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Puppy name inspiration, please?

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MuseumOfYou Thu 28-Nov-19 10:01:36

We are picking this little chap up next weekend. Despite his colour, he is a golden retriever/poodle cross. He's bold and chunky.
DH wants to call him Bernard but DD and I aren't convinced but can offer no compelling alternative at the moment.

183fredamarleymum Thu 28-Nov-19 10:08:14

How about Bertie.

MidnightCircus Thu 28-Nov-19 10:10:53

What a cute puppy! He looks like a Merlin to me 🤷🏼‍♀️

umberellaonesie Thu 28-Nov-19 10:12:38

Bernard is a fab dog name

EcocabbyRickShaw Thu 28-Nov-19 10:15:28

I also like Bernard. And Bernie. He's gorgeous!!!!

MuseumOfYou Thu 28-Nov-19 10:15:58

Funnily enough, Bertie is exactly what my DD would like. But my DH thinks its a bit ordinary.

spiderlight Thu 28-Nov-19 11:15:00

Oh my giddy aunt, he is gorgeous. Barnaby? Brian? Bosley? Hobson?

I like Bernard though - did you ever read Not Now, Bernard? It was one of my DS's fave books when he was little.

MuseumOfYou Thu 28-Nov-19 12:05:06

Loved the book but not entirely convinced re the puppy! Like Barney though.

Winterdaysarehere Thu 28-Nov-19 12:08:18

What about a festive name?

WildRosie Thu 28-Nov-19 13:13:00


MuseumOfYou Thu 28-Nov-19 13:14:23

Currently mulling over Norman, Stanley or Fletcher at the moment!

EcocabbyRickShaw Thu 28-Nov-19 13:28:15

Fletcher is fab!

MuseumOfYou Thu 28-Nov-19 23:19:18

Does he look like a Hector?

Awwlookatmybabyspider Thu 28-Nov-19 23:38:17

Oh my heart. Gorgeous boy. You can see the bits of gold in him.
Bernard is a fab name for a dog.
However in answer to your question.
He could be a Hector.

Other ideas.
Trevor. Cedric. Billy. Basil. Norman. Maurice. Larry. Mac. Alan. Gabriel. Harry. Casper. Ronnie. Jimmy. Dougie. George. Tommy.
Nicholas. Andrew. Clive. Teddy. Albie. Jeremy. Dan. Louie.

Pieceofpurplesky Thu 28-Nov-19 23:58:26

I have a Bertie it's a great dog name. He is often Bertius.

Love Fletcher, Dexter or Bob

MuseumOfYou Fri 29-Nov-19 08:30:17

Thanks for the suggestions: Larry made me smile! I'm also wondering about Desmond.

12 year old DD wants something more traditionally doggy, so I think it's going to be an interesting family discussion.

DS's name is amongst those suggested plus the CEO of the small company that employs me, I'm almost tempted just for the lols.

Latest pic attached. The breeder is a terrible photographer.

Whatsmyageagain0 Fri 29-Nov-19 11:45:15







MuseumOfYou Fri 29-Nov-19 18:44:00

Boris - in other circumstances possibly but definitely not at the moment!!

DD has now suggested Eddie. She says she's never heard of a dog being called that before. Frasier has obviously passed her by.

Ellmau Fri 29-Nov-19 19:19:01

What about Bertram? He could be Bertie for short.

Fido (totally trad doggy name ;))

MuseumOfYou Sun 01-Dec-19 00:05:15

A decision has been reached; he will henceforth be known as Digby.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sun 01-Dec-19 00:06:57

Awwwwwww. Hi Baby Digby.

EcocabbyRickShaw Mon 02-Dec-19 09:59:43

Aw, Digby does suit him.

MuseumOfYou Mon 02-Dec-19 10:39:14

Thanks! Am winding my 12 year old DD up by decreeing I shall refer to him informally as Diggers, she's outraged!

MrsAgassi Mon 02-Dec-19 10:40:41

He’s gorgeous. Basil!

Annasgirl Mon 02-Dec-19 10:43:10

Can I suggest Mutley? I've alway loved it - and the reference to the old cartoon adds to the charm.

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