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How would you pronounce my baby name

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Ashb123 Sun 20-Oct-19 09:52:40

My little girl is called Mia but people are saying it differently and it’s really annoying me! I pronounce it Mia as in mee-ah but she keeps getting calling mya, she’s only 10 days old and it’s putting me off it to the point of changing it.

Abouttoblow Sun 20-Oct-19 09:54:17

I know two Mias and they're both pronounced Mya.

Drinkciderfromalemon Sun 20-Oct-19 09:54:59

I'd pronounce it however you told me it was pronounced. Though FWIW, I would say me-ah also.

PreschoolYes Sun 20-Oct-19 09:55:37

I'd say Mee-ah.

goingtotown Sun 20-Oct-19 09:55:44

The same as you MEE-AH.

Freddiemercuarysmoustache Sun 20-Oct-19 09:55:52

Meeya if spelled mia
Maya if spelled mya

MustardScreams Sun 20-Oct-19 09:55:57

I say Me-ah.

My-ah would be spelt Maya no?

iklboo Sun 20-Oct-19 09:56:01

Mee-ah (as in Farrow)

EleanorReally Sun 20-Oct-19 09:56:04

I woudl say Mee ah

Cherrysoup Sun 20-Oct-19 09:56:10

Just keep repeating’It’s Mee-ah’. She’ll do a good job of it herself once she can speak. One of my little chaps is coaching me to say his name, it’s not madly unusual, I just have an accent.

RoomR0613 Sun 20-Oct-19 09:56:43

I would say mee-ah

Perhaps it's a scown / scon type situation and depends where you live.

KnifeAngel Sun 20-Oct-19 09:57:11

I know about 10 Mia's 8 are pronounced Mee-a the other two are My-a.

Ohyesiam Sun 20-Oct-19 09:57:27

As in Farrow.
To me my-ah is spelt Maia.

Kyvia Sun 20-Oct-19 09:57:33

I would instinctively say Mee-ah but I know people who pronounce it both ways so it’s one of those names you have to explain how to pronounce when you first meet people or politely correct them if they guess it wrong.

FthisS Sun 20-Oct-19 09:57:52

Same as you

Sexnotgender Sun 20-Oct-19 09:58:44

I’d say My-ah.

Jamhandprints Sun 20-Oct-19 09:58:52

I'd say Mee ah but Maya (M-eye-a) is in fashion at the moment.
They'll get the hang of it within a couple of months if you tell them, I don't think it's a lifelong issue thing.

DelurkingAJ Sun 20-Oct-19 09:58:55

Yep, she’ll correct them. My DS1 has a very dignified look which goes with ‘I’m called Joseph, not Jo’ (not his real name) when people assume they should shorten it. Has been saying it since he could my surprise as I just assumed it would get shortened by friends.

Poppyfields21 Sun 20-Oct-19 09:59:09

Mee-ah. If it was my-ah it would be Mya

drspouse Sun 20-Oct-19 09:59:15

I know two My-a and one is spelled just like that "Mya" and one is Maya.

HumpHumpWhale Sun 20-Oct-19 09:59:20

I'd say Mee-ah too. Just correct people. It's a beautiful name, it would be a shame to change it!

Ashb123 Sun 20-Oct-19 10:01:42

It’s really put me off it! but my husband thinks it’s too late to change it, she isn’t registered yet but people have been told her name and have bought gifts and cards etc with the name on it, this wasn’t the original name choice but he decided in the hospital he no longer liked the name we picked so we went for Mia

ExpletiveDelighted Sun 20-Oct-19 10:02:07

I'd say Mee-a.

Fuiseog Sun 20-Oct-19 10:03:22

Mee-ah is definitely the go-to pronunciation for Mia.

My-ah for Maya.

Elyat Sun 20-Oct-19 10:06:14

From your second post it sounds like you didn't get much choice in the name?

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