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On going pregnancy after abortion

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Cheeseandpickle1 Fri 08-Nov-19 19:24:14

Hi ladies, this is a very sensitive subject to me so please no negativity. I’m here for some advice.

4 weeks ago today I had a medical abortion, at 6+6, I bled heavily for a week then I stopped for a couple of days then I started bleeding lightly. I then stopped for 3 days and now I am bleeding again but this time it’s come with a lower backache, almost like what I experience during my periods or my previous pregnancies!

I was advised like everyone to take a pregnancy test on the third week, that I did and it came back with a strong positive. I was then advised by the nurse from Marie Stopes to take another test on the fourth week, which is today. I took a test this morning and again it has come back with a strong positive.

I must mention that my pregnancy symptoms stopped the day after the treatment. So this to me is all seeming quite odd.

Could this be a rare ongoing pregnancy? or maybe this could just be leftover pregnancy tissue that is causing a positive result.

What are the chances? I have called the nurse and I am on a waiting list for an appointment which I’m hoping won’t be long! For the meantime I am bugging out!

CTRL Fri 08-Nov-19 19:27:19

I’m not sure OP but I would say possibly the abortion didn’t work.

I know it takes a while for your HCG levels to decrease again after a terminated pregnancy - but I don’t think I would take 4 weeks.

Good luck OP and hope everything is ok x

Cheeseandpickle1 Fri 08-Nov-19 20:16:56

Yes I assumed it wouldn’t of taken 4 weeks either!
I did the dreaded google search, as you do! Anyway it said that results at week 3 should be pretty accurate. Then again I’m also seeing that you could still be getting a positive result even at week 6 of termination But that to me seems extreme!
Statistics I’m reading on most websites vary. I suppose that’s why you stay away from google at times like this.
Thanks for your advice anyway. flowers

Whattodoabout Fri 08-Nov-19 20:45:22

I had two missed miscarriages with surgical treatment and I had a negative two weeks post surgery. They advised the HCG levels would drop to normal after 2-3 weeks and if I still had a positive test I had to return to EPU. I think you need to go back and have a scan. It may be retained products which can lead to infection. Good luck OP.

TooGlamToGiveADamnn Fri 08-Nov-19 20:54:53

When I had a medical abortion, they tell you to do a test after 4 weeks. If it's still positive, there is a high chance it didn't work..
I agree with PP, go and have a scan to confirm

Cheeseandpickle1 Fri 08-Nov-19 21:00:29


That’s my fear, that it’s leftover product. I just want this over with. I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this twice. I had a medical abortion and took vaginal and oral tablets the same day.
It’s an extremely stressful situation.
I found the emotional and physical downtime very draining after the procedure.
I do Hope I get a scan very soon.

Cheeseandpickle1 Fri 08-Nov-19 21:04:25


Thank you! Yes I hope the scan will be soon booked in.

It’s strange my mum has a friend who does “palm readings” I find it all abit fictional if I’m honest, although he mentioned something crazy. That my mum would be a grandmother for the 3rd time next year! I thought it was ridiculous at the time.
So now the thought of this procedure possibly not working really is freaking me out.
I think my mind is just playing out all scenarios in my head! I just need to know now. confused
Thanks for your reply.

DontBiteTheBoobThatFeedsYou Fri 08-Nov-19 21:27:55

Sorry you're going through this.

It's more likely to be retained products than a continuing pregnancy after termination.

You need to be scanned. And possible D&C

Time4Change0 Fri 08-Nov-19 21:28:12

I was told not to use a normal pregnancy test.

It had to be a special one for after an abortion only. Which they gave me (BPAS)

MidnightMystery Fri 08-Nov-19 21:42:53

You can get positives up to 6weeks after.

Should take a test at 4weeks after if that's positive take another 5weeks after and if that's still positive you will need a scan and possible more medication x


coffeecow Fri 08-Nov-19 21:45:12

Gosh this must be stressful for you. No advice really but I hope you get peace of mind soon!! thanks

extremity1 Fri 08-Nov-19 21:46:54

Could it be a new pregnancy?

Cheeseandpickle1 Fri 08-Nov-19 21:49:01


I thought as much!
I’m hoping I take a new test over the next week and it comes back negative and this can be all over!

Cheeseandpickle1 Fri 08-Nov-19 21:50:23


Oh really? I had not heard of this. It seemed as if I was given a normal test at the time. I will call and speak to the nurse tomorrow about this. She did advise me to buy a test and take that, so that’s what I did. I will keep you posted! Thank you. flowers

herewegoagainughhh Fri 08-Nov-19 21:50:26

You could possibly have some retained products. I'd definitely be getting yourself booked in for a scan. Hope all is well.

Cheeseandpickle1 Fri 08-Nov-19 21:51:27


Thank you, I did see that it could be as long as 6 weeks before receiving a negative.

I will take another in a week, if I haven’t had an appointment by then.

Cheeseandpickle1 Fri 08-Nov-19 21:52:10


Extremely stressful!
I didn’t even imagine this could of happened. I just hope it will be over with soon. X

Cheeseandpickle1 Fri 08-Nov-19 21:53:49


Definitely not a new pregnancy, We don’t even get the time with my two boys. We like to call them the “cock blocks” wink
Infact I don’t even know how I managed to get pregnant this time around. blush

Cheeseandpickle1 Fri 08-Nov-19 21:54:39


Thank you, it’s typical! Who would of thought this could of been so complicated.

KateFoster Fri 08-Nov-19 21:56:33

As someone whose been through an abortion I really really hope it's worked for you. I wasn't told to take a test so I have no advice I'm afraid just wishing you luck xx

AHedgehogCanNeverBeBuggered Fri 08-Nov-19 22:00:21

"Product"?! sad

Cheeseandpickle1 Fri 08-Nov-19 22:05:10


Indeed, this is just such a stressful scenario. I never thought it would be this emotional draining. sad

Cheeseandpickle1 Fri 08-Nov-19 22:06:07


This is what I fear, the thought of having to go through that treatment all over again (if leftover tissue is the case) makes me feel uneasy!

neverornow Fri 08-Nov-19 22:08:20

It takes a while for HCG levels to drop. Hopefully that's all it is.
Home pregnancy tests are super sensitive and can pick up quite low levels of HCG (can't remember the exact level).
My pregnancy tests were still coming back as positive 4-5 weeks after my miscarriage.

Confusion77 Fri 08-Nov-19 22:09:42

OP dud you use a normal test? I ask because I recently had a medical termination, and we given a specific pregnancy test from Bpas for use post termination. I was advised NOT to use a standard test, because it would certainly give a positive result.

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