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Anyone else having trouble with Yahoo Mail?

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DontBiteTheBoobThatFeedsYou Tue 22-Oct-19 20:27:49

Just trying to figure out if it's Yahoo, my iPhone, the app, a dodgy update or what.

wendz86 Tue 22-Oct-19 21:21:26

mines not working either on phone or laptop

AlexaAmbidextra Tue 22-Oct-19 21:39:38

Me too. There’s a widespread outage, or at least there was a couple of hours ago.

yearinyearout Tue 22-Oct-19 21:47:02

Mine is working ok.

petalpower Tue 22-Oct-19 21:55:58

Mine’s been down since about 5pm on iPad and phone.

DontBiteTheBoobThatFeedsYou Wed 23-Oct-19 08:04:05


Ludways Wed 23-Oct-19 08:10:45

Mine is working ok, just checked and my most recent email was 8:04am.

petalpower Wed 23-Oct-19 09:37:45

I think it’s back up and working now.

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