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Cat ate a mouse whole, seems to be feeling rough!

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tunnocksreturns2019 Sun 20-Oct-19 20:53:23

DD saw our cat swallow a mouse whole this morning 🤢. He was seemingly fine all day and ate his dinner but now appears very uncomfortable - hissed at me, cries if I try to pick him up, seems to have tummy ache and is wobbly on his legs. I think it must be due to the mouse as he’s not injured. His breathing is fine. Kids worrying he won’t last the night but I think they are being dramatic. Thoughts? Apart from thoughts about him being a bad mouse-murderer which we have already had!

Skyejuly Sun 20-Oct-19 20:54:41

I would call the vets

WorraLiberty Sun 20-Oct-19 20:55:19

I'd worry the mouse had eaten poison - this slowing it down enough to be caught.

I'd probably get the cat checked out.

WorraLiberty Sun 20-Oct-19 20:55:31


tunnocksreturns2019 Sun 20-Oct-19 20:56:20

Argh thanks

BoreOfWhabylon Sun 20-Oct-19 20:56:45

If he swallowed it whole I'd be worried it has caused an intestinal obstruction.

Please call the vet.

Cuddlysnowleopard Sun 20-Oct-19 20:57:35

I'd call the vet. I'd be worried about poison too.

WorraLiberty Sun 20-Oct-19 20:58:10

Link about secondary poisoning if they've swallowed a poisoned rodent

StealthMama Sun 20-Oct-19 21:00:44

Yeah the mouse being poisoned was my first thought, I'd bring him in.

tunnocksreturns2019 Sun 20-Oct-19 21:11:56

Thanks all, I’m off to out of hours once my friend’s arrived to keep an eye on sleeping kids

tunnocksreturns2019 Sun 20-Oct-19 21:30:04

I’m here in the waiting room now. Needed a quiet evening after a hectic weekend and early start for work tomorrow. Oh well! Better safe than sorry for sure.

OneOfTheGrundys Sun 20-Oct-19 21:32:40

Hey, good luck. I spent last night in emergency vet as Ddog had gruesomely, spectacularly injured herself in a nighttime gambol in the field. Fingers crossed for cat.

refusetobeasheep Sun 20-Oct-19 21:32:55

O no, hope all works out ok.

LoveNote Sun 20-Oct-19 21:34:41

oh no!!

let us know what happens

Shinesweetfreedom Sun 20-Oct-19 21:40:39

You’re doing the right thing.

DustyWindows Sun 20-Oct-19 21:53:06

Hope he’s OK.

NonUrinatInVentum Sun 20-Oct-19 21:54:26

Fingers crossed your kitty is ok

Ribrabrob Sun 20-Oct-19 21:54:27

Hope he is ok

thorswife Sun 20-Oct-19 21:57:50

Fingers crossed

Threeminis Sun 20-Oct-19 21:59:53

Has your dcat been seen yet? This is one of my biggest worries with mine

JustOneLastThing Sun 20-Oct-19 22:01:23

Fingers crossed for you

Fortheloveofscience Sun 20-Oct-19 22:04:39

Well done for taking him straight in, I agree this was definitely an emergency vet situation.

Fingers crossed whatever’s the matter can be easily fixed.

lljkk Sun 20-Oct-19 22:07:18

let us know what happens?

CTRL Sun 20-Oct-19 22:08:31

Definitely get him checked out as as others pointed out, the mouse could have been poisoned and if your cat has eaten him; his ingested the poison too.

On a serious note though; I had no idea cats actually EAT mice. I always thought they just chased them and maybe chew it’s head off and bring the owners a ‘present’....shock

Good luck OP

Honeyroar Sun 20-Oct-19 22:10:46

Hope he's ok. My cat does that nearly every day!

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