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Hidden books is back!

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Timeforatincture Thu 14-Nov-19 11:35:07

I've only got 8 so far.

Struggling this time.


shumway Thu 14-Nov-19 11:38:24

I've got 17. Stuck now.

RatinaMaze Thu 14-Nov-19 11:39:06

I was just about to start a thread. I'm finding this one really hard - I've only got 4 blush

Whoateallthecheese Thu 14-Nov-19 11:39:28

Up to 7... it's hard!

PineappleTart Thu 14-Nov-19 11:39:59

I've got 13 pretty quickly but I'm feeling a bit slow. Something to mull over when lunchtime comes

AppropriateAdult Thu 14-Nov-19 11:40:11

Tricky one this year! I've got 8 so far, bit stuck now.

CactusPat Thu 14-Nov-19 11:47:00

I’ve got 5 - very impressed at 17!

happystory Thu 14-Nov-19 11:47:06

Love this!

Herland Thu 14-Nov-19 11:47:54

6.... Wahhhh its hard.

AppropriateAdult Thu 14-Nov-19 11:48:31

Up to 13 now... I'm finding a lot of the 'shop' ones tough - still don't know four of those.

Horsemad Thu 14-Nov-19 11:49:47

Not heard of this, what is it?

RatinaMaze Thu 14-Nov-19 11:53:54

Definitely the most difficult round of this so far. I'm up to 8 now. Hugely impressed at those who are into double figures. Especially Shumway with 17!

moonlight1705 Thu 14-Nov-19 11:53:58

Its so hard when you know the title but have to guess where they have popped the capital letters to make it correct.

inthekitchensink Thu 14-Nov-19 11:57:21

12... now totally stuck!

shumway Thu 14-Nov-19 12:05:58

Googling books about cupcakes, butchers and bees but it's not helping.

AppropriateAdult Thu 14-Nov-19 12:07:18

Its so hard when you know the title but have to guess where they have popped the capital letters to make it correct.

??? I've put all my answers in lowercase and they've all been accepted.

steppemum Thu 14-Nov-19 12:08:16

thought I was doing well as I raced through the first 5.... and now I'm stuck!
Horsemad its a game that comes out eveyr year. The pictures are all clues to a book, eg if there was a large white whale, the book might be Moby Dick. Click on the OPs link to see it.

steppemum Thu 14-Nov-19 12:10:56

just noticed that the sign board with the cupcakes in conencted to the girls on a swing. I thought it was connected to the pictures above, which is why I got them right!
confused now.

Medianoche Thu 14-Nov-19 12:15:27

I’ve got ten, but now I’m completely stumped.

RatinaMaze Thu 14-Nov-19 12:16:10

Up to 10 now and have resorted to googling lists of popular books to see if I can make the rest fit but it's not helping.

inthekitchensink Thu 14-Nov-19 12:16:32

Agree that’s weird, ignore the cake!

afternoonspray Thu 14-Nov-19 12:16:45

I've got 7. Now stuck.

PineappleTart Thu 14-Nov-19 12:18:30

Up to 15 now and only one of the shop ones to get. The rest are bugging me because they feel so close confused

CosmoK Thu 14-Nov-19 12:20:25

So pleased to see this thread. I'm at 10 but struggling now.
It's hard this year!
I've got two of the shop ones but the rest have me stumped

CaptainMyCaptain Thu 14-Nov-19 12:25:25

I love this but only up to 6 so far.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Thu 14-Nov-19 12:29:35

I've only got 6. sad

I really wanted the Agnes's Augeries one to be The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch (referred to by Terry Pratchett, in Good Omens), but it's not.

Myfanwyprice Thu 14-Nov-19 12:31:53

I’m up to 9 and struggling! Now googling former booker prize lists as they usually feature!

RatinaMaze Thu 14-Nov-19 12:33:02

SDTG, I went down that route too...

Up to 13 now. Google hasn't really helped but I had a couple of facepalm moments when I realised what I was looking at.

inthekitchensink Thu 14-Nov-19 12:33:42

@ SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius it is!

afternoonspray Thu 14-Nov-19 12:34:16

I now have 13 but still struggling.
Can't think what Angel's butchers shop might be. Or the car with the ribbons on.

Enb76 Thu 14-Nov-19 12:35:32

I really wanted the Agnes's Augeries one to be The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch (referred to by Terry Pratchett, in Good Omens), but it's not.

You've got it right though!

afternoonspray Thu 14-Nov-19 12:35:38

SDTG - you have the answer to the Auguries shop clue.

afternoonspray Thu 14-Nov-19 12:37:08

Stuck with the girls on the swings eating lemon and thyme cupcakes. Is that one you either know or you don't? I was wondering 26a but it's not that.

RatinaMaze Thu 14-Nov-19 12:37:18

I'm stuck with:

Nell's Novelties
Angel's Butcher
Wedding car
Girls on a swing with cupcakes
The eggs

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Thu 14-Nov-19 12:39:01

Thank you @afternoonspray and @Enb76 - I am such an idiot!!

CosmoK Thu 14-Nov-19 12:39:03

Nell's Novelties - think dickens

clairethewitch70 Thu 14-Nov-19 12:40:34

17. Stuck on bee crossing, wedding car & angel butchers

inthekitchensink Thu 14-Nov-19 12:41:36

DC- name of the city, colour of the sign, recent booker shortlist

inthekitchensink Thu 14-Nov-19 12:42:15

Ignore the cake for the swing one

RatinaMaze Thu 14-Nov-19 12:42:27

@CosmoK - Of course! Thank you! I was way too hung up on it being The Miniaturist and couldn't see past that. I expect I'm doing the same for some of the others - I really want the car to be The Newlyweds, for example.

Myfanwyprice Thu 14-Nov-19 12:42:30

The eggs one is two places in a really famous book, also a film with leonardo di’caprio.

inthekitchensink Thu 14-Nov-19 12:42:34

Stuck on daisy & coco...

clairethewitch70 Thu 14-Nov-19 12:42:49

ratina - the eggs was a movie

clairethewitch70 Thu 14-Nov-19 12:43:19

inthekitchen - chanel?

CosmoK Thu 14-Nov-19 12:43:28

Thanks inthekitchensink

inthekitchensink Thu 14-Nov-19 12:44:31

clairethewitch70 - thank you. Facepalm!

WhenDoISleep Thu 14-Nov-19 12:46:58

It's a wasp not a bee

RatinaMaze Thu 14-Nov-19 12:47:35

Bloody hell. The eggs one is one of my all time favourite books. I should now retire from this in shame.

The bee crossing one needs to be said out loud. Think about what that sign is tell you.

RatinaMaze Thu 14-Nov-19 12:49:10

It's not a wasp. Insect nor acronym.

Timeforatincture Thu 14-Nov-19 12:55:39

@clairethewitch70 with the wedding car, have a look at the style of car.

I'm stuck on bee crossing and angel butchers too

Crept up to 12 now.

CaptainMyCaptain Thu 14-Nov-19 12:59:56

I've got 10 now.

Enb76 Thu 14-Nov-19 13:02:53

Loved the greengrocer clue! Very funny

CommunistLegoBloc Thu 14-Nov-19 13:03:05

If anyone has any clues for
Bee crossing
Angel butchers
Al's pharmacy

then I would be very grateful and able to get on with my day!

FairNotFair Thu 14-Nov-19 13:03:54

I've got 16. Still stuck on bee crossing, angel butcher, the couple with the "ordinary/average" sweaters, and that stupid blue car

clairethewitch70 Thu 14-Nov-19 13:04:08

thought the bees were between the stops, but its not.

clairethewitch70 Thu 14-Nov-19 13:05:12

communist - another name for pharmacy
butchers - type of sandwich

clairethewitch70 Thu 14-Nov-19 13:05:39

stuck on bees and car

CosmoK Thu 14-Nov-19 13:05:54

The couple are just people......think other other words for ordinary/average

Myfanwyprice Thu 14-Nov-19 13:05:59

The ordinary/average one was on the booker prize longlist last year.

CommunistLegoBloc Thu 14-Nov-19 13:06:26

@FairNotFair - what's another word for ordinary? Think of one of the best selling books of this year / last year too!

That car looks like it was made in which country?

clairethewitch70 Thu 14-Nov-19 13:07:40

communist - thank you, i was trying car types!

RatinaMaze Thu 14-Nov-19 13:08:38

Ok, turns out one of my earlier guesses for the wedding car was right - must have mistyped and not noticed.

@CommunistLegoBloc - what is another word for a pharmacy and who owns the shop?

Bohemienne Thu 14-Nov-19 13:08:53

The 'ordinary/average' individuals are indeed just that.

I've got 15, stuck on bee crossing, angel butcher (something with murder in the title?), wedding car, bookshop, daisy and coco

Nousernameforme Thu 14-Nov-19 13:09:14

I've got three. I am a moron who hasn't read nearly enough this year. Going to go back over all your hints see if it works.
The cocoa one is annoying as I've seen book covers with a similar font presuming its one of those just never read one.
I can't see a hint to the testaments anywhere which i did think would be on here

RatinaMaze Thu 14-Nov-19 13:10:07

The Bee Crossing is an autobiography

clairethewitch70 Thu 14-Nov-19 13:10:44

angel butcher - type of sandwich, quite old book

CosmoK Thu 14-Nov-19 13:10:51

I'm still struggling with
Girls on the swing
Al's pharmacy
Bees/wasp crossing
Angels butcher

I feel like they should be really obvious!

CommunistLegoBloc Thu 14-Nov-19 13:11:22

@ratinamaze THANK YOU, pharmacy ticked off

clairethewitch70 Thu 14-Nov-19 13:12:08

cosmo - greengrocer - look at the fruit

Bohemienne Thu 14-Nov-19 13:12:28

Greengrocer - look at the sole item on sale in the window

clairethewitch70 Thu 14-Nov-19 13:12:31

just the bloody bees left for me

FairNotFair Thu 14-Nov-19 13:12:51

Thanks, Communist - much appreciated!

RatinaMaze Thu 14-Nov-19 13:14:08

I'm left with the butcher and the swinging girls. Need to go out at 1.45pm and cannot leave this hanging.

PineappleTart Thu 14-Nov-19 13:14:10

The bee one is a woman's autobiography

StitchesInTime Thu 14-Nov-19 13:14:57

Ooh, this is tricky!

Only 4 so far blush

FairNotFair Thu 14-Nov-19 13:15:08

Got the bee crossing one!

MrsScrubbingbrush Thu 14-Nov-19 13:15:15

I must be very thick. Still can't get the bee one or the daisy/coco one

clairethewitch70 Thu 14-Nov-19 13:15:18

butchers - old book just out as a film

clairethewitch70 Thu 14-Nov-19 13:15:46

mrs scrubbing - chanel?

Whoateallthecheese Thu 14-Nov-19 13:15:48

I'm up to 19 and cannot get the Daisy/Coco one!

Whoateallthecheese Thu 14-Nov-19 13:16:12

I can't get it even with the Chanel clue... feeling so stupid!

Bohemienne Thu 14-Nov-19 13:16:19

Ahhh, just got the bee one, how ridiculous lol.

Yes, autobiography, very high profile woman, was a lot of publicity around this book last year.

inthekitchensink Thu 14-Nov-19 13:16:35

Ham sandwich confused I can’t get this one

Nousernameforme Thu 14-Nov-19 13:16:40

@Enb76 Thanks got the greengrocer one now

Whoateallthecheese Thu 14-Nov-19 13:17:26

I still don't get the Angel's Butcher one even though I've got the answer...

clairethewitch70 Thu 14-Nov-19 13:17:29

I thought the bee one was between the stops - a womans autobio, but it won't accept it

CosmoK Thu 14-Nov-19 13:18:00

Got the bee one...duh!!

clairethewitch70 Thu 14-Nov-19 13:18:22

in the kitchen, sounds like a quaint english town, ham is correct

MrsScrubbingbrush Thu 14-Nov-19 13:20:07

Got the bee one !

Still don't get the coco (Chanel) clue

Or the seagull saline way one

PineappleTart Thu 14-Nov-19 13:20:55

Had lunch and got the final few. Looking through prize winning books from recent years always helps.

MrsScrubbingbrush Thu 14-Nov-19 13:21:57

Claire the witch - think very. high profile American lady

clairethewitch70 Thu 14-Nov-19 13:22:16

finally got them all !!!!

afternoonspray Thu 14-Nov-19 13:22:27

15/20. Stuck on:
Girls on swing
Bee crossing
Saline Way
Angel's Butchers
and Vintage Wedding Car

happy to swap clues with someone

Myfanwyprice Thu 14-Nov-19 13:22:33

I haven’t got the lady in the window, no one else has mentioned it, so it must be pretty obvious?

clairethewitch70 Thu 14-Nov-19 13:22:35

thanks mrs scrubbing

inthekitchensink Thu 14-Nov-19 13:22:58

Thanks, got it. Still don’t get the clue though! Finished!

clairethewitch70 Thu 14-Nov-19 13:23:26

saline way - another word for saline

WhenDoISleep Thu 14-Nov-19 13:23:57

Saline Way - think of another word for saline

clairethewitch70 Thu 14-Nov-19 13:24:23

myfanwy - another word for lady

Bumbl Thu 14-Nov-19 13:24:38

Stuck on:
Girls on swing
Lindley Hall Farm
angel butchers
Daisy Coco!

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