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Celebrities that nobody seems to dislike

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BritishHorrorStory Sun 20-Oct-19 16:44:05

This will probably bring people out the woodwork to say they hate so and so celebrity but who are the ones that you never really hear a bad word said about them? My nomination is: Dolly Parton.

LollyBeebee123 Sun 20-Oct-19 16:45:12

David Attenborough

StealthPolarBear Sun 20-Oct-19 16:45:33

Most of the dead ones!

joyfullittlehippo Sun 20-Oct-19 16:46:23

David Attenborough and David Tennant. Maybe David Mitchell?

People like Davids!

highheelsandbobblehats Sun 20-Oct-19 16:47:07

Tom Hanks.

StealthPolarBear Sun 20-Oct-19 16:47:08


StealthPolarBear Sun 20-Oct-19 16:47:48

Aka "the adorable Tom hanks" according to MIL

Raera Sun 20-Oct-19 16:48:16

Sandi Toksvig

CollaterlieSistersSister Sun 20-Oct-19 16:48:19

Michael Palin

Toooldtobearsed2 Sun 20-Oct-19 16:48:29

Keanu Reeves.

Reputedly the nicest man breathing ❤❤❤
possibly a slight over exaggeration

BritishHorrorStory Sun 20-Oct-19 16:48:33

People like Davids

And people’s names beginning with D! Maybe that’s the secret? hmmsmile

Disfordarkchocolate Sun 20-Oct-19 16:48:59

I love Dolly, she's amazing. All those children reading books because Dolly puts her money where her mouth is. And, she is massively talented.

Scienceforthewin Sun 20-Oct-19 16:49:02

Benedict cumberbatch?

Baboutheocelot Sun 20-Oct-19 16:50:02

Mary Berry
Judi Dench

EmmiJay Sun 20-Oct-19 16:50:10

Will Smith

lionsonplanes Sun 20-Oct-19 16:50:17

Dave Krohl

GlitchStitch Sun 20-Oct-19 16:50:52

Kylie Minogue.

Underyoursky Sun 20-Oct-19 16:50:59

Graham Norton

applecatchers36 Sun 20-Oct-19 16:52:22

Dolly was in trouble with Me Too for not speaking up about predatory/rapey culture in Country music

HollowTalk Sun 20-Oct-19 16:53:10

Louis Theroux. If he turned out to be a bad un I'd be amazed.

leckford Sun 20-Oct-19 16:54:21

Can’t stand Will Smith and his overindulged son

Fiona Bruce
Matt - the One Show/Countryfile
Clare Balding
Martin Clunes

Bloomburger Sun 20-Oct-19 16:54:36

Don't like Benedict Cumberbatch.

RuffleCrow Sun 20-Oct-19 16:55:19

These are all really hard to dislike. How about Mark Radcliffe? He seems genuinely lovely to me, (although whether he's a celeb is debatable).

LookingForAlaskas Sun 20-Oct-19 16:55:24

Jennifer Aniston. She broke the internet when joining Instagram.

Michael Caine?

BuzzShitbagBobbly Sun 20-Oct-19 16:55:44

Benedict cumberbatch

I don't know if it counts but I've certainly said plenty of bad words about the long job headed, incredibly annoying twit.

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