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Mixed bean chilli too hot! How to calm it down?

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Bluesheep8 Mon 21-Oct-19 11:53:29

Just that I'm afraid...added too much chilli powder. How can I save it please?

LoisLittsLover Mon 21-Oct-19 11:54:48

Add sour cream when serving

whitebowls Mon 21-Oct-19 11:55:35

Add a can of tomatoes
Serve with yogurt or sour cream

OneTerrificMouse Mon 21-Oct-19 11:55:46

Or cheese and mayo.

BarbaraofSeville Mon 21-Oct-19 11:55:48

Make another one with no chilli at all in, mix up together, and freeze the excess.

BigFatLiar Mon 21-Oct-19 11:57:23

Or creme freche or yoghurt

BillywigSting Mon 21-Oct-19 11:57:34

Add a pinch of sugar along with all of pp suggestions

SamBeckett Mon 21-Oct-19 12:01:11

Add a few squares of very dark chocolate, or a spoon of dark brown sugar don't over do it though
Add more tomatoe puree.
Remove as much of the sauce as possible ( freeze for next time ) and add more tinned or fresh tomatoes.

RogueV Mon 21-Oct-19 12:02:39

Sour cream when serving

IceniSky Mon 21-Oct-19 12:03:46

Add more passata and more mixed beans.

BlackInk Mon 21-Oct-19 13:56:13

Adding a tin or two of baked beans or some red lentils and veg stock might be a quick fix if you don't have time to make another non-spiced version and double up. Yes, and serve with soured cream/yoghurt, grated cheese and plenty of rice!

Bluesheep8 Mon 21-Oct-19 15:59:12

Thanks all. Have added another carton of passata and a tin of cannelini beans. Giving it another good simmer then will test. Thanks again

Katinski Mon 21-Oct-19 16:05:18

and stir in a pot of yoghurt at the end. It'll be fine, OP.

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