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How would you pronounce my baby name

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Ashb123 Sun 20-Oct-19 09:52:40

My little girl is called Mia but people are saying it differently and it’s really annoying me! I pronounce it Mia as in mee-ah but she keeps getting calling mya, she’s only 10 days old and it’s putting me off it to the point of changing it.

hoorayforharoldlloyd Sun 20-Oct-19 10:07:09

Just correct people nicely, they'll get used to it. My babys name is unusual in this country - i had guessed some of the mispronunciations but have been surprised by a left field one! I still love their name though - mia is a nice name, don't be put off, it will settle down.

Plus people can misspell names like kate (cait, cate etc) so you could change to something else people get wrong!

LucileDuplessis Sun 20-Oct-19 10:09:22

You need to have a name you love OP. It's not too late to change.

MirandaWest Sun 20-Oct-19 10:09:59

I’d say Mee-a

Ashb123 Sun 20-Oct-19 10:11:56

I’ve no choice in changing it he won’t even discuss it just gets annoyed, in the hospital I didn’t put up much of a fight for the original name but he was adamant she was named before we left but I feel ive made the wrong choice

Pilot12 Sun 20-Oct-19 10:12:43


coconuttelegraph Sun 20-Oct-19 10:15:18

Mee-ah, definitely needs a y to be My-ah

Is it younger friends who are mis-pronoucing it? I would have expected Mee-ah to be the obvious way so wondering if there's a younger celebrity they are thinking of

RumpoleoftheBaileys Sun 20-Oct-19 10:16:42

What was the original name?

Aragog Sun 20-Oct-19 10:16:49


But I would check as I've taught children with this name where it's been pronounced as either Me-ah or My-ah.
At the moment I teach two children with the name bd both are pronounced differently. I do try very hard to remember which is which but I can't always get it right I'm afraid.

PixieDustt Sun 20-Oct-19 10:17:32


Aragog Sun 20-Oct-19 10:17:37

I also teach three girls with the name Maya and again they are pronounced either Me-ah or My-ah.

Ashb123 Sun 20-Oct-19 10:19:09

The original name was Evie and I still love it

Drinkciderfromalemon Sun 20-Oct-19 10:20:03

My h did the same to ke - changed his mind re the name and picked something different. I found it took a long time to get used to the name and I couldnt use it for quite some time.

ShetlandWife Sun 20-Oct-19 10:20:20

Definitely mee-ah like Mia Farrow

Drinkciderfromalemon Sun 20-Oct-19 10:20:35

To me

Aus84 Sun 20-Oct-19 10:21:57


I know a lot of of Mia's all with the above pronunciation.

I love the name Evie...

NameChange30 Sun 20-Oct-19 10:22:56

Call her Evie then.
Do not let him bully you.
You haven't even registered the birth yet, you can still call her what you want.
You can tell family and friends that you've changed your mind.
You could even be honest and tell them you had a difference of opinion.

Does he insist on his own way for other things? Get annoyed when you try and discuss them?

thethoughtfox Sun 20-Oct-19 10:23:44

I know 2 Mias. One of each pronunciation.

KnickerBockerAndrew Sun 20-Oct-19 10:24:03

Tbh I don't think your problem is with the pronounciation- I think it's the fact that you were under pressure to change it when you were vulnerable and tired. I'd explain this to DH and insist upon changing it.

Ffsnosexallowed Sun 20-Oct-19 10:24:14

Mia is Mee-ah
Maia is My -ah

msjrmesq Sun 20-Oct-19 10:24:34

Mee-ah, My-a would be spelt like that.

KUGA Sun 20-Oct-19 10:24:40


glitterfarts Sun 20-Oct-19 10:25:02

DH did the same for DD2, it took me a couple of years to feel her name fit her to be honest.
Evie and Mia are both lovely.

However, if you don't like Mia and he doesn't like Evie, you haven't named her have you?
FWIW - I'd say:
Me-ah for Mia.
My-ah for Maia or Maya.

MontyBowJangles Sun 20-Oct-19 10:25:28

Speak to DH again. Ask for Evie as a first name and Mia as a second maybe?

I always thought it was

Mia = mee-ah
Mya = my-ah
Maia = May-ah
Maya = May-ah
Mila = Meel-ah

Tbh there are lots of all of the versions around so I'd avoid them for that (but I don't like popular names tbh!)

loutypips Sun 20-Oct-19 10:26:17

So your husband didn't like the first name and isn't letting you change it? hmmbugger that! If you haven't yet registered her then change it if you want to.

ScreamingValenta Sun 20-Oct-19 10:26:47

I'd say 'mee - ah'.

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