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There’s something a bit suspicious about pumpkin patches, isn’t there?

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HoldMeCloserTonyDanza Mon 21-Oct-19 11:34:20

Not ones in America, those seem fine.

But ones here. It’s the way the pumpkins are all spread out. You get the feeling they’ve all been purchased at Sainsbury’s and dumped artlessly on the ground.

BarbaraofSeville Mon 21-Oct-19 11:38:38

Aren't they just in the fields that they grow in?

Pumpkins are big and I assume need space and soil/food resources to grow well, so need to be spread out.

BillHadersNewWife Mon 21-Oct-19 11:39:18

Well I think you're probably right. Some attractions will purchase them wholesale from farmers...and then just lay them all out.

This is what a real patch looks like.

Fivechatchacha Mon 21-Oct-19 11:51:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SuzieBishop Mon 21-Oct-19 12:38:09

My local one grows as much as they can but have to get more from another pumpkin farm further south as they constantly sell out.

PinkOboe Mon 21-Oct-19 14:25:39

We commented on precisely this when passing our local PYO at the weekend. we walk by all the time, there sure as hell weren't pumpkin vines growing previously, now the field is covered in artfully strewn pumpkins. they've basically bought a bulk lot and chucked them about. it's a bit of a swizz isn't it? and surely it takes no more than 5 minutes to go and lift one up and take it to the counter to pay so i'm not sure where the fun element is either. we'll be going to Aldi

damncats Mon 21-Oct-19 14:28:54

The ones I've seen people posting photos of on my Facebook feed pretty much look like they've got a fuckload of pumpkins from wholesale and just chucked them about a spare bit of field. No vines, no leaves, just some pumpkins - helpfully always near the play area.

A real pumpkin patch looks lovely, these ones just look contrived and aimed at "memory making" mugs.

redchocolatebutton Mon 21-Oct-19 14:30:20

in the uk the plants lose their leaves end sept due to the low light levels.

so yabu (I know I know)

Invisimamma Mon 21-Oct-19 14:45:40

The patch near us us incredibly popular, tickets to visit sell out as soon as they go on sale. But you are really paying for the whole experience. They have a big hay bale play area, kale maze, tractor rides, food vans, live performers etc. The kids absolutely love it and get filthy!

They do genuinely grow pumpkins there and have lots of non-standard ones, on the vines etc but I also think they don't grow enough for the demand they have and they must ship in extras from elsewhere. We see it as paying for a fun day out, rather than just the pumpkins.

It cost us £5 to park which we could redeem against a pumpkin, so it's not too pricey at all. Biggest pumpkins are £12 so yes much more expensive that the supermarket!

IncognitaIgnorama Mon 21-Oct-19 14:46:59

It's the Great Pumpkin...

CanaryBlossom Mon 21-Oct-19 14:50:41

Yep, my local pub has started one this year.

It seems they’ve rented the field opposite the pub, dumped a load of straw on the field, gone to Aldi and bought all the pumpkins, and dropped them amongst the straw for people to ‘pick’ and pay 3x the price of an Aldi pumpkin.

TSSDNCOP Mon 21-Oct-19 14:54:01

Is that you Linus?

P1nkHeartLovesCake Mon 21-Oct-19 14:55:26

Does it matter if people have fun and enjoy, picking the pumpkin? I take my dc to pick the pumpkins each year, they love it. The farm puts on face painting and a maze too. It’s just a bit of fun at the end of the day.

I don’t know if my local one grows them or buys in and tbh I’m not fussed either way.

IncognitaIgnorama Mon 21-Oct-19 14:59:20

But how do you "pick" a pumpkin that's already been cut from its vine? "Pick" it up?

IncognitaIgnorama Mon 21-Oct-19 15:01:05

Or "pick" it out, I suppose confused

I would expect PYO to involve a sharp knife, tbh - but then, I suppose the proliferation of patches is more for the picture potential for social media, rather than the PYO

BezalHell Mon 21-Oct-19 16:31:08

Pumpkin is one of those words that starts to look wrong if you read it too many times!

* casual observation *

Katinski Mon 21-Oct-19 17:26:17

I think they're quite menacingshock
Just sit there looking, well, all orange and pumpkiny, but come dusk....shockshockshock
No sirree, you won't get me walking through a pumpkin field at dusk...

Keep safe, peeps. Stay away at dusk. You know it makes sense.

happycamper11 Mon 21-Oct-19 21:39:14

Yes you are right, and instead of a nice dry clean supermarket they are kept on soggy straw and mud in the rain so you pay over the odds for a pumpkin you perceive as better quality but turns out to be mouldy by the 28th (learned from bitter experience)

Gotnopokerface Tue 22-Oct-19 15:47:10

Having recently watched Stranger Things, I'm not sure I'd ever trust one 😂😂😂😂

cometothinkofit Tue 22-Oct-19 15:57:12

Is this a thing now? Well I never. Do they have toffee apple trees as well?

Katinski Tue 22-Oct-19 16:43:49

Ooh, a toffee apple tree..YESSS. Want one! Not one speckled with Sprinkles, tho. Just a plain and simple toffee apple tree with red,lush toffee apples on it.HEAVEN!grin

vikkimoog Tue 22-Oct-19 16:51:51

these have obviously been bought and dumped

vikkimoog Tue 22-Oct-19 16:53:36


OneTerrificMouse Tue 22-Oct-19 16:56:43

You generally can't see them until the first frost comes and kills off all the foliage.

PeterRouseTheFleshofMankind Tue 22-Oct-19 16:57:39

It's just the latest bollocks for people to put on their Instagram. Just get one from the supermarket!

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