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Where were you on 10 March 2001?

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ElizaStrawberry Sun 17-Nov-19 21:59:45

I was pregnant with our first with. I remember at that time throwing up into my bin while trying to hide pregnancy. grin

Savingforarainyday Sun 17-Nov-19 22:01:34

It's my friends birthday, I know where I lived... I remember talking to her on the phone

justgivemewine Sun 17-Nov-19 22:02:38

I have no idea, do I need an alibi 😆

SleepwalkingThroughLife Sun 17-Nov-19 22:03:26

Is that date significant?

whatnametopick Sun 17-Nov-19 22:04:05

Pizza express

MoiraRose Sun 17-Nov-19 22:04:06

Its the day after my birthday so probably nursing a hangover

mynameiscalypso Sun 17-Nov-19 22:04:07

I was in the Lower Sixth at the time but not sure what I would have been doing on a Saturday. Either homework or drinking in a park somewhere. I'm 100% sure that I didn't go to Pizza Express though.

Ohyesiam Sun 17-Nov-19 22:04:18

Not Pizza Hut.

leghairdontcare Sun 17-Nov-19 22:05:22

grin in school! Revising for my a-levels.

titchy Sun 17-Nov-19 22:05:20

Not sweating in Woking grin

VivaDixie Sun 17-Nov-19 22:05:36

I think that was the night some rich entitled guy asked me to take his daughter to Pizza Express as he had a party to go to 🤷 dunno.....

OhWellThatsJustGreat Sun 17-Nov-19 22:05:56

I was in year 5, not a clue what day of the week it was, but I can imagine I was at school?

RunningNinja79 Sun 17-Nov-19 22:06:58

I was in my final year at Uni, but I wasn't enjoying it so came home every weekend so probably at my cinema job.

I had to google the date to see what I was missing and couldn't find anything.

timestheybeachangin Sun 17-Nov-19 22:07:05

I was far away from Woking Pizza Express yer’ honour

ElizaStrawberry Sun 17-Nov-19 22:07:29

*VivaDixie" grin

Redcrayons Sun 17-Nov-19 22:07:50

Three months before I got married, so something wedding-y. Should have gone to Pizza Express.

Candle1000 Sun 17-Nov-19 22:08:04

Haven’t got the foggiest.

CatUnderTheStairs Sun 17-Nov-19 22:08:25

I’ve no idea but I don’t have bodyguards and a security detail who know where I am all the time.

TokyoSushi Sun 17-Nov-19 22:09:32


It was 10 data before my 21st birthday, I wasn't in pizza express in Woking and I certainly wasn't sweating!

vampirethriller Sun 17-Nov-19 22:09:41

Sixth form. At work if it was a weekend.

RaskolnikovsGarret Sun 17-Nov-19 22:09:55

In a restaurant with DH, as it was my birthday. First time we had gone out in the evening after having six week old DD, so think the meal only lasted 45 mins.

TokyoSushi Sun 17-Nov-19 22:10:10

**Days! 🙄

doritosdip Sun 17-Nov-19 22:11:13

I was pregnant with dc1 too. It was my due date and he arrived 18 days later so I must have just started maternity leave.

VanyaHargreeves Sun 17-Nov-19 22:11:45

I was in Yorkshire at university I assume. But certainly couldn't tell you any restaurant I frequented on any specific day that whole year.

BuildBuildings Sun 17-Nov-19 22:11:57

I was in 6th form but can't remember specifics

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