between 50 p to £ 2 a item depending on type/quality
for example baby vest 50p vs a outfit dress/top/tights £1.50-£2
some people maybe aggressive with haggling you dont have to sell to rude people.(its uncommon in indoor carboots)
sticking labels with prices would be a good idea kids books can go any were from 20p to a pound each

truebeliever Tue 03-Dec-19 07:34:52

Thank you very much 😁
No clothing to sell really as I've got rid of that. Looks like I've got a busy few days labelling up shit loads of things 😂

Bloodybridget Tue 03-Dec-19 07:56:34

It's easiest to have the same price for similar items, e.g. picture books £1, chapter books 50p; small toys 50p, bigger ones £1, big games £2. Shallow crates are useful for displaying chapter books spine up so they don't fall all over the place, and a big crate in front of the table for large items like jigsaws or boxed games. Small containers for tiny items which could be 10p each/ six for 50p - these are very popular with children. Ah attractive cloth on the table, and maybe a bowl of sweets, might help your trade! An apron with pockets for notes, and a shallow tin or plastic box with a lid for change, both useful. Make sure you start off with a few fivers, otherwise you'll run out of £1 coins. And take as many carrier bags as you can muster, amazing how many people go shopping without them!
Keep your table tidy, rearrange things every so often to make stuff more visible. Reduce prices as time goes on. People will try to haggle, have in mind how low you're prepared to go.
Have fun!

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