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What are your favourite flavoured teas?

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LemonBars Mon 21-Oct-19 18:45:21

I'm trying to drink less coffee and more tea. I love tea but I'm growing tired of it as it's so bland in comparison to coffee. I need some flavoured teas to alternate with, I'd appreciate any recommendations for any type of flavoured tea.


LemonBars Mon 21-Oct-19 20:33:16

Anyone? I need some flavour in my life please.

BezalHell Mon 21-Oct-19 20:36:28

Pukka do some really tasty teas.

At the moment I'm really enjoying their liquorice and peppermint, and their three ginger. Their packaging is gorgeous too.

I also rate Lidl's "Knightsbridge" range of teas, especially the rooibos, peppermint, and chamomile flavours.

tobee Mon 21-Oct-19 20:44:23

Pukka Vanilla Chai and Twinings Turmeric, orange and Star Anise.

tobee Mon 21-Oct-19 20:45:12

That twinings one is all 3 flavours together!

FavouriteSoul Mon 21-Oct-19 20:46:07

Lemon mint and verbena from Sainsbury's.

DurhamDurham Mon 21-Oct-19 20:47:41

Morrison's green tea with peppermint is lovely, it's the only hot drink I enjoy when I'm trying to cut down on coffee

Saisong Mon 21-Oct-19 20:51:11

Twinnings Fennel tea - not as insipid as fruit teas. I leave the tea bag in as it doesn't aquire the tannin taste of over-brewed tea.

Tinkletwat Mon 21-Oct-19 20:53:29

Japanese cherry blossom is refreshing

OverByYer Mon 21-Oct-19 20:54:37

Aldi Peppermint and Licquorice
Lime and ginger

GeoffreyAndBungle Mon 21-Oct-19 20:56:03

Agree with previous poster that the pukka teas are lovely.. my favourites are liquorice and cinnamon, detox and nighttime.

lazylinguist Mon 21-Oct-19 20:57:55

Mango. Proper loose leaf black tea flavoured with mango. I hate fruit teas that aren't actual tea - they taste of nothing. If you're after herbal rather than actual tea, I think peppermint and chamomile are nice. Also Earl Grey or vanilla rooibos .

HumphreyCobblers Mon 21-Oct-19 20:58:02

Tea Pigs liquorice and peppermint is by far the best.

Greenteandchives Mon 21-Oct-19 20:59:48

Twinings Gingerbread Green Tea.

SweetPeaPods Mon 21-Oct-19 20:59:59

I like tea pigs chamomile and their peppermint and liquorice.
Pukka 3 mint.
Or lemon and ginger.
Currently got a box of twinnings detox on the go and it’s easy to drink too.

AliceLittle Mon 21-Oct-19 21:00:05

Lapsang souchon. Smokey Chinese tea.

LittleMissEngineer Mon 21-Oct-19 21:03:08

Pukka/Twinings Ginger teas

Recently discovered Pukka Cinnamon tea: lovely and also seems to have a great effect on my facial skin (normally pretty good, but feels etc soft and smooth at the moment - could be a coincidence...)

Wildernesstips Mon 21-Oct-19 21:06:50

Love the Twinings Mixed Gingers, especially Rhubarb & ginger. Their Buttermint is also nice. But my absolute favourite is Verbena tea that I bought in France.

ThursdayLastWeek Mon 21-Oct-19 21:10:05

Pukka Three Ginger but I only buy when on offer!

All/any of Lidl’s fruit teas taste much better than their price would imply.

twilightcafe Mon 21-Oct-19 21:13:52

Vanilla Rooibos

Wingingitsince2018 Mon 21-Oct-19 21:25:15

Sainsbury's do a lovely mango and chilli one.

muddledmidget Mon 21-Oct-19 21:28:01

I like peppermint or green tea with lemon, but to be honest, none of the fruit teas are that fruity. I like warm ribena during the winter (just made with boiling water) as it actually has a flavour!

LittleSwede Mon 21-Oct-19 21:28:44

Yogi tea Mint Choc or just Original Ayurvedic blend. Also Pukka Wild Apple and Cinnamon or Nighttime tea before bedtime.

PoppiesarelethaltoSpellmans Mon 21-Oct-19 21:34:00

Pukka feel new is my fave

YogaLite Mon 21-Oct-19 21:36:32

Apple and cinnamon at this time of the year.

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