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Who is up? (3am)

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blanketsallday Wed 23-Oct-19 03:40:22

Feeling sick to my stomach with anxiety tonight. Anyone else up? thlsad

Maxineputyourredshoeson Wed 23-Oct-19 03:42:18

Yes, I am. Also anxiety related. Want to talk about it?

MustardScreams Wed 23-Oct-19 03:42:46

Are you ok? What’s causing your anxiety?

I’m up, having a coffee so here if you need to talk.

Nowthereistwo Wed 23-Oct-19 03:43:57

I've just woken up, started thinking about work straight away and now made the extra mistake of coming on mumsnet. Also got an ear infection that's hurting- joy.

StabMeReapers Wed 23-Oct-19 03:45:26

I woke up for the loo and can’t get back to sleep. This is an almost nightly occurrence. hmm

Bluewavescrashing Wed 23-Oct-19 03:45:36

Me. Weird pains in various places.

blanketsallday Wed 23-Oct-19 03:45:50

@Maxineputyourredshoeson & @MustardScreams Hello! Thank you both, I'm sorry to hear you also have anxiety *@Maxineputyourredshoeson*. What's going on for you? I suffer from anxiety and MH problems full time so I should be used to this feeling by now but I'm not!

@MustardScreams I love coffee! How do you take yours? I think it's caused by a fear of being sick, I haven't been sick in over a year though!

blanketsallday Wed 23-Oct-19 03:47:10

@Nowthereistwo oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about the ear infection, they are truly awful. A great tip I found useful last year for mine was to heat up a damp flannel in the microwave then put it in a mug and hold it against your ear. Does wonders for the pain!

blanketsallday Wed 23-Oct-19 03:47:40

@StabMeReapers I hate that! I always end up peeing then wanting a glass of water so the cycle continues thlgrin

blanketsallday Wed 23-Oct-19 03:48:06

@Bluewavescrashing thlsad So sorry you're suffering, where are you in pain?

Maxineputyourredshoeson Wed 23-Oct-19 03:49:50

@ blanketsallday I feel for you, I have GAD and have done for several years but no, you never get used to it. I’m having an operation on Sunday, was due to be on 31/10 but they had a space so moved me and so everything is going through my head around that. When my anxiety is bad I also itch a lot and so I have scratched some places raw and those are bleeding/stinging.

What’s got you up tonight? Anything in particular?

Nextphonewontbesamsung Wed 23-Oct-19 03:50:44

I'm awake in excrutiating pain. Praying for the codeine to kick in.

V666 Wed 23-Oct-19 03:50:58

Hi I'm new n joined to try change length of sentence in jail for a specific crime and can you please help direct me to correct area here to try gain a chance to make it major topic of conversation please?

blanketsallday Wed 23-Oct-19 03:54:46

@Maxineputyourredshoeson Best of luck for your op! It will all go smoothly I'm sure. I can definitely understand why you would be worried thoughthanks

I also scratch too! I don't usually notice myself doing it either until my skin is sorethlsad Maybe give yourself a nice pampering with some moisturiser on the non bleeding parts?

I think it's my emetophobia (fear of being sick). That's usually what keeps me up, whenever I feel slightly sick I get so scared I'll throw up!

blanketsallday Wed 23-Oct-19 03:55:12

@Nextphonewontbesamsung 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 hope it kicks in soon! What kind of pain? thanks

V666 Wed 23-Oct-19 03:57:39

Sorry just saw whole thread was not there before very insensitive post now I see all.
I have sleep issues my doctor said last cuppa tea or coffee best at lunchtime cos caffeine will only end at midnight never heard that think he could be exaggerating but coffee is not for now honey x

Pinkpanther473 Wed 23-Oct-19 03:57:50

nextphone sorry to hear you are in such pain and hope the painkillers have started to kick in
I’m up too with a cold that has woken up my pregnancy nausea, fun times!!
Wishing you all lots of peace and sleep

SureTry Wed 23-Oct-19 03:57:53

I have to get up for work in 5 mins 😩 I also have an appointment to have a wisdom tooth taken out so I've been waking up every hour since 11pm.

VanyaHargreeves Wed 23-Oct-19 03:58:07

Me. Always up. Chronic insomniac

blanketsallday Wed 23-Oct-19 03:58:46

@V666 don't worry about it!smile Not sure where to direct your post on this site, sorry!

blanketsallday Wed 23-Oct-19 03:59:28

@VanyaHargreeves 😩 hope you get some rest soon!

PrettyPurse Wed 23-Oct-19 04:00:13

@Maxineputyourredshoeson - can you pinpoint what you are worried about in regards to your operation?

blanketsallday Wed 23-Oct-19 04:00:22

@SureTry blimey that's early! What do you do? Sorry to hear about the tooth pain, wisdom teeth can be awful. Good luck with the appointment, you'll feel so much better after!thanksthlsmile

blanketsallday Wed 23-Oct-19 04:01:00

@Pinkpanther473 Sorry you're nauseas! Hope you fall back asleep soonthanks (and congratulations on pregnancy!thlsmile)

andrea11745 Wed 23-Oct-19 04:09:08

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Maxineputyourredshoeson Wed 23-Oct-19 04:09:47

@ blanketsallday That must be horrible, is there something that’s triggered it tonight? Guess it’s a vicious circle though... Yes, will definitely be putting half a tonne of moisturiser on tomorrow. My nails are very short and I still manage to make myself bleed.

@ PrettyPurse Yes, I know exactly what’s worrying me, several years ago I had some issues involving GA and needed to be resuscitated as they were bringing me around and ended up in ICU. I also apparently have a floppy larynx with also doesn’t help when bringing me around. Every single scenario plays around in my head on a loop. I know the chances of what happened to me before are very, very slim but because it has happened before it gives my anxiety the green light to expect it to happen again. (Sorry I’m not sure if I’m even making sense!)

littlecupcake Wed 23-Oct-19 04:15:02

Woke with throat pain again - been in bed with tonsillitis for three days now. Sweating but shivering. I know how much an ice lolly helped yesterday but I know it's going to be cold outside the covers. Sorry you're all suffering as well.

fairydustandpixies Wed 23-Oct-19 04:15:22

Morning all! I'm also a GA and depression sufferer and sick of being awake at this time of day 😭 It was a bit better in the summer when it was getting light about now but, urgh, this darkness...

Hope you all manage to get a couple more hours before your alarms go off.

fairydustandpixies Wed 23-Oct-19 04:17:40

@V666 There is a crime and also a legal section which might help? Think they're under 'other stuff' from memory...sounds stressful.

Bluewavescrashing Wed 23-Oct-19 04:19:01

@blanketsallday I have ME which causes a lot of nerve pain, muscle pain, pins and needles and intense itching (no rash).

Sleepy dust to all. Zzzzzzzzzz

V666 Wed 23-Oct-19 04:25:00

Thank you XXX much appreciated x

blanketsallday Wed 23-Oct-19 11:03:53

Did anyone manage some sleep? I just woke up!

Bluewavescrashing Wed 23-Oct-19 11:07:53

Yes in the end I slept 5am-7am so not too bad.

Maxineputyourredshoeson Wed 23-Oct-19 11:29:15

I went to sleep around 6.30 up with the DC at 8 for them to go to school 😭😭 Might see if I can get a couple of hours sleep before they come home.
Glad you managed to get some sleep @blanketsallday flowers

PrettyPurse Thu 24-Oct-19 06:24:33

@Maxineputyourredshoeson - is it the same hospital for this operation? If so there should be an anaesthetic alert on the front of your notes.

Have you seen an anesthetist about this operation yet? If not you'll see them on the day. Tell them what happened and how you're feeling.

Depending on what operation you are having, will depend on what type of breathing tube they insert. I suspect when you had your difficulties last time you either went into laryngeal spasm or the drugs that are given in some operations to stop you breathing, hadn't been reversed properly - so as you woke up your muscles didn't work.

There is a condition called suxamethonium apnoea which is when the body doesn't have the enzyme to break down the drug to allow you to breath again and ventilation in ITU is required.....but.....if that was suspected you'd have been sent for testing.

PrettyPurse Thu 24-Oct-19 06:26:35

I think as a precaution they may put a breathing tube in as they will have more control whilst you are asleep and as you wake up.

Maxineputyourredshoeson Thu 24-Oct-19 14:01:50

@PrettyPurse Yes, the same hospital.

After an investigation into what happened after the issue it was found that it was an inexperienced anaesthetist and they had given me too much of the relaxant part of the anaesthetic, when they bought me round, and realised they panicked and gave me more drugs. I have a very, very long letter outlining it all. It’s all over my hospital notes etc and when I had my DD’s I had to have an anaesthetic review because of my anxiety around GA I was given an epidural at 4cm with both deliveries. I’ve been very lucky that they let my husband come to theatre with me and stay whilst they are putting me under. In some ways it makes it worse for me as it was human error so there is room for it to happen again.

Thank you for speaking to me, it does help flowers

PrettyPurse Thu 24-Oct-19 14:38:58

Yes there is room for error.... but the fact that they know you have had an awful experience, they will do their upmost to make it a positive one from now on.

Not all operations require you to have relaxants anyway. flowers

Maxineputyourredshoeson Thu 24-Oct-19 18:14:56

Thank you, can only hope that all goes well.

I’m having my ovaries, Fallopian tubes and cervix removed. I had what was supposed to be a total hysterectomy in 2013 but for reasons only known to them the surgeon only took my uterus. It’s taken me until now to get them to actually finish what they started.

PrettyPurse Thu 24-Oct-19 22:09:24

That is absolutely shocking. Have you complained?

What did the operation note say?

Maxineputyourredshoeson Fri 25-Oct-19 11:47:59

Yes, I made a huge complaint at the time. Got the standard hospital apology - makes it worse as I used to work as middle management in the NHS, at the same hospital trust.

Sorry for the essay I’m about to write, you might want to grab a coffee grin

I had DD2 in 2012 and had two horrific pregnancies, hyperemisis in both, severe SPD, so many hospital admissions concerns about DD2’s health the list goes on. I was advised not to have any more pregnancies, and I fully agreed with that! I was sterilised at the end of 2012. By early 2013 I was in horrific pain, in my pelvis. I was collapsing at work, was admitted to hospital 13 times (for up to a week) in 18mths (some before and after my hysterectomy) I was diagnosed with Adenomyosis and a full hysterectomy was booked - part of the issues were also linked to hormones. I went to another hospital in the trust for the hysterectomy because the waiting times were less. The surgeon on the day decided because I was only 33 they would only perform the subtotal hysterectomy, totally ignoring what my consultant had agreed with me. I was told this when I woke up. I had some complications and the pain never went, 6wks post op I had another operation due to a huge ovarian cyst being found and an infection, although they couldn’t find the source of the infection. I had the second operation at the original hospital, because I was only 6wks post op and still healing and not in a very good place mentally they, and I agreed it would not be appropriate to take the rest at that time. Still huge amounts of pain and I was diagnosed with chronic neuropathic pain syndrome and I was put on huge amount of drugs (which I’m still on) to try and get the pain under control. Still in and out of hospital under several different clinics and I was then also diagnosed with fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis and osteopenia along side severe depression, generalised anxiety disorder and insomnia. Because of all the above they wouldn’t complete the operation because they didn’t know how the pain would be after. Fast forward to now, I’ve attempted suicide twice and received excellent psychiatric care and accepted that this is now my life, I will never be pain free etc. I’ve lost six stone in weight - this was caused by a mixture of drug side effects and a dramatic drop in my mobility. I have spoken at length with my consultant team and they agree we need to finish what we started. Because the original surgeon didn’t take my ovaries I have been in medically induced menopause since early 2013, I need to stop the medication and can’t do that with my ovaries still in place.

It’s an absolute fucking mess and I’m angry, so, so angry that I’m now in this position. But once it’s done that chapter of my life will be completely finished.

So sorry for my life story and any typos, SPAG etc flowers

CileyMayRhinovirus Fri 25-Oct-19 12:53:28


I'm so sorry you've been through that hell. It's so exhausting going through The complaints procedures too I know. I hope you can find some peace after all that, hard I know

Maxineputyourredshoeson Fri 25-Oct-19 13:05:44

@ CileyMayRhinovirus Thank you. It’s taken me many years but I have found peace. I’m in a much better place mentally, which helps towards the physical pain. I understand my life has changed and not what me and DH had planned but he’s amazing and he loves me for me and he’s been a huge help mentally. He’s also my carer. I just can’t wait for Sunday to be over and then that’s behind us.

We’re unsure how my recovery is going to go, even my consultant doesn’t want to take a guess but what will be will be. My mum is staying with us for a week, although I may still be in hospital and then MIL is going to stay the week after. We’re lucky we have lots of family support, others don’t have that luxury.


PrettyPurse Fri 25-Oct-19 17:39:36

Absolutely disgraceful. Who the hell does that surgeon think he is to decide that. Makes me so so angry.

Was your Consultant cross over that decision?

Maxineputyourredshoeson Fri 25-Oct-19 18:00:37

Yes, she was absolutely furious and I believe she did something behind the scenes so to speak.

My consultant is absolutely fantastic, I have been under her since 2013 and I feel she really ‘gets’ me and my illness.

He decided because of my age I ‘needed’ my ovaries, if he had actually bothered to read my medical notes properly he would have seen that they were one of the issues.

As I’ve said many times I have finally reached a point in my life where I have let the anger go, holding onto it wasn’t helping me at all. I must admit seeing it all written down I can feel the rage start to build again.

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