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Novel ideas for school fete stall

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scatteredglitter Sat 09-Nov-19 08:34:40

My dc is looking for ideas for school fete stall ? We are a bit stumped as all the usual ideas
Are already being done (cake stand etc)
Best stall idea wins kudos that he would love to have (and tbh afte the year he has had could do with)
So wise MN - could you help with suggestions please ?

MrsJoshNavidi Sat 09-Nov-19 08:38:09

Chocolate fountain usually makes a mint at our Guiding Christmas fayre, as does the nail bar.

Tidypidy Sat 09-Nov-19 08:45:00

Large bowl of sand. Put lots of half carrots and one whole in it so tops are sticking out. Pay 20p to pull a carrot, if it's a whole one - Rudolph's carrot- win a small bag of sweets. Always takes at least £30 at our fair.

Pick and mix reindeer food is also a winner. Have bowls of rice crispies, bird seed, straw, cake sprinkles. Customers choose what they want, can follow a printed recipe if wanted. Put into cone bags and tie with ribbon. We sell for £1 each. Last year took £50.

Human fruit machine always fun! 3 people sit behind table with bag of fruit each. Customer says go, each person places piece of fruit on table. If they match they win their pound back and ring a bell. Just have 4 different fruit each otherwise there's not enough winners.

Algebraicyourleg Sat 09-Nov-19 08:45:12

Throw a ping pong ball into a cup and tally up the points (have more than 1 cup all worth different points) and have a prize for the winner at the end of the fete. We did this (though through hoops in the style of quidditch, with a little help from my DH) at ours a couple of years ago and the dads got really into it and kept coming back as they wanted to be top scorer.

Clangus00 Sat 09-Nov-19 08:45:13

Glitter tattoos?
Perler bead key Rings? (Although a bit of an outlay needed and they take time to make)

bsc Sat 09-Nov-19 08:48:24

Human Fruit Machine is utter genius!
Sounds hilarious for those being the machine too grin
Certainly would have novelty factor.

SavoyCabbage Sat 09-Nov-19 08:50:29

Yes, the ping pong in a jar one. I think at ours they have the prizes in the jar and you win the contents of that jar.

We once did a badge maker stall. And we sent home the info before hand so people could send things in advance. Lots of badges with children’s photos for grandparents were ordered in advance and then on the day the main seller was people,e drawing their own and having it made into a badge.

wildhairdontcare Sat 09-Nov-19 08:54:54

Chocolate tombola. Dress down day the week before for a piece of chocolate (we get everything from a fun size to a Lindt advent calendar every year) then 50p a turn everyone is a winner. Made £276 last year.

SisterSistine Sat 09-Nov-19 09:01:37

Guess where Santa is. Big map of the world divide into small squares. In advance you choose where Santa is going to be and keep that a secret. Kids stick dots where they think Santa is and you take their names and class. Winner is revealed at the end and gets a prize.

Chocolate tombola is a massive money spinner at ours but not very creative.

scatteredglitter Sat 09-Nov-19 10:46:53

These are BRILLIANT thank you all!

Love them all.
Can't wait to suggest to dc.

scatteredglitter Sat 09-Nov-19 10:48:47

@SavoyCabbage can you tell me more about the badge maker ? Is it complex? Sounds very much like something Ds would be into.

CalmGiraffe Sat 09-Nov-19 10:49:13

Love the human fruit machine and Rudolph's carrot!

EggysMom Sat 09-Nov-19 10:53:06

I think the human fruit machine idea is brilliant, I'm going to use that as a suggestion for the next fundraising we do at work!

FlaviaAlbia Sat 09-Nov-19 10:58:39

Decorate your own doughut was a hit at one I went to. They had those multipacks of supermarket doughnuts and the kids running the stall had brought squirty cream, sauces, sprinkles.

SavoyCabbage Sat 09-Nov-19 12:45:40

One of the parents had a badge maker, they are called button badge makers. Then the customer drew a picture and the badge maker presses the three components together to make a badge.

wanderings Sat 09-Nov-19 12:54:57

I love novel ideas for stalls! A good trick in these social media times is to make it photogenic, so that people will want to take selfies with it; also offering certificates saying things like "I tricked Santa" can bring them in. Another very important tip is to have a big sign saying what the stall is, so people can understand it at a glance: people might not try if they have to ask what to do.

Pin the nose on Rudolph is an easy one: you can make it more interesting by having the main prize for getting the nose in the right place, but other smaller prizes (such as sweets) for getting it on his head, antlers, eyes, and so on. Show this information on a sign.

Someone else I know did an interesting one: Can you trick Santa? Santa sat behind the stall, and would look at you for a few seconds, before pulling his hat over his eyes. You then had to ask Santa two questions about yourself, such as what shoes are you wearing, or what colour is your coat (there was a list of suggested questions). You won a prize if Santa got them both wrong! But Santa was good at observation, so the trick was to ask something really difficult, such as "how many lace holes are in my trainers?".

Another one was "Let it snow": a variation on the game of spoon cotton wool balls from one bowl to another. Each participant was blindfolded and given a big spoon, and had three goes to scoop cotton balls from a bowl into a hole in the top of a big box, so that they would fall down into a painted scene inside the box, like snow. They won a prize if they got a certain number of balls in. Again, selfies and certificates saying "I made it snow" made it really popular.

Enko Sat 09-Nov-19 12:59:30

Golden bucket used to go down well. You have to have one volunteer walking around with the golden bucket. Entry is £1 or 2 and they write their name and phone number on a slip of paper pay the fee. At the end of the fete a winner gets drawn they get half the other half goes to fete. Many like this idea as it seems like easy money but we found it has to walked around and explained to people so they get the 'worth" it cant just be sat on a table

wanderings Sat 09-Nov-19 13:01:43

Are your DCs going to run the stall themselves? If so, tell them to smile at people who pass by, and offer them a go: this is more important than you might think.

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