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Does anyone know about whisky?

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Stickyuptail Sun 20-Oct-19 20:05:30

I’m going to stay with DB and family and want to get a nice single malt whiskey in duty free to take. I know he doesn’t like the peaty tasting ones. I don’t drink and wouldn’t know a good whisky if it hit me on the nose. Any recommendations for something smooth and not antisepticy. My budget is up to £50 (he has a big birthday later in the week). Thanks for any advice.

Blurby Sun 20-Oct-19 20:09:43

Most whisky from Speyside would be ideal - a Glenlivet is nice and light or there are sweeter ones like Macallan or Glenrothes. Depends what notes you want? If you don't want smoke or pear avoid highland whiskies. Auchintoshan is a really easy to drink whisky.

iklboo Sun 20-Oct-19 20:14:08

DH is a fan of the Speyside malts. He likes Taliksker Skye.

Vinosaurus Sun 20-Oct-19 20:16:29

Highland whiskey is your best bet - stay away from the island and Islay whiskeys (very peaty). Also, Irish whiskeys are not as peaty as Scottish ones.

DisgraceToTheYChromosome Sun 20-Oct-19 20:21:16

The Balvenie Double Wood 12 year old is good, or if you fancy something a little more unusual, Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve. Both from Sainsbury's, both with sweet and spicy notes.

BadgertheBodger Sun 20-Oct-19 20:23:48

I was coming to say Speyside but I see others have beaten me there! That Balvenie double wood is lovely, they also do a special Caribbean cask one which is really wow.

needasleep Sun 20-Oct-19 20:36:43

Glenmorangie is good and Dalwhinnie winters gold is very nice

DawgLover Sun 20-Oct-19 20:41:16

Balvenie Double Wood 12 and Macallans are my go to whiskys. Neither are very peaty, both smooth and both within your price point.

Stickyuptail Sun 20-Oct-19 20:45:50

Thank you so much everyone. I’m taking cabin bag only so have to get it in duty free. Do you reckon the Balvenie and Speyside ones would be available from duty free? I’m not going from Heathrow or Gatwick so it will be a smallish duty free.

Sexnotgender Sun 20-Oct-19 20:47:51

You can usually get speyside malts no issue at duty free.
Macallan is always a good bet.

JessicaRarebit Sun 20-Oct-19 20:49:09

Macallan gets my vote

pointythings Sun 20-Oct-19 20:49:25

A smaller duty free will definitely have something decent and Speyside. Look for Glenmorangie, Macallan, Dalwhinnie - those are all very nice and not at all peaty. If you can get a special cask Glenmorangie, sherry cask or Madeira cask is outstanding, Port cask also very very good. I am a wide raging whisky drinker and I do like the really peaty ones, but sometimes I am just in the mood for something softer. £50 should buy you something pretty decent.

pointythings Sun 20-Oct-19 20:50:12

Caribbean cask is usually rum cask, which tends to be pretty damn amazing.

ThanosSavedMe Sun 20-Oct-19 20:52:56

Another vote for The Balvenie Double Wood. Very smooth

KeepYourCup Sun 20-Oct-19 20:53:30

Dalwhinnie is a lovely whisky, I'd be very happy with that as a gift.

Bowmore is another nice one, not overly peaty. Glenfiddich is nice too and easy to come by if you need to get it from duty free.

redeyetonowheregood Sun 20-Oct-19 20:55:13

He might like a Japanese whisky. I am Scottish...and my favourite whisky is the Nikka Coffey Malt, which is Japanese!

In the Scottish front, I have a lovely Orcadian Scapa whisky on the go right now, not peaty at all.

Stickyuptail Sun 20-Oct-19 20:56:01

You are all so helpful. I’m spoiled for choice now. I don’t have a clue other than knowing DB doesn’t like anything smoky and peaty. It’s great to have so many good ones to pick from.

JustaScratch Sun 20-Oct-19 21:15:05

Another vote for Macallan.

hotdogwoof Sun 20-Oct-19 22:28:28

Dalmore whisky

milliefiori Sun 20-Oct-19 22:30:17

Glenmorangie is a gorgeous smooth whisky, not peaty at all. I love peaty whiskies but for a complete change, Glenmorangie has flavours of vanilla and orange and is mild but with a fantastic flavour.

Jaggypinecone Sun 20-Oct-19 22:32:41

Bowmore or Dalwhinnie would be my recommendation.

milliefiori Sun 20-Oct-19 22:40:11

Jaggy - Bowmore is quite fiery and peaty. I wouldn't choose an Islay whisky if he doesn't like peaty ones.

Sunsoottitsoot Sun 20-Oct-19 22:42:06

Aberlour or jura are always a good bet, jura is an island malt but no peat.

Windyone Sun 20-Oct-19 22:45:47

Not all Islay whiskies are peated. Bruichladdich isn’t. I’d recommend that.

Butterisbest Sun 20-Oct-19 22:50:21

Singleton or Aberlour, both fabulous single malts. It's the Spey water that makes them so lovely, I'm not even a drinker of malts but I'll definitely make an exception for those two

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