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What can we do with this fireplace?

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bloodywhitecat Fri 08-Nov-19 19:22:41

I hate it but what can I do to make it look better? It's about to have an inset stove put in and we depend on it for heating the room in the winter months so ripping it out isn't an option. We rent, and the chimney has failed its inspection so our lovely landlady has agreed we can have a stove put in and the easiest option is an inset stove which means the fireplace will remain (if we'd had a free standing stove the fireplace would need to come out but that would be a more expensive option). So, what can we do to make it look less 1950s?

StreetwiseHercules Fri 08-Nov-19 19:27:26

Paint the tiles British racing green and remove the top row of tiles for symmetry.

BubblegumFactory Fri 08-Nov-19 20:16:01

I like it!
I'd leave it as it is.
Is the picture yours? I'm not sure that does much for the fireplace and would put it somewhere else.

Winterdaysarehere Fri 08-Nov-19 20:16:53

I have the same one in my bedroom!!. No fire though.

MairzyDoats Fri 08-Nov-19 20:19:06

Agree with painting the tiles, tile paint is much better than it used to be. I'd install a shelf over the top, like a mantelpiece, put plants and a mirror on too,to draw the eye upwards.

bloodywhitecat Fri 08-Nov-19 20:20:29

@BubblegumFactory That picture is no longer there, it hangs on the stairs wall instead smile. I took that photo on the day we moved in a couple of years ago and the picture was propped there until we decided where to hang it.

DisplayPurposesOnly Fri 08-Nov-19 20:21:35

I like it too but agree would be good if you could remove the top row of tiles, and definitely shunt the picture elsewhere. Embrace the mid-century look and put a sunburst mirror over instead.

tinselvestsparklepants Fri 08-Nov-19 20:21:54

I'd consider building something removable (panelling) around it if I didn't like it, but I do.

palindromeam Fri 08-Nov-19 20:27:07

I like it too. What period is the house?

Jojobythesea Fri 08-Nov-19 20:35:19

I really like that! I would get a chunky oak mantel added above with some nice tea lights and holders 😍😍

Jojobythesea Fri 08-Nov-19 20:37:59

I really like that! I would remove the narrow top row and get a chunky oak mantel added above with some nice tea lights and holders 😍😍

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Fri 08-Nov-19 20:39:29

Would you landlady let you paint it and put up a mantleshelf? That would improve things massively.

Fairylea Fri 08-Nov-19 20:43:03

We had one like that and got a well measured sideboard to fit in front of it blushgrin

bloodywhitecat Fri 08-Nov-19 20:49:14

We had one like that and got a well measured sideboard to fit in front of it That might work but I suspect it might get a Especially once the stove is in situ grin.

Yes, I am pretty sure she'd let us paint it provided we did it with the right materials. She's a good landlady, she wants long term tenants who are happy to live here she's already given us permission to keep chickens, they have mullered one area of the garden and she buys our eggs knowing what the bastard hens have done to the grass. She often stops and has a chat with us over the gate as she walks her dogs past her regularly.

bloodywhitecat Fri 08-Nov-19 20:53:38

@palindromeam Much earlier, around late 1700 with later adaptations, we have low beamed ceilings in some rooms so the fireplace looks out of place.

Fatshedra Fri 08-Nov-19 21:02:43

It's in v good condition so seems a shame to paint it. Can you remove it and sell it. Then plaster up to the stove opening. Maybe with a slate hearth.

Icedlatte Fri 08-Nov-19 21:05:51

I have recently made over my fireplace, which has a big marble surround I couldn't remove.
I like a classic fireplace look with a big mantelpiece to decorate for Christmas. I bought a mantelpiece/legs from eBay for about £100 (seller was called pinestuff, but there's lots on there and Etsy) they made it bespoke to my measurements so that it would sit right over the edges of the marble and flush against the wall. It looks great, and is easily removable - if you would be happy to spend that on your rented home

bloodywhitecat Fri 08-Nov-19 21:12:08

We're very happy to spend money, we intend to be here for a good few years. I does seem wrong to paint it as it is in really good condition so boxing over it makes sense

Drinkciderfromalemon Fri 08-Nov-19 21:16:02

What do you hate about it?? I actually like it and from the picture, the tiles appear to be raised, so the pattern would stay even if painted. How hot does the surrounding area get?
I would suggest, as per pps, you need a mantel shelf, something chunky to put things on. A big mirror is always better IMO than a picture for space enhancing purposes. If it wont set fire to your room, a lovely basket of rolled blankets nearby would be v cosy.

Drinkciderfromalemon Fri 08-Nov-19 21:18:51

On closer inspection, the shelf could come lower than the top level, which may block some of the tiles a bit.
If you want to go the whole hog and the house isn't listed, and the ll agrees, could you not remove the tiles rather than bother boxing them in?

StCharlotte Fri 08-Nov-19 21:21:52

If you're prepared to spend a bit, I'd definitely remove the top row of tiles and install a stone mantlepiece so the whole thing is "framed".

Widowodiw Fri 08-Nov-19 21:21:56

I love it and it serves its purpose.

flourella Fri 08-Nov-19 21:25:03

I know I'm not being helpful, but that fireplace is beautiful. I'm jealous! I'm moving into a late-1940s house soon and will be installing a reproduction along very similar lines. I'm sorry if it's not to your taste, but I think it would be a shame to completely ruin it paint it or add a lump of wood as a mantle.

hopeishere Sat 09-Nov-19 08:34:26

I agree it's lovely. Depends on how the rest of the room is styled

Lilylilyroserose Sat 09-Nov-19 08:52:18

Sorry no help but I love your fireplace! wink

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