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How long do chemists keep prescriptions for?

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ManonBlackbeak Sat 30-Nov-19 12:56:54

I put in for my repeat prescription over a week ago, it takes generally ages for them to be processed at my surgery so I always leave it a good few days before going to the chemist to pick them up. However this week Ive been so busy and have completley forgot to pick them up. Im not short of my medication, but am worried that the chemist will have put them back on the shelf because Ive not collected them and then Ill have to go and get another repeat and so on..

How long do they keep them for at the chemist?

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dementedpixie Sat 30-Nov-19 12:59:33

I'm sure they keep them for a while. I dont think they can just put them back on the shelf

ManonBlackbeak Sat 30-Nov-19 13:06:45

Thank you! Was really panicking over it.

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RandomMess Sat 30-Nov-19 13:16:11

A decent chemist will contact you, ours did about a month later. Alas all the other chemists where I live are shockingly bad and can't manage to prepare your prescription and have it ready even if you give them a week to do it 🤬

bigdecsions Sat 30-Nov-19 13:17:50

3 months at a minimum. Im a pharmacy technician.

sanityisamyth Sat 30-Nov-19 13:24:06

Should be 6 months.

sanityisamyth Sat 30-Nov-19 13:25:52

Sorry, didn't read the OP correctly. Ignore previous post!

Tapnah Tue 19-Jan-21 15:29:56

28 days for Controlled Drugs - eg opiates
6 months for non controlled.
After that - sent back to manufacturer, tons incinerated was told when I used to collect the unused / some never opened / prescriptions from care homes. [Sometimes in pain, tempted to take some!]

Boot's / top chemist standards.

Tapnah Tue 19-Jan-21 15:33:03

Do chemsts put the uncollected items back on the shelf? The packets carry sticky labels, so I assume not. I've never had items w/torn off labels, or labels stuck over older ones

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