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Anyone from Melksham Wiltshire? Looking for Peta

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LuvMyBubbles Wed 23-Oct-19 03:42:20

The lovely Peta found a wallet in Melksham and sent it all the way back to Australia. The Aussie owner is now looking to say thanks.

msmith501 Wed 23-Oct-19 04:00:59

Peta or Pete?

Sunnysidegold Wed 23-Oct-19 06:15:25

I missed the bit about it being in Australia and was a bit baffled by "Victorian gentleman"! Was thinking time travel and all sorts.

Bloodybridget Wed 23-Oct-19 07:27:37

It's Pete, I'm sure. Not an uncommon name, but the wallet owner should get something in the local paper. Melksham News is on FB and Twitter as well as digital and maybe print version too?

highheelsandwitcheshats Wed 23-Oct-19 09:15:11

I live just down the road, so have sent the link to this to my local paper.

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